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About The Ina Garten Controversy…

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

In case anyone missed it, here’s the story via the Huff Po.

For those of us who watch and love the “Barefoot Contessa” on the Food Network, the kerfuffle involving Ina Garten doesn’t make a lot of sense. Yes, she apparently bailed on two Make-A-Wish Foundation requests to spend time with one of her fans, a six-year-old boy with leukemia. But as someone who gets a tiny fraction of the emails and letters she gets that ask for a donation of time or money or a book, I sympathize. There was probably a better way for her to handle the situation, but how do you say yes to everybody?

Here’s my rule of thumb.

    1. If you send me a letter asking me to send you a signed book for your fundraiser or charity, you can forget about getting an answer if your letter begins with: “Dear Author.”
    2. If you ask me for a signed book for your library auction, I’ll need the library’s web site, not to mention its address.
    3. If you’d like me to blurb your book, could you possibly use spell check in your letter?

      Don’t worry, Ina. I still love you and I’m still going to try to cook whatever you’re making.