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The Yankees Offense Was Crazy Good

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

baseballIt almost seemed automatic that the Yankees would keep having Janers. We’ve seen 21 runs and 13 runs and another 12 runs today. My anger (see last post) certainly wasn’t directed at this team’s offense, which has been better than I could have imagined. I mean Tex. Seriously. The guy will far exceed 30 homers this year. And Didi, who couldn’t hit his way out of a paper bag when the season started, has become one of our most reliable hitters. It’s been a pleasure to watch both of them.

My problem continues to be with the pitching. While Evo and Nova were great, Saturday’s experiment in throwing one of the kids into the rotation was a bust. I’m sure Mitchell slayed everybody down on the farm, but in Chicago he showed he wasn’t ready for prime time. The much-heralded rookie Sevarino pitches Wednesday against the Red Sox; I hope he fares better. I still think we need a veteran arm to stabilize things if we’re going to keep that nice comfy lead in the division, never mind compete in the fall.

But right now I applaud the Yankees for coming out ahead during the long, arduous road trip. Welcome home, boys.


The Devil Doesn’t Wear Prado

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Prado baseball card

Walkoffs are so exciting and Martin Prado’s single in the bottom of the ninth against the White Sox was no exception. I was on my feet cheering while Prado was getting mobbed by his teammates. He’s been playing well, both with the bat and the glove, and I’m glad he’s in pinstripes. Tonight’s heroics weren’t necessarily the start of the Yankees’ climb toward the playoffs, but the game was enjoyable nonetheless. Greene, like just about all the starters, was great after his initial floundering. The pitchers haven’t been the problem, as evidenced by McCarthy’s stellar performance against the Astros the day before to avoid a truly humiliating sweep. (I’m loving the fiery Cervelli as catcher. He seems to pull every last drop of energy out of his pitchers.) It’s the offense that’s been so frustrating. But for tonight at least the four runs were enough to get it done.


Heading into Memorial Day Weekend….

Friday, May 23rd, 2014
Courtesy: Chicago Postcard Museum

Courtesy: Chicago Postcard Museum

I really thought the Yankees’ fortunes might turn around after that stirring extra-innings win against the Cubs on Wednesday night, but last night’s smack down by the White Sox and Chris Sale was a bummer. Phelps did a credible job, but the Yankees can’t hit Sale, period.

Which brings me to the offense. I thought starting pitching would be the biggest problem, given all the injured starters. Now the hitters have caught the slump bug. Ellsbury had been so great as the season kicked off, but he’s looking grim these days. And – I’ve said this before – I’d like to see McCann start hitting up to his contract. But the real problem is Beltran: the lineup misses him in it. You take a power bat like him out of the equation, possibly for a few months, and it’s not so easy to fill his spot.

Still, the Yankees are only barely out of first place in the division as other teams have problems and liabilities too (except maybe the suddenly red-hot Blue Jays). And I remember they had a nightmarish trip to Chicago early last season, only to beat the Sox soundly later on. I just hope Kevin Long can spot flaws in guys’ swings and Joe can rally the troops and Jeter can inspire everybody to do their best.

It’ll be a busy weekend for me, so I’ll probably miss seeing the games, but I’ll be reading the wraps and keeping an eye out for news of the boys.



Don’t Kill Me But I’m About To Rant About Him

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
Photo: Brad Penner/US Presswire

Photo: Brad Penner/US Presswire

I know, I know. Dave Robertson has been great. He’s a great guy and a great humanitarian and a great husband. I get it. But do I want him to be the Yankees’ closer? No. Does he drive me nuts when he comes in for the eighth inning and turns games like tonight’s into a needlessly scary event? Yes.

Again. I know he’s normally reliable – in his way. And by that I mean he does have strike-out capability, but he also puts men on base and throws too many pitches to pitch on consecutive days.

Personally, I would have left CC in tonight. I feared a repeat of Sunday when Joe pulled Pettitte for the bullpen and we lost that one. Thank God for Mo. I wanted him fresh for the long Red Sox series, but we got the win.

I loved the way the offense took advantage of the White Sox’s rookie starter. I was worried that it would be one of those situations where the Yanks are flummoxed by a pitcher they’ve never seen, but it was just the opposite. Cano, especially, was fun to watch. When he’s hot, he’s hot.

So….a sweep. And now the Sox of the other color come to town. I’m ner-voussssssssss.



Nunie Gets The Gatorade Shower

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


There’s nothing like a comeback win. What a great game it turned out to be. I was all mopey before the Yankees scored their five big runs in the eighth. Chris Sale is a really good pitcher (Can we please get him, Cashman?), and things were looking bleak for the boys. I was taking a walk during the first couple of innings, listening on my iPhone, and a black cat ran across my path right before Jeter got hit on the ankle. I thought, Pleeeease no. So glad he was fine. At least he seemed fine.

When Cano knocked Sale out of the game, my mood brightened and I knew there was a chance for us. And then it was single, single single, single, single, single. (OK, I don’t know how many singles there were, but they were all huge.) I love homers – who doesn’t – but seeing the offense hit the ball up the middle and use the whole field was a lot of fun and something this team hasn’t always been able to do.

Yes, the White Sox are terrible defenders. I’ve never seen such sloppiness. But beating Sale and some hard throwers in their pen was an accomplishment. Every game is so crucial right now – every at bat, every chance in the field, every pitch. I think I was holding my breath for the past three hours. But I’m exhaling now. If the Rays lose again to the Angels over on this coast, I’ll be even happier.

I’m not unhappy that Huff will start in Hughes’ place on Saturday against the Red Sox. I just hope he doesn’t fold under the pressure.


The Yanks Were In A Huff Today – In A Good Way

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Huff Cleveland+Indians+v+New+York+Yankees+0tEZ8q6XjOJl

That’s David Huff in a Cleveland uniform – the Yankees have had so many players cycle on and off the roster that they don’t even bother to take team photos of the new guys anymore – and he gets my nod for the star of today’s almost Janer (a 9-1 score is close enough).

Huff hasn’t pitched long or often this season, but he’s been very good in his limited number of appearances and he was very good today in the rain-delayed game. I’d say something like, “Well, the White Sox are the worst team in baseball, so no big deal,” but they swept the Yankees the last time the teams played so anything could have happened. This time it was a combination of Huff’s pitching, Jeter’s emergence from Slumpville and a little help from the White Sox, who aren’t exactly slick defenders.

Everybody contributed, which is always fun. The only bad part was Hughes not getting a chance to win a ballgame. Girardi specifically adjusted the rotation so Pettitte would go yesterday against the O’s and Hughes would take on the Sox. Mother Nature had other ideas. Would Hughes have pitched really well? Maybe. We’ll never know, but I’m glad the game turned out the way it did. Now maybe some of the other Wild Card contenders will lose today?


Pure Misery

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013


I decided to use a pic of Kathy Bates in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “Misery” to describe how I’m feeling right now. Not only did I have skin cancer surgery on my legs (ouwww) but I didn’t win the $400+million jackpot in tonight’s Powerball drawing. And then there was the horrendous Yankees loss. I don’t even know how to measure how horrendous the game was except to say that in spite of the sudden home run bursts from Soriano and Nunez and the decent-for-half-the-game pitching by CC and the ninth inning homer by Cano to put the Yanks ahead, they still found a way to lose and get swept by the White Sox. Oh, the agony.

And then, of course, there was the fact that Mo blew the save and that Adam Warren stuck out his glove when he should have kept his hands to himself and that nobody on this team seems to be capable of driving in runs with a sacrifice bunt or anything similarly creative.

Yup, I’m disgusted. They had the famous closed door meeting and guys talked about needing to win and not getting down on themselves. I’d hate to be in that clubhouse tonight. Tough to shrug this one off, I’m sure.


I Went Out For Dinner Instead

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Cafe Luna.jpg

I didn’t even hesitate when I made the date to have dinner with a friend instead of staying home to watch the Yankees. Cafe Luna is a cute little place in the nearby town of Summerland, and it has a lot of charm – something this team doesn’t have at the moment. When I got home and read about their second loss in a row to the lowly White Sox, I felt sad. They’re sinking fast and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop the drowning.

Again, the pitching was good enough and Kuroda always deserves more runs than he gets. But this team just doesn’t score unless the planets are perfectly aligned or something. Cashman can say he’s looking around for upgrades, but it would take a kid like Puig to turn things around.

As for me, I had a lovely time sipping wine and scarfing down grilled chicken with tomatoes and garlic. Yum.



Monday, August 5th, 2013

arod presser

He’s appealing his suspension. He’s suing MLB and anybody else who’s done him wrong. Lalalalalalala. Bottom line is the Yankees got creamed by the lowly White Sox and looked pathetic doing it, and the juicer couldn’t juice up the moribund offense. Pettitte seems fried and I wouldn’t be surprised if he admitted he’s got nothing left. Sad way to go out. Jeter, of course, is back on the DL.

For a little humor, Mark Feinsand of the Daily News tweeted out Donald Trump’s reaction to A-Rod’s suspension. As usual, Trump made the question all about himself:

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren asked Donald Trump what he thought of A-Rod’s suspension. He said, “I think it’s great. Look, he’s been taking this stuff all of his life. When he stopped taking it he became a lousy baseball player, or certainly just less than average. I think it’s great … and it sets an example, and he’s not very popular in new York, nobody likes him.

He lives in my building, Derek Jeter likewise. Many of the Yankees and many of the players lived in my buildings, and I can tell you the ones that people like and the ones that the people don’t like. If I say to the doorman what do you think of Derek, ‘We love Derek.’ If I say what do you think of A-Rod, it’s like ‘forget it.’

So look, he deserves what he gets. He’s been doing this for a long time and frankly I don’t understand the Yankees. The Yankees should have stopped paying him two years ago because obviously on the contract what he signed was not what they were bargaining for. So I don’t understand why the Yankees kept paying him, but maybe they’re very generous, who knows.”

Right, Donald. It’s all the Yankees’ fault.

By the way, I was really impressed with Girardi in his pre-game press conference. It couldn’t have been easy to answer all the A-Rod questions, but his comments about not being a person whose role is to judge others goes to his decency. Kudos, Joe.



Our Lead Is Now Three Little Games

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Getting swept is never fun, but getting swept on a night when your rival is celebrating a win is seriously not fun. Yes, our division lead is now down to three, following the Rays’ victory over the Royals. U.S. Cellular Field, it turned out, was a house of horror for the Yankees.


Hughes wasn’t bad at all. But the offense – and I have to keep excluding Jeter, who has been superhuman – was cringe worthy. I’d like to blame the lack of scoring on the home plate ump, who rang up Ichiro and Tex on questionable calls. No matter. The hitters just aren’t hitting. I hope tomorrow’s day off will be rejuvenating. They should all go to a spa or something.

And while they’re getting massages and mud masks, Nova will be getting examined by a doctor. Suddenly, he has a sore shoulder. Well, not “suddenly,” but after the sixth inning of last night’s game. Are pitchers made of glass? All they do is get hurt. It’s a miracle they make it through an entire season in one piece.

Getting back to our three-game lead, maybe the Yanks will go on a tear this weekend and put some distance between them and everybody else.

Or maybe the Baseball Gods just want a more exciting pennant race.