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My new novel, Three Blonde Mice, the sequel to Princess Charming, is now set for August 2nd release from Diversion Books! Set at a farm resort in Connecticut, it features the three best friends from Princess Charming (Elaine, Jackie and Pat) spending a week as agritourists, learning how to milk a cow, make cheese, and forage for wild edibles. They also take cooking classes with a famous farm-to-table chef, along with eight other guests of the resort - only to find that one of the guests is harboring a very deadly grudge against the oblivious chef. To further complicate their “haycation,” Elaine’s erstwhile boyfriend Simon shows up just as she’s hoping to move on with an attractive guest named Jonathan. Ah, romance. I’ll post much more about Three Blonde Mice, which is now available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local independent bookstore.

In other news, Diversion Books has now reissued eleven of my backlist novels, including Princess Charming, with pretty new covers. I love them and hope you do too!


Join New York Times bestselling author Jane Heller on Saturday, August 6th at 2:30 p.m. at Arethusa al tavolo in Bantam, CT to celebrate the publication of her new novel, Three Blonde Mice, and sample a very special dessert! Learn more.

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Lights, Camera, Video!

We finally finished the video book trailer for Three Blonde Mice, and it’s a lot of fun. (Be sure to stick around for the credits! They’re the best part of the video!) Matt Senecal, the farm guru at Arethusa Farm Dairy in Litchfield, CT, was a great sport. He not only let me milk a […]


Another Blurb for THREE BLONDE MICE!

I got a nice blurb for Three Blonde Mice over the weekend from one of my favorite authors, Eileen Goudge. Years ago – and it probably feels like another lifetime ago to her – she was world famous for writing the phenomenally successful Sweet Valley High series for teenagers. Then she moved into adult fiction with […]


Shooting a Video for Three Blonde Mice

On Wednesday I spent the afternoon at Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, CT. It was a glorious sunny day and as Michael (husband) snapped pics like the one above of me “chatting” with a dairy cow named Velour about Three Blonde Mice, Garrett, our videographer from Digital Video Productions in Brookfield, shot lots of video that […]


Six More Backlist Novels Get a Facelift!

Diversion Books, which is publishing my new novel, Three Blonde Mice, in August and reissued five of my previous novels last month with covers that are colorful and fun and have a freshness to them, reissued six more of my books yesterday. I really like that there’s an overall “look” to the novels now. Take […]


Another Great Blurb for THREE BLONDE MICE!

As the August 2nd pub date approaches for my new novel, it’s very exciting to have early praise from my fellow authors. I don’t consider myself a mystery writer in the true sense of the term, but I do have a whodunit in Three Blonde Mice as well as in some of my other novels. […]


Three Terrific Blurbs for THREE BLONDE MICE!

As the August pub date approaches for my new novel, we’re beginning to get words of praise from other authors – to me, the ultimate compliment. Not that I don’t love a good review, but hearing from one’s peers, writers who’ve been through the wars with their blank pages and know how tough a job […]


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Despite winning the first two games against the lowly Twins at the Stadium this weekend, the Yankees are slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, thanks to a piss-poor showing today. What an ugly loss. Wasn’t Evo supposed to be getting good? Like really good? He hasn’t been good for awhile now, and our […]


A Walk-Off Saves the Yanks

Starlin Castro had never had a walkoff to win a ballgame, but he had one this afternoon to salvage the Yankees’ home series against the Rockies. The win wasn’t pretty, but it did show some grit on the part of a team that was about to go down to defeat for the second day in […]


Three Steps Forward, One Back

It would have been lovely to have a four-game sweep in Minnesota, the scene of so many Yankees victories in the past, but thanks to yesterday’s game it wasn’t to be. Instead, the Yanks left town pretty much where they started: under .500 and 6 1/2 games back of the division-leading Orioles. A bright spot […]


Rocky Mountain Low

Wow, do the Yankees stink right now. First against the Tigers, then against the Rockies. Yes, the Rockies – the team they should have beaten and didn’t. In the first game, they mounted a big comeback to no avail – a Janer that only resulted in a losing effort because the pitching (I’m looking at […]


Is Ike Davis the Answer at First Base?

Days after declaring Rob Refsnyder the Yankees’ first baseman, despite his having never played the position before his recent tryouts there this season, the Yanks moved to acquire former Met, Ike Davis, who hasn’t played in a year. He doesn’t hit much, but I’m all for someone who can catch the ball and I wish […]


Four-Game Sweep!

I know the Angels are a bad team, but it was no small thing that the Yankees won all four games against them at the Stadium, bringing them to .500. Which leads me to ask: What in the world would we do without Carlos Beltran? Beltran has been such a consistent hitter since the season […]


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