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We have a deal with a publisher for Three Blonde Mice, the spinoff of my novel Princess Charming, and publication is tentatively set for September 2016! I’ll have more plenty more to come, but in the meantime Three Blonde Mice features Elaine, Pat and Jackie, the three best friends from Princess Charming, as they take another vacation together - with twists that are romantic, dangerous and hilarious. Three Blonde Mice will be the first in a series, and I’m working on the next novel now.


In addition to the next novel in the “Three Blonde Mice” series, I’m also working on the first book in a possible series that has elements of fantasy and the supernatural, as in my Faustian comedy, Infernal Affairs. Many readers have found that book to be my funniest and most memorable, so I thought I’d revisit the idea of creating a story or stories about a character who is, shall we say, “from another dimension.” I loved writing Infernal Affairs because when you’re dealing with fantasy you can let your imagination run wild. More to come!

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Movie Day: “The Danish Girl”

Since moving from Santa Barbara, I’ve really missed the Cinema Society I belonged to there. It enabled me to see screenings of major films that were often followed by Q&As with directors, producers and actors. Luckily, I discovered the Jacob Burns Film Center in Westchester, became a member and have been enjoying the screenings there. […]


Movie Day: “Trumbo”

Today was Thanksgiving and the day/night was jammed, but we squeezed in a morning showing of “Trumbo.” Was it worth getting up early? Not really. The true story of Oscar winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, the movie has a fascinating tale to tell but seems to take forever doing it. We meet Trumbo and his family […]


Movie Day: “Brooklyn”

Saoirse Ronan has the most entrancing eyes. They’re blue, then gray, then green, then blue again, and they have the ability to express the actress’ fears, excitements, loves, sadnesses. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Saoirse Ronan and her mystical eyes are the reason to see “Brooklyn.” She’s terrific as the naive, […]


Movie Night: “Truth”

  I had to practically drag Michael to see this last night, but it was playing right nearby so he sucked it up and came with me. His reaction afterwards was that the movie wasn’t as bad as he thought, and mine was that I may have to stop trusting The New York Times movie […]


Movie Day: “Spotlight”

I so wanted to be a journalist by the end of this movie. As the credits rolled, I kept thinking what a noble profession journalism is when it’s not about sensationalism and how maligned it’s become, especially during this presidential campaign season. Which is another way of saying I loved “Spotlight.” Finally, a film that […]


Movie Night: “Beasts of No Nation”

This powerful film, written and directed by the man behind the first season of HBO’s “True Detective,” made a brief run in theaters, but is now available for viewing on Netflix. After seeing it on lists of possible Oscar contenders, I decided to take a look, even though I knew the subject would be rough […]


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Hello to the New Yankee

  Aaron Hicks is the 26-year-old Twins outfielder the Yankees acquired last week in a trade for John Ryan Murphy. I liked Murphy, but he was bound to be a perennial back-up catcher and deserved more playing time, so I hope he does well in Minnesota. As for Hicks, he’s young and athletic. He’s supposed […]


Post-World Series This and That

Since I haven’t posted since the Yankees were eliminated from the postseason, I figured I’d muse about a few matters pertaining to our boys in pinstripes. A-Rod Goes on Fox When I heard he was joining the crew in the studio for the pre- and post-game shows during the World Series, I was wary. Yes, […]


Snuffed Out

It went as we feared it would. The Yankees were barely there. They were done against Boston. Done against Baltimore. And, last night, done against Houston. It was, as I think A-Rod expressed it, as if they’d hit a wall. And so the 2015 season is over for them. Yes, it was great to make […]


An Embarrassing Way to Gain Home-Field Advantage

The Yankees blew the weekend series in Baltimore – just sucked, let’s face it – and yet, thanks to the loss by the Astros, managed to win the opportunity to open the playoffs at the Stadium on Tuesday night. They were awful from top to bottom, and I have no idea how they’ll be able […]



OK, I have to fess up. The photo is from 2011 after the Yankees clinched their postseason berth and I went into the shower with the bottle of champagne and the runny mascara down my eyes. I didn’t have the energy to stage another photo last night, plus it was more fun watching the Yankees, […]


Our New Ace?

With Tanaka still recovering from his injury (will he be healthy enough to start the Wild Card game on October 6th?), is it possible that rookie Luis Severino will get the nod in the do-or-die one-game playoff? Evo’s gone. CC’s been better lately but inconsistent. Ditto: Warren and Nova. Severino, with just a couple of […]


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