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No Winter Meetings Deals But There’s This

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

cano as mariner

The Mariners unveiled their new promo starring their prize second baseman – and he’s got something he didn’t have as a Yankee: facial hair. Makes me sad.

The fact that Joba is now a Tiger doesn’t; I’m glad for him and hope he does well there, just not against us.

Otherwise, no news in Yankeeville as Cashman heads home after Orlando………


Welcome Back, Jose Veras

Sunday, August 11th, 2013


After Mo coughed up the two homers in the ninth for his third-in-a-row blown save (!!!!!!!), I perked up when I saw it was our old buddy Veras coming in for the bottom of the inning after being traded to the Tigers from the Astros. He may be my new favorite person, having served up Gardner’s walk off homer and rescuing the Yankees from another disappointing loss. Gardner’s been quite clutch this season. Good for him.

But was this game ever a see-saw battle. A-Rod actually hit a homer (!!!!!!) as did Soriano, and I thought, OK, boys, you have a nice lead so hold onto it for a change.

Wrong. No lead is safe when the pitching turns sour. Not only was Pettitte unable to go deep into the game but Robertson was ineffective. And then there was Mo. John and Suzyn kept reassuring listeners that he always goes through his little patch of badness and it’s true. But it’s not fun when it happens. In fact, it feels as if the world is coming to an end. Maybe he should skip a few farewell ceremonies and meet-and-greets for awhile and rest up. Or maybe it doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things given this team’s way-back position in the standings.

Still, it was nice to beat the Tigers since they’re bona fide contenders for a ring once again.


Sorry, Audrey

Saturday, August 10th, 2013


Unless I’m totally losing it, Audrey trekked all the way down to the Stadium today from Vermont – only to see Hughes and the Yankees get mauled by the Tigers. I hope just being there and soaking up the atmosphere made the trip worth it.

It wasn’t fun to watch on YES, not even a little. All the pitching was woeful, from Hughes to Clairborne to Joba, and the offense, not counting Overbay, was DOA. It’s been that kind of a season.

On a cheerier note, I meant to post this earlier and didn’t have time. So in case anybody missed Jeter’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, here’s a clip. For a guy with a calf strain, he was walking fine and in equally fine spirits. Enjoy.



A Happy Ending, At Least

Friday, August 9th, 2013
Photo: REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

Photo: REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

No, there was no pie tonight, but Gardner did put the Yankees out of their 10th inning misery with his walk off single against the Tigers. He also bailed out Mo, who blew his second save in a row. I missed most of the game, but I didn’t miss Mo’s meltdown and I wish I did. Is he giving us a taste of what life will be like without him or simply showing his human fallibility?

I was surprised when I tuned in that we had three actual runs and were ahead in the game. Aren’t the Tigers supposed to be invincible? Guess not. Nova turned in yet another deserved-to-win performance, even though he navigated out of trouble almost every inning. That’s good news. But the offense was mostly its usual anemic self. A-Rod and Soriano were probably a combined 0-for-100, or so it must have seemed.

What to make of the cheers for A-Rod? My assumption is that fans were reacting to all the media reports that there would be booing and felt a backlash, even wanted to be protective or supportive of Alex, as if he’s been a victim of the big bad baseball commissioner. Whatever. If he continues to strike out in important situations, those cheers will turn to boos soon enough – PEDs or no PEDs.



Yankees Nix Sweep

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Photo: Reuters/

Baseball is such a funny sport. I went into today’s game thinking….Uh-oh. Verlander will be sooo tough and CC takes awhile to get going each year and we have no chance of scoring a lot of runs and might lose all three in Detroit.

Wrong. Instead, the Yankees scored 7 runs and pounded out 13 hits and got a shutout from CC, Robertson and Mo. Sweet.

CC was his excellent self, give or take the velocity, and the offense – particularly from the guys you wouldn’t expect – was fun to see. Cervelli is off to such a great start to the season that he makes me forget he was last year’s castoff. Quite a turnaround for him. And while Nix will never be Babe Ruth, he showed he’s capable of knocking in runs every now and then. Youkilis has been my pick for offense since the Yankees signed him, so I’m not surprised by his production.

Now it’s on to Cleveland. One game at a time, boys.


A Nice Walk Spoiled

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

I was taking my afternoon walk along the Santa Barbara coastline on this beautiful Saturday and listening to Yankees-Tigers all the way. (Thank you, MLB At-Bat App, for making the games so portable.) Every time the Tigers got a hit, I groaned.

There’s nothing positive to say about the game, unless you count Wells’ homer and the few other hints of offensive production. Mostly, it was a mauling by Detroit. They really do have a great team and it’s not an accident that they went to the WS last year, but what can be done about our pitching?

Hughes wasn’t bad, especially considering that this was his first start off the DL, but the others? Pathetic. I don’t know why, but I was particularly irritated when Joba came in for the ninth and promptly allowed a hit, a walk and a wild pitch. Sure it was cold. But he’s been ice cold so far. Ditto: Boone Logan.

Can CC retire Cabrera, Fielder, etc.? Can our bats wake up against Verlander?

I don’t even want to think about it.



Hughes To The Rescue?

Friday, April 5th, 2013

You know the Yankees are desperate when they decide to pull Hughes off the DL and have him start in Detroit tomorrow. We’ve got a thin rotation and a thin bullpen for long relief, so I guess it was the only solution. Maybe he’ll give us innings – quality innings – but I sure hope he doesn’t re-injure himself.

Speaking of injuries, I didn’t watch today’s game – Michael watched it for me – but I heard it was another ugly one. I couldn’t believe Nunez joined The Walking Wounded Club, but it sounds like he’ll be OK. Even more serious was Nova, who picked up where he left off last year. He didn’t unravel A.J. style, but he just couldn’t pitch economically. It’s been suggested that he go down to the minors and figure things out. Fine, so who takes his place in the rotation?

And then there was the lack of offense. Yes, Youkilis was the homer guy this time, but we need more than the occasional shot from one or two guys. We need to put together a bunch of runs, and we haven’t seen that from this crew.

Much more interesting on the MLB Network was the Angels-Texas game, which I did take a peek at. Yikes, those Rangers fans sure don’t like Josh Hamilton. I admit I laughed when I saw them holding the newspapers. Pretty funny, although I doubt Hamilton thought so.


So It’s Giants Vs. Tigers In The World Series

Monday, October 22nd, 2012


In other words,

Getty Images

I didn’t even watch Game 7 of Giants-Cardinals tonight. I went for the debate instead. I wish I could muster some interest in the World Series, but without the Yanks or any team I’m invested in emotionally, I just don’t care a whole lot. Tell me if it gets exciting or if there’s a storyline I’m missing.


There’s Always Next Year

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Photo: Leon Halip/Getty Images North America

I guess that by posting last night’s video of the Letterman show in Tampa last year I was already looking ahead to spring ’13. Yes, it would have been lovely to win today and then win the next game and the next and the next and then to beat the Cardinals or Giants in the World Series. But nobody really expected that to happen – not the way this team’s been playing – and today’s loss was just sad. Everything that could go wrong did, and the contagion spread to all the players/pitchers. Not since ’76 with the drubbing the Yankees took at the hands of the Big Red Machine have they had such a miserable postseason stretch.

But so be it. The better team gets to move on, and I congratulate the Tigers and their fans. And I commend the Yanks for making it as far as they did after the losses of Pineda and Mo, plus the intermittent DL stints for Joba, Robertson, Tex et al, plus Jeter. They did win the division and the ALDS. Not too shabby.

There will be plenty of dissection of the team by the media and I’m not looking forward to writers blaming this player or that move. I’d rather just let the dust settle.

There is one silver lining to being ousted from the playoffs. You guys don’t have to see another silly clinching photo of me and I don’t have to take one!



Rainout Video

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

In case anyone forgot how adorable this Yankees team is, even during their postseason doldrums, I invite you to take a trip back to spring training.

No matter what happens in tomorrow’s game (if the rain isn’t hanging around Detroit), Letterman will still send a crew to Tampa and there will be laughs.

Speaking of tomorrow’s game, once again I’m not thrilled with the start time; 4pm on a Thursday isn’t exactly prime time. But MLB doesn’t ask my advice.

Good luck, everyone.