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Hank Shoots From the Lip; A-Rod Talks About His Hip

Monday, February 21st, 2011

And I just wrote a rhyming headline. Woohoo.

Anyhow, it was kind of an eventful day in Yankeeville. But before I get into who said what about whom, one of this blog’s faithful readers, Amanda, has been going to spring training camp to watch our boys practice and she sent me some video from her adventures. If you’re itching for a taste of the Yankees warming up, take a look. There’s a lot of standing around, but I can tell you this: If I were as close to those guys as Amanda was, I would have jumped onto the field and made a fool of myself.

Amanda doesn’t leave comments here, but let’s give her props for showing up in Tampa and forwarding the evidence.

Okay, so onto Hank Steinbrenner’s remarks. Apparently, the Hankster thinks the 2010 Yankees didn’t win the World Series because they were too busy celebrating their 2009 championship and “building mansions.” Hm. He didn’t single anybody out, but maybe he meant this mansion?


Jeter’s house is said to be the largest in Tampa, which would mean it dwarfs those of any Steinbrenner. Does the Hankster have real estate envy?

He recovered by saying this year’s Yankees seem hungrier than last year’s, which would make sense if the team had different players on it. (I’m fairly sure he doesn’t consider Russell Martin a game changer.) He’s such a character, that Hank. I know he makes some fans crazy, but I find him entertaining in the manner of, say, him.

A-Rod spoke to the media and said his hip is 100%, that he needs to have a better year and that he enjoyed being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz on national television. (No, he didn’t say that last part; he did joke about the incident though.) I like the leaner, looser A-Rod. He’s smiling a lot more and the guy does have a great smile, whether he’s your favorite player or not.