Movie Day: “Another Earth”

July 30th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Before I saw the film today, I’d been reading a lot about “Another Earth,” the indie movie that wowed audiences at Sundance and has made a star-in-waiting of Brit Marling.

The Daily Beast dubbed her Hollywood’s new Anti-It Girl, because she’s beautiful and smart and writes parts for herself instead of waiting to be hired to play “the girl.”

In “Another Earth,” which she co-wrote and in which she’s in nearly every frame, she plays a young woman about to go off to college – only to become involved in a terrible tragedy and spend the rest of the movie trying to make amends, forgive herself and move forward with her life. What’s unusual about the coming-of-age setup is that it takes place against a science fiction backdrop that asks the question: What if there were another earth populated by…us? As in, our duplicates?

Here’s the trailer.

Marling was enchanting when I met her after the screening at a party. (And trust me, I don’t use the word “enchanting” very often.) She not only has a young Julia Roberts look, but she’s gracious and funny and unspoiled by all the fuss she’s causing. I really hope she stays that way…somehow.



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