Oscar Countdown Part 3

February 23rd, 2011 by Jane Heller


Let me go one more step if I may. (Oh, wait. It’s my blog. I may if I feel like it.) I DON’T WANT TO SEE ONLY YOUNG MOVIE STARS ON THAT STAGE!

My point is that I’d rather not be watching the show and going, “Who’s that?” I want to see actors and, particularly actresses (actors are allowed to get old in Hollywood so they aren’t hidden in the closet), whose work I’ve enjoyed but who aren’t making movies much anymore.

For instance…

(Courtesy: fullissue.com)

Sure, Jessica has a bit of that cat eye thing going on from too much surgery or Botox or whatever, but it’s not as bad as Faye Dunaway’s cat eye thing and Jessica is someone I’ve loved in movies, so bring her on.

Here’s another example…

(Courtesy: inquisitr.com)

Enough with Kate. It’s her mother I watched in “Private Benjamin” and “Overboard” and “The First Wives Club,” so bring her on.

And how about…

(Courtesy: thirdage.com)

She does have a couple of new movies coming out, but she was an icon back in the day (“Coming Home,” “Klute”), so bring her on.

I’m not mentioning Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep because they’ll be up there; they seem to be the only women of a certain age who are still considered bankable. Maybe the Academy producers will surprise me and deviate from the parade of Halle, Nicole, Sandra and Julia. I hope so anyway.

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10 Responses to “Oscar Countdown Part 3”

  1. Margaret says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

    This is new terrain for me. Being invisible. I don’t much care for it.
    I can only imagine how these women feel or have felt.
    I know that may be an exaggeration but it is just how it begins to feel.
    I am still navigating this bumpy road to acceptance.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    New terrain for me too, Peg, and I despise it. In Hollywood it’s just pathetic unless your Streep or Keaton, and in “real life” it’s about suddenly being in a category that doesn’t run the show anymore. Weren’t baby boomers supposed to be the most powerful demographic? Just try to buy clothes that fit or find a movie that reflects our lives. Bah.

  3. Melissa says:

    the sad thing is that Halle, Nicole, Sandra and Julia are just about “passed it.” It’s all about The twenty year olds.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    It’s funny that you say that, Melissa. After I typed their names I realized they were nearing the moment of extinction themselves, although they’ll always be able to play “character” roles if not the romantic leads. I did read that Helen Mirren will be a presenter on Sunday night. She seems to be in the Streep category and is allowed to grow old before our eyes.

  5. Harold M. Bluenote says:

    Greetings from the dreaded menfolk. Yes, we ARE all dogs, and with a sweet tooth for eye candy. Having said that, if they show an utter lack of brainpower the second they open their mouth, it IS a turnoff for some of us (I think)…and it’s not like I/we don’t want ANY representation from our generation…and you don’t have to be preserved like you were in a bell jar, or a mad plastic surgeon’s lab, or something…I’d love to see Goldie again…ya know, she’s originally from a local ‘burb here in D.C., Takoma Park MD…
    Miz Jane, suggesting that Other Jane…how interesting…the first wisecrack that entered my head was, well, sure…since there must be no conservatives whatsoever in the State of SoCal, why not? But that would sound bad…good thing I didn’t write it! Someday, I’ll tell you the story of the day I stood next to that Other Jane and met her…kinda neat, really, since I was only 19, and she was in the ascension of her movie stardom…but why digress.
    P.S. I love your “double-entendre” about actors being allowed to get old so they aren’t hidden in the closet…recalls the day in college when I was first told about Rock Hudson & Jim Nabors, and I just laughed out loud…are you KIDDING? No WAY! Gomer?!? And now I’ve gone from being young & dumb to just plain older & dumber…

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Politics have nothing to do with my suggestions for actresses, Dave. I’m a fan of Fonda’s acting; her films (not counting the recent abomination “Monster in Law”) are among my favorites. Love her. And of course I worked out to her videos back in the good old days!

  7. Kimberly says:

    One of my biggest pet peeved these days is the fact that I know who people like Kim Kardashian and Snooki and Lauren Conrad are. I am in my early 30’s so maybe I seem a little young for “in my day” statements–but in my day, famous people actually had to possess a talent of some kind. It’s unbelievable that these folks get famous first for having a sex tape with a minor celebrity’s brother or for being loud and obnoxious and brazen on a stupid “reality” show. Then they all want to parlay that bit of infamy into a singing or writing career. They “design” clothes or purses or perfumes. Every bit of that fame was bought because they put their boring little lives onto tv and tried to sell their scripted conflicts as real and “unscripted.” Ugh! It makes me ill!
    Having said that, I loved the way the Oscars presented the acting categories two years ago. Bringing out former winners to announce the nominees was brilliant. Sofia Loren, Eva Marie Saint, Marion Cotillard(not in the same legendary vein as the others, but I love her)–ahhh, that was amazing. Almost like a symbolic passage of the torch. I hope to see more of that. The Oscars are not typical teen fare–unless Robert Pattinson is presenting–so catering to the audience is the best idea; and the audience is mostly comprised of film lovers. So, let us see those stars of the classics! Pay homage to the actors who made the art what it is today.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    I totally agree with you, Kimberly, about the Kardashian discussion. But even more enthusiastically I agree about the Oscar show two years ago when they “passed the torch” with the actresses you mentioned. Loved that! (I love Marion Cotilliard, btw. Thought she was brilliant in the Piaf film but even in her small parts in “Nine” and “Inception.” She seems to elevate every movie she’s in.) Yes, pay homage to the actors with whom people have a history while also showcasing newer talents like Anne Hathaway and James Franco and, yes, Robert Pattinson.

  9. Harold M. Bluenote says:

    You know one of the things I’ve always admired the most about the Other Jane? Her voice. It’s just so clear…such a strong pitch…terrific diction…as a former deejay, I guess maybe I thought she could always do voice-overs or be on radio or some such thing someday…
    Kimberly also makes a great point. All these trash-TV shows aren’t even worth wasting time on, so I won’t. Famous for being famous has become today’s motto. I blame MTV. You can’t be a musician today if you don’t look GREAT…or baaaad to da bone…

  10. Jane Heller says:

    I like her voice too, Dave. Very distinctive. I remember when Patti Davis started doing interviews, everyone said she sounded like Jane and she does, sort of. Reality shows? I blame all the networks. They stopped hiring writers and started using “real people.” Ugh.