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He Said, He Said

Monday, February 27th, 2012

First Bobby Valentine said he was banning alcohol in the Red Sox clubhouse.

Photo: John Tlumacki/Boston Globe

Then Terry Francona said Valentine’s beer ban was a “P.R. move.”

Then Valentine said it wasn’t a P.R. move.

It’s Francona’s turn to weigh in, but I think that’ll probably be the end of the matter.

On to the Yankees, there hasn’t been much news except the presence in Tampa of Pettitte.  He’s not there in an official coaching capacity, but said he’s available to answer questions and just generally hang out. Apparently, Bernie’s set to make a guest appearance too. With Lou Pinella joining the boys in the YES booth this year, it’s feeling like reunions are all the rage in Yankeeville. Who’s next? Maybe Posada will show up next spring.



“Fat Camp?”

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

I meant to write about the following item the other day when I saw it on LoHud:

Cashman confirmed a report that Hughes is once again working with Athletes Performance to improve his conditioning this offseason. It was Hughes’ idea, not the Yankees, but the team is happy about it. “I think physical conditioning got him out of the gate slow when he showed up to spring training, but I don’t think it had anything to do with his season,” Cashman said. “We got him in shape. Him, Joba, we have a few guys on a yearly basis that we put into fat camp. I think (Hughes) was eight pounds over when he showed up for spring training, but we knocked it out, and he took care of it with the extra work in the spring.

Fat camp? Seriously, Brian? That’s what you call it when Hughes and Joba and other guys need to shed a few pounds? Does Allison Sweeney show up to host? Is there an audience? Are there weigh-ins? I’m thinking this is a YES reality show waiting to happen.

In other news, I was happy to read that Eric Chavez wants to keep playing. Yes, he gets injured a lot, but he’s no Nick Johnson. He actually plays, and when he does it usually goes well. I felt very comfortable having him sub for A-Rod at third. He can hit too.

And finally, Francona said today he doesn’t want to manage in 2012. Is that a face saver in case he gets passed over for any openings he interviews for? Or does he really want to take a breather? Apparently, he’s been contacted by FOX, ESPN and MLBN about booth duty. Judging by his FOX performance during the ALCS, Vin Scully has nothing to worry about.


I Don’t Know What To Make Of This

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Rafael Soriano told the Yankees that he didn’t want to pitch against an American League East team in spring training, so he was scratched from tonight’s game and will pitch at the minor league complex tomorrow.

The above little gem was courtesy of LoHud and it sort of put a damper on my euphoria about Ivan Nova and the Yankees beating up on the O’s 10-0 in the kind of game I love (a blowout). I was so impressed with Nova, enjoyed seeing the regular lineup play most of the game and, of course, was thrilled to have Mo come in to pitch the seventh.

I expected to see Soriano too and was surprised when I didn’t. Now I know the reason for his absence. He’s certainly not the first guy to want to avoid his division rivals during spring training.

Francona scratched Buchholz the other night when the Yankees were in Fort Myers to play the Red Sox; supposedly the manager didn’t want his pitcher facing the Yankees any more often than necessary. I remember saying, “How silly is that? The Yankees have seen Buchholz a thousand times and will see him a thousand more.”

I also remember when Curt Schilling refused to face any AL East teams in spring training the year he came to the Red Sox from the Diamondbacks. In that case, I just said, “It’s Schilling. He’s a diva. What else is new?”

But Soriano? He faced AL East teams every six seconds when he was with the Rays. What’s the big deal all of a sudden? It’s stuff like this that pisses me off. If you’ve got good stuff, you’ll fool hitters no matter how many times they’ve seen you. Am I wrong?