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My most recent novel, Three Blonde Mice, the sequel to Princess Charming, was released in August 2016 from Diversion Books. Set at a farm resort in Connecticut, it features the three best friends from Princess Charming (Elaine, Jackie and Pat) spending a week as agritourists, learning how to milk a cow, make cheese, and forage for wild edibles. They also take cooking classes with a famous farm-to-table chef, along with eight other guests of the resort - only to find that one of the guests is harboring a very deadly grudge against the oblivious chef. To further complicate their “haycation,” Elaine’s erstwhile boyfriend Simon shows up just as she’s hoping to move on with an attractive guest named Jonathan. Ah, romance. Three Blonde Mice is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and your favorite local independent bookstore.

Also available from Diversion Books are reissued editions of eleven of my backlist novels, including Princess Charming, with pretty new covers. I love them and hope you do too!

A New Nonfiction Book Is in the Works!

Instead of the new novel I was planning to write, I’ve decided to plunge into a nonfiction project - sort of a companion piece to You’d Better Not Die or I’ll Kill You, my caregiver survival guide. It’s only in the proposal stage, but I think the book could resonate with a huge audience and I look forward to spending the coming months researching it. More to come!

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Mother’s Day Is Coming Up and I Had Some Thoughts….

(Posted on A Mother’s Day Card for Daughters Without Mothers                         My mother and I on my wedding day If, like me, you’re in your 60s (give or take a decade), it hasn’t escaped you that our mothers are dropping like flies — or are about […]

It’s Been a Long Time – and a Long Winter

I haven’t written a Mainly Jane post for months, and I can’t blame the snow. But Northwest Connecticut sure did get a lot of the white stuff and after living in California for many years I wasn’t thrilled about it. But spring is here (except it’s supposed to snow again today – ugh) and I […]

One Day Left! End-of-Summer Sale Ends September 13th!

There’s still time to take advantage of a great deal. All 11 of my Diversion backlist novels, plus my new book, Three Blonde Mice, are on sale in their ebook editions until tomorrow, 9/13. Marked down from their usual $4.99 price, the novels are $2.99 for just another 24 hours. Not that I’m impartial, but […]

The “Three Blonde Mice” Book Launch = Fun!

James Arena, the talented pastry chef at Litchfield County’s Arethusa al tavolo, the scene of my book signing on Saturday, August 6th, not only created a Dark Chocolate Marquise dessert especially for Three Blonde Mice (yes, the recipe is in the book), but he assembled a beautiful display of the dessert for everyone to drool […]

The “Three Blonde Mice” Dessert Can Be Yours

With some people already receiving their pre-ordered copies of my new novel, Three Blonde Mice, I’m counting down to the book’s actual publication day, August 2nd, and getting excited! And on August 6th at 2:30 ET, my book launch party will be underway at Arethusa al tavolo, one of the best farm-to-table restaurants not only […]

Lights, Camera, Video!

We finally finished the video book trailer for Three Blonde Mice, and it’s a lot of fun. (Be sure to stick around for the credits! They’re the best part of the video!) Matt Senecal, the farm guru at Arethusa Farm Dairy in Litchfield, CT, was a great sport. He not only let me milk a […]

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Weird series

It was just a two-game series against the Marlins, a team the Yankees should have swept easily. Instead, we blew them away in Game 1, thanks to a stellar outing by Severino and a barrage of hitting, and then were blown away in Game 2, thanks to a disastrous outing by Tanaka and a paucity […]

Boston Bummer

Yes, there was the brawl, and the Yankees managed to win that game in the season’s first series at Fenway. But the other games were tough to watch. The first was a mightily embarrassing blowout, and last night’s finale was mediocrity personified. Sonny Gray is one of those pitchers that nibbles (a la Phil Hughes) […]

Too Depressing to Write About

So I’ll leave yesterday’s recap and the general malaise I’m feeling about the Yankees (the losses, the injuries, the strikeouts, the bullpen) to Erik Boland of Newsday. Yes, I know it’ll get better, but right now the team is not firing on all cylinders and it shows. If the losing continues, will Aaron Boone last […]

Mt. Crushmore!

Ok, Greg Bird is out of the picture for now, but how about the murderer’s row on display in today’s finale against the Rays? Stanton, Judge and Sanchez all hit bombs and Didi put on a HR show yesterday. Good job, guys. Severino was impressive even if the Rays are notorious underachievers at the plate. […]

Snowed Out!

What a bummer! Don’t the baseball gods understand that it’s spring? I feel so sorry for my friends who were planning to be at Opening Day today, but it’s not to be. Sob. Meanwhile, I wasn’t happy with the way the Toronto series ended. The boys never seem to give Sonny Gray any run support, […]

Words Are Not Necessary

Ok, a few words. Wow. Stanton. He delivered everything we could have hoped for. So did Severino. So did everyone. I love the Yankees. They won Game 1 against the Blue Jays. It was a fabulous Opening Day victory. Do I sound euphoric? I am. Enough said!

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