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We have a deal with a publisher for Three Blonde Mice, the spinoff of my novel Princess Charming, and publication is tentatively set for September 2016! I’ll have more plenty more to come, but in the meantime Three Blonde Mice features Elaine, Pat and Jackie, the three best friends from Princess Charming, as they take another vacation together - with twists that are romantic, dangerous and hilarious. Three Blonde Mice will be the first in a series, and I’m working on the next novel now.


In addition to the next novel in the “Three Blonde Mice” series, I’m also working on the first book in a possible series that has elements of fantasy and the supernatural, as in my Faustian comedy, Infernal Affairs. Many readers have found that book to be my funniest and most memorable, so I thought I’d revisit the idea of creating a story or stories about a character who is, shall we say, “from another dimension.” I loved writing Infernal Affairs because when you’re dealing with fantasy you can let your imagination run wild. More to come!

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How I’ve Been Spending My Winter Vacation

I know. I haven’t written a blog post here in months. Over the holidays I was busy doing revisions on the Three Blonde Mice manuscript and am now waiting for my editor at Diversion to weigh in. The novel is still scheduled for publication in August and I’m so stoked! Lots more to come about […]


Movie Night: “The Revenant”

Leo gets mauled by a bear. That’s the part I dreaded before going to see “The Revenant” tonight. Surprise! The bear incident turned out to be the least of my problems with the movie. Worse was that it was boring, long, emotionally vacant and in love with its own artistry. Speaking of which, I loved […]


Movie Night: “Chi-Raq”

Oh, Spike. You really know how to shake things up. You were robbed when you didn’t win or even get nominated for a Best Director Oscar for “Malcolm X,” and now here you are with “Chi-Raq,” which combines passionate advocacy and riotous entertainment for a movie that many critics have called a wonderful mess. I […]


Movie Day: “45 Years”

It’s a pleasure when a small, quiet, independent film starring – gasp – two older actors comes along and makes a splash during frenetic, big-studio, tentpole season, but “45 Years” does exactly that. It’s been winning acclaim and awards for stars Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay ever since it made the rounds of festivals early […]


Movie Day: “The Big Short”

I didn’t read Michael Lewis’ bestseller about the credit and housing bubble collapse and subsequent bailout of the big banks, but I couldn’t wait to see the movie on which it was based. What a cast. What rave reviews. What a saga. Financial terminology makes my eyes glaze over and I’m an idiot when it […]


Movie Night: “Joy”

I was excited about getting a sneak preview of “Joy” because director David O Russell’s last few movies (“The Fighter,” “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle”) have been so entertaining. I wish I could say the same about “Joy.” Jennifer Lawrence is terrific as the real-life Joy Mangano, a divorced, working-class mother who invented the […]


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Spotted at the Yogi Berra Museum!

I posted this pic on Facebook this morning, but I also thought it belonged here. See what’s at the very bottom of the photo? Yup, it’s a copy of my book, the basis for this blog. My friend Patty LaDuca, who edited all those Yankees-related pieces I wrote for The New York Times sports section, […]


Spring Training Is Just Around the Corner (Sort of)

Ok, so it’s only January 11th. Friend of the blog, Darren, wanted me to write a new post so he wouldn’t have to look at Chapman every time he came here to check. LOL. I wish I’d been inspired to write something new about the Yankees, but they’ve been remarkably uninspiring this off-season. A minor […]


Nobody Wanted Chapman But Cashman

Several months ago, trading four non-essential minor leaguers for Reds flame-throwing closer, Aroldis Chapman, would have been cause for celebration in Yankeeville. Instead, the news yesterday that we are now the team that “took” Chapman, whose value dropped considerably after his domestic violence incident scared off the Dodgers and Red Sox, among other teams, made […]


Welcome Starlin Castro

When I read last night that we traded Adam Warren for someone named Castro, I joked that maybe it was Fidel. The Cuban leader was said to be a pretty good ballplayer back in the day and I hope Starlin Castro is too. In the above photo, he was the Cubs shortstop, but he’ll be […]


Not Happy About This

I figured the Yankees wouldn’t touch Price, given how much money he’d command. I just hoped he’d wind up in the other league. Or even another division in our league. But no. The Red Sox needed an ace and they got one, and paid dearly. (“The seven-year, $217 million deal is the richest awarded to […]


Hello to the New Yankee

  Aaron Hicks is the 26-year-old Twins outfielder the Yankees acquired last week in a trade for John Ryan Murphy. I liked Murphy, but he was bound to be a perennial back-up catcher and deserved more playing time, so I hope he does well in Minnesota. As for Hicks, he’s young and athletic. He’s supposed […]


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