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About Ahnold and Maria

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Our former governor here in Calleefornia (that’s how he pronounces it) has been a bad boy. The LA Times broke the story of his “love child” last night and everybody is abuzz with the news.

So, it turns out, the split between him and Maria was not simply because they had drifted apart, a west coast version of Al and Tipper. It was because he’d done more than groped his way around Hollywood; he’d actually shtupped a member of his household staff, presumably more than once, and fathered a kid with her, supported the child, and kept the whole mess a secret right under his family’s nose – FOR TEN YEARS…WHILE THE WOMAN CONTINUED TO WORK IN HIS HOME.

I’ve got to say, this one blew my mind just for the sheer balls on the guy.

Here’s a take from one of the LA Times‘ columnists:

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lopez: Talk back John Edwards, move over. Mark Sanford and Newt Gingrich? Mere pikers.

Arnold has the stage now.

“While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not,” former Gov. Schwarzenegger said in a statement to the L.A. Times about fathering a love child with a woman on his household staff.

Hey, we’re all weak and we all make mistakes. But a domestic, under his own roof? Among other issues, that’s just lazy.

I would have thought it would be hard for Mr. Universe to top his 2003 confession that he was a serial groper. Now I’m wondering if there’s anything else we should know. Any more love children out there? Has anybody checked with maids and nannies in the Brentwood neighborhood where Schwarzenegger lives?

Look, we always knew it was about ego with Schwarzenegger. Biggest biceps. Biggest box office. Biggest recall.

Biggest flop as governor too, and now biggest phony.

But with Edwards, and Bill Clinton, Sanford and on and on and on, what makes a public figure so inflated that he can’t keep from wrecking the lives of the people he claims to love the most? Is it perhaps that a mutant strain of insecurity and grandiosity drives some politicians and performers, and for the worst of them, indulgence becomes addiction?

Possibly, but that’s an explanation that begins to sound a little too much like an excuse.

Maybe, in the end, a selfish brute is just a selfish brute.