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Spring Training Pic Courtesy of Our Friend Diane

Monday, March 3rd, 2014


She’s a big Jets fan as well as a Yankees fan, so I can only imagine her delight at seeing these two together….


With Spring Training Just Around the Corner….

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Steinbrenner Field

…..I thought it was time I posted here. Just a few things on my mind:

  • I’m very relieved that A-Rod decided to drop his lawsuits and his threat of appearing in Tampa. I don’t think he’ll go off into the sunset never to be heard from in 2014, however. There’s probably at least one big interview coming (Oprah? Matt Lauer? Anderson Cooper? Good Old Michael Kay?). I don’t know what he could possibly say since he’s unlikely to admit he used PEDs. He seems more interested in trying to repair relationships with his fellow players, the fans and the sport itself by not fighting everybody in court. As one of the writers said, he’s decided he’d rather be Ryan Braun than Pete Rose. No winners in all this. He’s tarnished. MLB’s tarnished. And then there’s the matter of third base for the Yankees. Will we get any production out of whoever will end up playing there this season? (Hopefully someone not acquired in a trade for Brett Gardner.)
  • I’m looking forward to Tanaka’s press conference and, of course, his first outing on the mound. Cashman says he’s a #3 pitcher in the rotation – I like Cash’s idea of lowering our expectations – but I have a feeling Tanaka will do better than anticipated despite the learning curve. After all, he’ll have quite a mentor in Kuroda.
  • I’m hopeful that Jeter will stay healthy and play well. He won’t be the Jeter of the past, but as long as he can perform at a high level, his comeback won’t be a cringe-worthy experience for anyone.
  • I’m eager to see how CC rebounds from his off-year; ditto Tex after his wrist injury. I’m excited about McCann, Ellsbury, Beltran and all the other newbies. I’m psyched to watch baseball, period.

But here’s the thing – and I hope I won’t be disappointing anybody – I’ve decided not to post on this blog as often as I used to over the years. I’m not shutting it down by any means and I intend to add my two cents whenever there’s something of interest to me, but I just don’t have the time these days to write after every game. Not that I won’t be tempted to. And not that I wouldn’t love it if others wanted to leave comments whenever their mood strikes. “Confessions of a She-Fan” can be an open forum for everybody and I’ll answer when I can. My focus now is on my books though – I’m slaving away to get a new novel out there – so I’ll likely be posting more often on the Mainly Jane blog than I will here. I’m also on social media a lot, and you can always find me on Twitter here or on Facebook here and here.

Right now I’m into the Olympics, figure skating especially, and look forward to each day’s events. (Poor Bob Costas and his pink eye. Not a good time to get that!) And on March 2nd comes the Oscars, my personal Super Bowl, and the parade of stars and gowns and movies, all of which I’ve seen. But soon – very soon – there will be a new baseball season, a chance to start over, a chance to get back to the postseason, a chance to win a championship. Who will be the success stories and who will fall by the wayside? Baseball is the best reality show on television and I can’t wait.



And Off They Go…

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

It’s kind of hard to believe, but the Yankees will leave Tampa today and finish up their spring training games elsewhere before heading up to New York for Opening Day. And what a weird spring training it’s been for them – eventful, to say the least.

So much happened in such a short time….

  • Jeter played in his first games since his ankle surgery and ended up on the DL.
  • Mo returned after his surgery only to announce his retirement after the season.
  • A-Rod was essentially banished from camp while he rehabs his hip.
  • Granderson got injured.
  • Tex got injured.
  • Hughes got injured.
  • Cervelli emerged as the best catcher in camp.
  • Youkilis found his groove at the plate.
  • Hafner did not.
  • Nova pitched well.
  • Joba and Robertson pitched well.
  • Pettitte and CC showed up healthy but haven’t been sharp yet.
  • Nunez got the job at short in Jeter’s absence and has made fewer errors.
  • Ronnier Musty impressed the organization.
  • New hires included Rivera, Wells, Overbay and Francisco.

What did I miss?

It’s kind of crazy that the Yanks will break camp without really knowing who their first baseman is. Ditto their right fielder. But it’ll be baseball, and I know we’re all happy about that.

P.S. Check it out! I’m in the latest issue of Time Out New York, in defense of our boys.

P.P.S. So Juan Rivera was released and Lyle Overbay is our new first baseman. All righty then. And Boone Logan got hurt today. I guess I have to add him to the above list.




Random Spring Training Thoughts

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

  • I always thought Ben Francisco was a pretty good player and have a feeling he’ll not only make the club but help the Yankees.
  • Ivan Nova is making me like him again.
  • Cervelli as starting catcher? I didn’t think it would happen, but he’s really fought for the job.
  • Jeter seems healthy. Now let’s see if he can be durable too, because I’m still afraid of Nunez at short.
  • Pettitte’s back. Mo’s back. CC’s back. Not a bad trio of pitchers.
  • Speaking of pitchers, what’s up with Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee? Remember when we wanted them? (At least I did.) They’re not looking too good so far.
  • Who in the world will play first base for the New York Yankees?
  • I’ve been thinking about who should bat leadoff and I can’t decide between Gardner, Ichiro and Jeter.

Let the season start already.


First At Bat And Gone!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Photo: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

No, I don’t mean Granderson hit a homer yesterday. As everyone knows by now, he was up in his first plate appearance and was struck on an inside pitch on the forearm and later learned he had fractured it. It’s beyond tough luck for him and the Yanks. Not only does he produce all those homers and play a very credible outfield, but he’s a great guy who’s in his contract year and I wish I could rewind the moment and play it over again. His replacements (Rivera, Diaz, etc.) don’t thrill me. Still, he’s only out until May – hopefully – and it is what it is, as they say.

It was fun watching the first televised game of the season, as I cooked for my Oscar night guests. Baseball is definitely back, injuries and all.



Heeere They Come

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? Baseball season comes to a screeching halt in the fall and the Yankees-less winter feels like it’ll never end, and then suddenly it’s spring training in Tampa. Pitchers and catchers report on Tuesday and there will be others trickling in too.

I wish I could feel more hopeful about the 2013 Yankees. We have some truly great players that other teams can only dream about. We also have promising farmhands who could make a difference this year. And we have our usual cast of new guys who are past their prime but hoping a change of scenery will give their careers a boost. Not a bad collection by any means.

Still, I’m wondering where the power will come from. I’m wondering who’ll be our righty outfielder. I’m wondering who’ll be our catcher. I’m wondering what our rotation will look like. I’m wondering if Mo will have the stamina to close for the entire season (I don’t worry about his ability as a closer; I never worry about that). I’m wondering if all the jokes about how old the team is will prove to be true. (See Tyler Kepner’s reference to the early-bird special in today’s NYT.) I’m wondering who’ll be the backup infielder since Cashman has said Nunez will stick to shortstop. I’m wondering if Girardi will be managing for the last time in pinstripes. I’m wondering when the next steroids revelation will appear and whether there will be any suspensions.

All that being said, hope springs eternal and maybe the Yankees will surprise me. I always remind myself that no team is perfect and that the teams everybody anoints to win it all hardly ever do. So who knows.

The good news is we’ll have baseball again. I’m busy with lots of projects these days, so I may not post on this blog as often as I’ve done in the past. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m anticipating the first look at our guys in their nice clean uniforms and will probably let out a girly squeal when that happens.





A Posada-Less Jeter At Spring Training

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Photo: AP

It must be weird for Jeet to be in Tampa without his best bud. He and JoPo not only came up in the farm system together. They ate every meal together, went for coffee together, hung out. When I was on the road for the “She-Fan” book in ’07, I used to see them all the time. They were nearly inseparable.

So it was only natural that the writers would ask The Captain at today’s press conference how it felt to be Posada-less. Via Lohud:

“It’s awkward. I think that’s the better way to put it, just because you’re so used to seeing someone. With Andy, he was the dumb one of the group that left and went to Houston for a few years. We sorta got used to him not being here. Jorge, probably it hasn’t hit me yet. In spring training, pitchers and catchers are on a different schedule anyway, so you really don’t see people too often. That’ll be a tough one, because as everyone knows, we were together all the time. But yeah, it is kinda weird when you’re used to playing with someone. I’ve played with these guys since I’ve been 18 years old. When they’re not there, it’s kinda awkward. But you’ve got to move on. You have no choice.”

I loved his quip about Pettitte. The “dumb one.” LOL. What’s he going to say next season when Mo’s gone too?

I know, I know. I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Meanwhile, with the position players in camp today (most of them), it feels like baseball for real. Yay.



Rainout Entertainment

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Last night’s post was titled “Off-Day Weirdness.” This one, because of tonight’s postponement of Yankees-O’s at Camden Yards, is just pure fun – something to take our minds off the damp and dreary weather in Baltimore.

I don’t know about you, but I laughed all the way through this vid. Seriously laughed.



“You Just Can’t Predict Baseball”

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I know. That’s John Sterling’s favorite line. But as I was reading about the latest developments in Yankeeville, I couldn’t help utter the same words myself.

By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, Girardi will have already announced his roster for breaking camp, or so I assume. Judging by the buzz among the beat writers, it sounds like:

  • Nova is our #4 pitcher.
  • Garcia slots in at #5.
  • Colon goes to the pen in long relief.
  • Nunez gets the reserve job instead of Pena.
  • Gustavo Molina is the backup catcher, not Jesus Montero.

Could anybody have predicted the above? Well, except for Nova? Seriously, didn’t Ramiro Pena have the infield job locked up before Nunez beat him out? Wasn’t Montero the second coming of Joe Mauer while Molina was the so-so, non-Molina-brother catcher? Wasn’t Garcia supposed to be a long shot to make the rotation? And how about Eric Chavez? I remember writing on this very blog that I was excited about him coming off the bench, and lots of people said, “Forget it. He’s always injured. He won’t give you anything.”And yet look at the spring training he’s had, including his first ST homer in tonight’s game. Yes, I like Jorge Vazquez and I hope we’ll see him in the Bronx one of these days, but Chavez has such a good glove.

It’s all coming together. I’m still not crazy about Andruw Jones and I honestly don’t know what his contribution will be, but things could look a lot different in another month or two.

Meanwhile, the rehearsals are winding down and the show is about to start….Any day now.


I Take Back What I Said About Bart (For Now)

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Colon was really good tonight against the Rays, wasn’t he? No more jokes about his girth.


OK, maybe just that one.

I was impressed with the way he set down a talented Rays lineup, except for the homer to Shoppach. Will he be able to keep going for more than six innings if he wins the job though? We really do need someone who can eat innings, as opposed to burgers. But tonight has to give him an edge over Garcia, I would think.

Mostly, this game made me wish we could just fast forward through the rest of spring training and get to Opening Day. Others have expressed the same wish, and I was content to just roll along. But once I saw us go up against one of our division rivals in a night setting, it felt more….for real. I don’t know about the players, but I’m ready. Play ball.