Movie Day: “Another Earth”

July 30th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Before I saw the film today, I’d been reading a lot about “Another Earth,” the indie movie that wowed audiences at Sundance and has made a star-in-waiting of Brit Marling.

The Daily Beast dubbed her Hollywood’s new Anti-It Girl, because she’s beautiful and smart and writes parts for herself instead of waiting to be hired to play “the girl.”

In “Another Earth,” which she co-wrote and in which she’s in nearly every frame, she plays a young woman about to go off to college – only to become involved in a terrible tragedy and spend the rest of the movie trying to make amends, forgive herself and move forward with her life. What’s unusual about the coming-of-age setup is that it takes place against a science fiction backdrop that asks the question: What if there were another earth populated by…us? As in, our duplicates?

Here’s the trailer.

Marling was enchanting when I met her after the screening at a party. (And trust me, I don’t use the word “enchanting” very often.) She not only has a young Julia Roberts look, but she’s gracious and funny and unspoiled by all the fuss she’s causing. I really hope she stays that way…somehow.



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One Response to “Movie Day: “Another Earth””

  1. Harold M. Bluenote says:

    Amen. That is, in terms of your assessment of Ms. Marling. How great that you got to meet her, esp. at this moment in her life where a potentially great future looms just ahead…
    This movie looks really, REALLY compelling. I do so enjoy good sci-fi, esp. when it’s not all laser-phasers and fish-headed reptilian cyborgs, etc. One of my all-time faves is “Contact,” with everything that that movie had to say…and this movie seems to have themes of a parallel dimension or the like, which has been an enthralling concept for a very long time. What if we COULD have a type of “do-over” — what if, in that other world, your dad never died young…you found Michael, say, 20 years earlier…what if I’d not passed on an old friend’s offer and gone out to L.A. right after college, and stayed there…or my grandpa got full credit for all his inventions…what a world would we have?