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Movie Sunday: “The Iron Lady”

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Well, “The Iron Lady,” which opens nationwide in mid-January, wasn’t as deadly as “J. Edgar,” so that was a relief. And it was fun seeing the great Meryl Streep inhabit yet another character with a foreign accent, although even though she was playing Margaret Thatcher I couldn’t help hearing just a hint of Julia Child (something in the high-pitched voice, I guess).

The trouble with making a biopic as a feature film is that they too often feel like they’d be better off on the History Channel or A&E, this one included. It does an admirable job of cutting back and forth between the memory challenged elderly Thatcher and the young daughter of a grocery store owner who rises to power in Britain despite being a woman. And there are scenes that are genuinely affecting as the elderly Thatcher struggles to deal with the loss of her husband and the distant relationships with her two children.

But it was sooooooooooooooo slow. And repetitive. And just plain dull. Even in nonfiction, you need drama to keep the audience hooked, and there was precious little drama in “The Iron Lady.”

As the credits rolled, I turned to Michael and said, “Why did anybody think telling this story was a good idea?”


So Much For The Oscars

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

What a coma-inducing show that was.


I was briefly hopeful at the very beginning when Hathaway and Franco were digitally inserted into the Best Picture nominated films, but I knew soon enough that I and the rest of the viewing audience were in for a looooong night. Were the dresses pretty? They were gorgeous. Were there any surprises in terms of the awards themselves? Not a one. Did everybody behave? Sure, except for Melissa Leo’s F-bomb. This is what you get when you don’t hire comedians to host the Oscars: a boring, boring broadcast. You want funny? Get funny people as your MC’s.

Herewith some other suggestions:

  • Don’t bother telling the winners not to thank everyone. They will anyway. They can’t help themselves.
  • Don’t try to make the show shorter by cutting the stuff we actually enjoyed – like the clips of previous winners.
  • When you do the “dead people montage,” let the audience clap if they want to.
  • If you’re going to bring back Billy Crystal, have him hang around for more than 10 seconds.
  • Persuade Sandra Bullock to present more than one award; she’s entertaining.
  • Ditto: Tom Hanks.
  • Where were Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton, not to mention the others on my “women of a certain age” list?
  • Find a new writer for the show – someone who can actually write jokes.

    Michael said after the final award was given out, “That’s it. I’m never watching the Oscars again. It was such a waste of four hours.”

    He says that every year, but this time I can hardly blame him.

    Oscar Countdown Part 3

    Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


    Let me go one more step if I may. (Oh, wait. It’s my blog. I may if I feel like it.) I DON’T WANT TO SEE ONLY YOUNG MOVIE STARS ON THAT STAGE!

    My point is that I’d rather not be watching the show and going, “Who’s that?” I want to see actors and, particularly actresses (actors are allowed to get old in Hollywood so they aren’t hidden in the closet), whose work I’ve enjoyed but who aren’t making movies much anymore.

    For instance…


    Sure, Jessica has a bit of that cat eye thing going on from too much surgery or Botox or whatever, but it’s not as bad as Faye Dunaway’s cat eye thing and Jessica is someone I’ve loved in movies, so bring her on.

    Here’s another example…


    Enough with Kate. It’s her mother I watched in “Private Benjamin” and “Overboard” and “The First Wives Club,” so bring her on.

    And how about…


    She does have a couple of new movies coming out, but she was an icon back in the day (“Coming Home,” “Klute”), so bring her on.

    I’m not mentioning Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep because they’ll be up there; they seem to be the only women of a certain age who are still considered bankable. Maybe the Academy producers will surprise me and deviate from the parade of Halle, Nicole, Sandra and Julia. I hope so anyway.