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Boo Hiss (With a P.S.)

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Yes, I’m mad at the above network. I tuned in tonight to hear about the latest news from the meetings in Nashville and what do I get? A cascade of criticisms about the Yankees from Tom Verducci and the rest of them.

  • “The Yankees are an embarrassment.”
  • “They can’t sign anybody.”
  • “They don’t have any money to spend.”
  • “They don’t have a farm system to use in trades.”
  • “They’ll never fill the seats at the Stadium with a team that’s worse than last year’s.”

Okay, I get that we have problems – big problems – but talk about piling on. I do agree with the last point on the list. If the season starts and we’re putting guys like Mark Reynolds at third and Nate Schierholtz in right and Chris Stewart at catcher? Those Legends suites will look awfully lonely. I think Cashman needs to go back to Uncle Hal and say, “How about a bigger allowance?”

P.S. Never mind about Schierholtz. He signed with the Cubs. Maybe Verducci was right: we can’t sign anybody!