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Taming the Tigers

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

No, the Yankees didn’t sweep Detroit at the Stadium but winning two out of three games against a perennial playoff contender was pretty good. It was Tanaka who, surprisingly, was the weak link in today’s loss. He can’t be spectacular every time out, so I’m with Girardi and chalking it up to a bad day for him rather than panicking about a possible re-injuring of his arm. The offense was sleeping too, not counting the home run hitting Stephen Drew. (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.)

Friday and Saturday were all about A-Rod, the #3000th hit, the way the fans embraced him, etc. And the Yankees actually acknowledged his milestone on the scoreboard and on Twitter. Pay him? I wonder if they’re starting to feel some pressure to do it. A-Rod is the biggest star they have at the moment and who would have guessed it. If I were the Steinbrenner boys I’d be grateful he was putting people in the seats, never mind RBIs in the box score.

What else…..let’s see. Old Timer’s Day happened. I thought the Stottlemyre tribute/plaque was the best part. I always loved him as a player and am so sorry he’s ill. He’s been the epitome of class, and I wish we had more pitchers like him.


It Really Is About A-Rod Now

Thursday, June 18th, 2015
Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Yankees were down and now they’re up again, having won two at home against the same Marlins they lost ugly to in Miami. Why are they up again? Last night the big reason was Pineda, who was superb, and Betances, who held/saved the game in an impressive way. Tonight, A-Rod drew to within one hit of 3,000 and while others made big contributions to the win (CC, Gardner, Beltran, Tex), the story was about whether he would get to 3,000 and how everybody would react, including him.

Unfortunately, the suspense will have to continue. It’s unlikely he won’t reach the magic number this weekend against the Tigers. I think it’ll happen tomorrow night. It’ll be a spectacle of some sort – not the Jeter sort where everything stops and he gives a speech and the Stadium goes wild, but where there’s genuine excitement on the part of the crowd and at the very least a press conference by A-Rod after the game. The Yankees may not want to pay him his bonuses, but they’ll give him the podium. I expect him to say he’s humbled to be among the greats in the sport, that he’s having fun playing again, that he feels fortunate to be healthy, that he’s grateful to the fans and his teammates for their support…..What am I missing?


Well, That Went Better Than Expected

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015


I didn’t think the Yankees would win their first series of the season in Detroit. The Tigers were a red-hot team and we were not. They had David Price and we did not. They had “winner” stamped on them by all the sportswriters and we did not. And yet, we came out of D-Town with the series win. The pitching was great. The hitting was alternately powerful and just crafty enough to score a couple of runs. And the defense seemed to have come together. All of which was remarkable given the cold weather there. (I must mention that it snowed today in CT. I was not amused. It’s April 23rd after all.)

Will the winning streak be a fluke? Will the even-hotter Mets cool us off? Or is this team, weaknesses and all, just good enough to stay competitive?

No idea, but the Detroit series made things interesting enough for me to stay tuned.



The Yankees Are Making Me Feel Like This

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


One minute they win and I’m up. The next they lose and I’m down. Right now I’m the latter thanks to today’s finale against the Tigers. Ugh. Tough loss. Tough series loss. They really need to win series, not lose them, especially against teams they’re trying to climb over for a Wild Card spot. Once again, the starting pitching was worthy of a win and yet….

Can the Yankees go on a real run – i.e. win more than a couple of games here and there? The offense has to do more damage than it’s been doing for that to happen. I keep wishing we had a monster power hitter who could come off the bench and muscle one out in big situations. We used to have guys like that. Instead we acquire relief pitchers, as in today’s signing of some lefty named Josh Outman. Ruben Sierra, where are you?

Bring on the division rivals, I guess, so we can know whether the Yanks are truly in this pennant race. The Blue Jays can hit and the Red Sox, while out of the race, are always dangerous. Thank God for the US Open. Watching tennis is fun without the stress.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


Coming Back to Earth

Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Photo: Mike Agliolo/Corbis

Photo: Mike Agliolo/Corbis

That’s how today’s loss, combined with yesterday’s, to the Indians feels like: an astroid hitting the earth. I had such high hopes for the Yankees’ season after the series against the Tigers, and Friday night’s 10 runs against Cleveland gave me more hope. But – ugh – we seem to be in the dreaded dead zone again, offense wise, and the collective hitting slump couldn’t come at a more inopportune time. In other words, if the Yanks have a prayer of making the playoffs even as a lowly Second Wild Card team (as Audrey rightfully pointed out in the last post’s comments section, KC is the team with steam for that spot), they need to beat up on the Orioles over the next few days. And how are they going to do that if they can’t drive in runs? Never mind that there are still question marks about the starters – i.e. who’s starting on Wednesday, Pineda or Rogers?

But I digress. The pitching has been great for the most part, so let’s assume it stays great, as flukey as this may be, given the cast of characters. Where will the hits/runs come from if everybody’s gone cold? Great that Tex is back in the lineup, pinky and all. And how lovely that Ellsbury hit a solo shot in today’s game. They’ve got to stop stranding men on base. Just. Stop. Doing. That. It would be nice if they hit more homers too, of course.

Whatever happens happens, I guess. Baltimore’s surging and we keep lapsing back. But it’s getting late early, as Yogi would say. Time to turn it on or go home.




Wow! I Didn’t Expect to Be Laughing!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

LaughingWomanI’m gobsmacked over today’s finishing off the Tigers, absolutely stunned that the Yankees pitchers in this whole series not only went toe-to-toe with the Cy Young winners plus Porcello, but surpassed them. If it weren’t for that 12-inning disappointment, we would have swept what is supposed to be a contending team for a World Championship. Pretty damn impressive.

I’ve read that the Tigers are streaky and they clearly didn’t have their hitting shoes on over these past four games (I’m especially talking about Cabrera, who didn’t look right), but what an accomplishment and confidence boost for this team. Teixeira got injured yet again and Ellsbury had a scare with his hand after sliding back to first base last night, but our pitching was just sensational. I have to hand it to Girardi for mixing and matching the way he did to get the most out of everybody.

My biggest fear is the players will have a letdown this weekend against the Indians and that they’ll struggle against a pitcher they haven’t faced before, but hopefully that fear is unfounded.

Bravo, Yankees. It was a fun series to watch!



No Winter Meetings Deals But There’s This

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

cano as mariner

The Mariners unveiled their new promo starring their prize second baseman – and he’s got something he didn’t have as a Yankee: facial hair. Makes me sad.

The fact that Joba is now a Tiger doesn’t; I’m glad for him and hope he does well there, just not against us.

Otherwise, no news in Yankeeville as Cashman heads home after Orlando………


Welcome Back, Jose Veras

Sunday, August 11th, 2013


After Mo coughed up the two homers in the ninth for his third-in-a-row blown save (!!!!!!!), I perked up when I saw it was our old buddy Veras coming in for the bottom of the inning after being traded to the Tigers from the Astros. He may be my new favorite person, having served up Gardner’s walk off homer and rescuing the Yankees from another disappointing loss. Gardner’s been quite clutch this season. Good for him.

But was this game ever a see-saw battle. A-Rod actually hit a homer (!!!!!!) as did Soriano, and I thought, OK, boys, you have a nice lead so hold onto it for a change.

Wrong. No lead is safe when the pitching turns sour. Not only was Pettitte unable to go deep into the game but Robertson was ineffective. And then there was Mo. John and Suzyn kept reassuring listeners that he always goes through his little patch of badness and it’s true. But it’s not fun when it happens. In fact, it feels as if the world is coming to an end. Maybe he should skip a few farewell ceremonies and meet-and-greets for awhile and rest up. Or maybe it doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things given this team’s way-back position in the standings.

Still, it was nice to beat the Tigers since they’re bona fide contenders for a ring once again.


Sorry, Audrey

Saturday, August 10th, 2013


Unless I’m totally losing it, Audrey trekked all the way down to the Stadium today from Vermont – only to see Hughes and the Yankees get mauled by the Tigers. I hope just being there and soaking up the atmosphere made the trip worth it.

It wasn’t fun to watch on YES, not even a little. All the pitching was woeful, from Hughes to Clairborne to Joba, and the offense, not counting Overbay, was DOA. It’s been that kind of a season.

On a cheerier note, I meant to post this earlier and didn’t have time. So in case anybody missed Jeter’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, here’s a clip. For a guy with a calf strain, he was walking fine and in equally fine spirits. Enjoy.



A Happy Ending, At Least

Friday, August 9th, 2013
Photo: REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

Photo: REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

No, there was no pie tonight, but Gardner did put the Yankees out of their 10th inning misery with his walk off single against the Tigers. He also bailed out Mo, who blew his second save in a row. I missed most of the game, but I didn’t miss Mo’s meltdown and I wish I did. Is he giving us a taste of what life will be like without him or simply showing his human fallibility?

I was surprised when I tuned in that we had three actual runs and were ahead in the game. Aren’t the Tigers supposed to be invincible? Guess not. Nova turned in yet another deserved-to-win performance, even though he navigated out of trouble almost every inning. That’s good news. But the offense was mostly its usual anemic self. A-Rod and Soriano were probably a combined 0-for-100, or so it must have seemed.

What to make of the cheers for A-Rod? My assumption is that fans were reacting to all the media reports that there would be booing and felt a backlash, even wanted to be protective or supportive of Alex, as if he’s been a victim of the big bad baseball commissioner. Whatever. If he continues to strike out in important situations, those cheers will turn to boos soon enough – PEDs or no PEDs.