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My new novel, Three Blonde Mice, the sequel to Princess Charming, is now set for August 2nd release from Diversion Books! Set at a farm resort in Connecticut, it features the three best friends from Princess Charming (Elaine, Jackie and Pat) spending a week as agritourists, learning how to milk a cow, make cheese, and forage for wild edibles. They also take cooking classes with a famous farm-to-table chef, along with eight other guests of the resort - only to find that one of the guests is harboring a very deadly grudge against the oblivious chef. To further complicate their “haycation,” Elaine’s erstwhile boyfriend Simon shows up just as she’s hoping to move on with an attractive guest named Jonathan. Ah, romance. I’ll post much more about Three Blonde Mice, which is now available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local independent bookstore.

In other news, Diversion Books has now reissued eleven of my backlist novels, including Princess Charming, with pretty new covers. I love them and hope you do too!


Join New York Times bestselling author Jane Heller on Saturday, August 6th at 2:30 p.m. at Arethusa al tavolo in Bantam, CT to celebrate the publication of her new novel, Three Blonde Mice, and sample a very special dessert! Learn more.

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Six More Backlist Novels Get a Facelift!

Diversion Books, which is publishing my new novel, Three Blonde Mice, in August and reissued five of my previous novels last month with covers that are colorful and fun and have a freshness to them, reissued six more of my books yesterday. I really like that there’s an overall “look” to the novels now. Take […]


Another Great Blurb for THREE BLONDE MICE!

As the August 2nd pub date approaches for my new novel, it’s very exciting to have early praise from my fellow authors. I don’t consider myself a mystery writer in the true sense of the term, but I do have a whodunit in Three Blonde Mice as well as in some of my other novels. […]


Three Terrific Blurbs for THREE BLONDE MICE!

As the August pub date approaches for my new novel, we’re beginning to get words of praise from other authors – to me, the ultimate compliment. Not that I don’t love a good review, but hearing from one’s peers, writers who’ve been through the wars with their blank pages and know how tough a job […]



Yup, we have a cover for my new novel, which Diversion Books will publish in August. Why the heart of carrots? Because my “three blonde mice” heroines, Elaine, Jackie and Pat, have taken a farm-to-table vacation together in this sequel to Princess Charming, the book that sent them on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. This time […]


Not the Oscars but Almost

That’s Brie Larson during her moving acceptance speech for Best Actress for “Room” at yesterday’s Film Independent Spirit Awards. I was sitting close enough to snap the pic. After years of couch-potato-watching the show, which takes place the day before the Oscars in a huge tent on the beach in Santa Monica, I was invited […]


Sleepless in Santa Barbara

As my two-month stay in Santa Barbara winds down, I’m making the most of my time here, juggling work with play and some politics too. Yesterday morning, I was emailing the art director at Diversion Books about the exciting cover concept they sent me for my August novel, Three Blonde Mice, and by late afternoon […]


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Another Broom

It would be easy to say that Betances blew two of the three games in Boston over the weekend – he did, thanks to serving up homers on both Saturday and Sunday – but he had plenty of company in the loser department. Until last night, the Yankees hadn’t scored many runs and at least […]


Ugly in Texas Except for Him

Watching Eovaldi almost throw a no-hitter in the middle game of the Yankees’ series in Arlington was a thrill. Evo has had trouble going deep into games, but he lived up to Cashman’s expectations in that one. The rest of the series, however, was more of the same from this team: limp bats. Yes, A-Rod […]


Aren’t Most People Right-Handed?

I ask because during a dispiriting loss to the Rays yesterday, I kept hearing about how teams were throwing left-handed pitchers at the Yankees because they’re so hard for us to hit. Girardi typically benches either Ellsbury or Gardner against a lefty – it must be in his binder to do this – and loads […]


Swept Away

Is anything working for the Yankees right now? They looked awful against the A’s over the past three games at the Stadium. Just awful. They aren’t getting “the big hit,” as the players put it, aren’t pitching great, aren’t playing smart defense or remembering how to run the bases. Aside from a few newbies, weren’t […]


A-Rod Has a Pulse!

His two-run homer reminded everyone that he can still connect with the ball, and his power was much appreciated. The Yankees offense had been pretty anemic against the Mariners, but they scored just enough runs today to salvage the series finale and get a “W” for Tanaka, who was very ace-like. Gardner, too, emerged from […]


So Much For Joy in Blue Jaysville

After winning the first game in the series in Toronto, I thought…Eh, maybe this’ll work out. But then came Games 2 and 3 and a lost series. Eovaldi wasn’t shelled but he didn’t inspire a lot of confidence. And while Pineda was encouraging the previous night, Nova in relief was anything but. The starting pitching […]


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