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No Winter Meetings Deals But There’s This

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

cano as mariner

The Mariners unveiled their new promo starring their prize second baseman – and he’s got something he didn’t have as a Yankee: facial hair. Makes me sad.

The fact that Joba is now a Tiger doesn’t; I’m glad for him and hope he does well there, just not against us.

Otherwise, no news in Yankeeville as Cashman heads home after Orlando………


“Ring the bell for Beltran”

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Credit: Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE

(I’m just anticipating John Sterling’s home run call for the Yankees’ new right fielder with that headline.)

Anyhow, while I was busily enjoying my Friday night, I seem to have missed the latest FA signing. Given the loss of offensive power from Cano and Granderson, I’m glad we got Beltran. Yes, he’s no spring chicken and yes, he got three years instead of the two the Yankees wanted and yes, he was a bust in New York with the Mets, but can he ever hit, as demonstrated by his great run with the Cardinals. Between him and McCann and Soriano and a hopefully rehabbed Teixeira, that’s nice offense right there.

It sounds like there’s still money for a pitcher in the Steinbrenner vault, though the Japanese pitcher they covet has a complicated posting situation that may put him out of reach. And the FA pitchers available aren’t exactly top caliber. Matt Garza, for example, doesn’t interest me at all. Might there be a trade for a pitcher? Sure. But I hope they don’t deal Gardner. That would hurt.

As for Cano, I still don’t get how the Yankees could give Ellsbury, a lesser player, that big/long contract and not make a bigger effort to keep their best player. Ten years was crazy. So was the money Jay Z was asking for. But I’m beginning to see that something else was going on behind the scenes. It was more than the money and the years that annoyed them. Maybe it was Jay Z despite the fact that Cashman claims “it was just like dealing with any other agent.” Maybe it was that they thought Cano was headed down a glitzy, show-biz-y road and too cozy with the music mogul a la A-Rod. Maybe they didn’t think Cano had enough marquee value for what he was asking for. Maybe it was the hustle thing. But he’s gone and I guess they think Kelly Johnson will fill in at second? (Now there’s a deal I don’t get. Wouldn’t Jayson Nix have served the same purpose?)

It’s been a busy week in Yankeeland for sure.

P.S. Just saw this from George King at the Post. If true, then Cano is a big baby. But you never know who these so-called “friends/sources” are.

According to three people who know Cano, he didn’t enjoy playing for manager Joe Girardi and that may have factored into the decision, though the Mariners giving him $60 million more than the Yankees offered ($175 million) likely had more to do with him leaving.
“Robbie didn’t like batting second, he wanted to bat in the middle of the order,’’ one person said. “The Yankees wanted him second because that was best for the team. He wanted to hit in the middle of the order to drive in runs [to increase his value].’’
Through the middle of June, Cano shuttled between second and third in a lineup that didn’t have Derek Jeter to hit second or Rodriguez in the cleanup spot.
For the season, Cano batted third in 110 games, hitting .319 with 16 homers, 73 RBIs and an OPS of .886. As the No. 2 hitter in 42 games, he hit .308 with 10 homers, 30 RBIs and a .955 OPS.
“He told me he didn’t want to play for [Girardi],’’ a friend of Cano’s said.


I’ll Miss You, Robbie

Friday, December 6th, 2013
Photo: Ed Szczepanski/USA Today

Photo: Ed Szczepanski/USA Today

What a crazy turnaround. Head-spinning. First the talks with the Mariners blew up when Jay Z upped the ante on them. Then they actually went for it, and pending a physical Cano is now a Mariner. Gulp.

Source: Robinson Cano, M’s agree
By Enrique Rojas |

Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners have agreed to sign a 10-year, $240-million contract, a source told Friday.

The player and his agents met Thursday night in Seattle with the Mariners’ top executives and the team made an offer he couldn’t refuse, the source added.

The source said Cano will return to Seattle on Sunday and will undergo a physical on Monday to complete what would be the third largest contract in history, tied with the one that Albert Pujols signed with Los Angeles Angels three years ago.

Alex Rodriguez has the top two contracts in baseball history. In the winter of 2007, A-Rod signed a 10-year, $275 million extension with the New York Yankees, replacing the 10-year and $252 million pact that had been stamped with Texas in December 2000 .

I admit I’m glad the Yankees didn’t go for that contract, but I’m sad that for Cano it really was about the money. I wish him well.

P.S. Ditto: Curtis Granderson. According to Joel Sherman at the Post, he’s a Met for four years.




Really, Yankees?

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013


Seven years and $150+ million?

I was out for dinner tonight when I happened to check my phone at the restaurant and saw the headline about the signing. I was, in a word, gobsmacked. Not that we went after Ellsbury. Why not acquire a speedy outfielder who isn’t ancient. Why not bring over another Red Sock. Why not add a lefty lead-off type hitter. All fine with me. But seven years? At that price? Are the Yankees saving anything for Cano? Kelly Johnson, Omar Infante, Brendan Ryan and Eduardo Nunez put together won’t give us the production of Cano. But maybe there’s enough in the Steinbrenner vault for everybody, and all the stuff about the payroll and the luxury tax and the fiscal belt tightening was a load of hooey.

Or maybe there’s a level of certainty that A-Rod’s salary won’t be clogging things up next year, so there’s more for others, who knows. What I do know is that I understood the McCann signing. But seven years for Ellsbury? Isn’t he hurt a lot? Doesn’t he have a bit of a reputation for not being a team player? Isn’t seven years a long time in baseball years? Or do I just miss Granderson? And don’t we need – I mean seriously need – starting pitching? And not just one arm but three?

I wasn’t sorry the Tigers got Joe Nathan, not us, except that they’re going to be tougher than ever over there. And A. J. Pierzynski a Red Sock? Ugh, I’m not wild about having to put up with him 100 times a season.



Don’t Kill Me But I’m About To Rant About Him

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
Photo: Brad Penner/US Presswire

Photo: Brad Penner/US Presswire

I know, I know. Dave Robertson has been great. He’s a great guy and a great humanitarian and a great husband. I get it. But do I want him to be the Yankees’ closer? No. Does he drive me nuts when he comes in for the eighth inning and turns games like tonight’s into a needlessly scary event? Yes.

Again. I know he’s normally reliable – in his way. And by that I mean he does have strike-out capability, but he also puts men on base and throws too many pitches to pitch on consecutive days.

Personally, I would have left CC in tonight. I feared a repeat of Sunday when Joe pulled Pettitte for the bullpen and we lost that one. Thank God for Mo. I wanted him fresh for the long Red Sox series, but we got the win.

I loved the way the offense took advantage of the White Sox’s rookie starter. I was worried that it would be one of those situations where the Yanks are flummoxed by a pitcher they’ve never seen, but it was just the opposite. Cano, especially, was fun to watch. When he’s hot, he’s hot.

So….a sweep. And now the Sox of the other color come to town. I’m ner-voussssssssss.



A Fun Game At The Stadium

Friday, August 30th, 2013


I wasn’t there, obviously, but judging by the crowd’s reactions on TV it was a good time tonight. While CC couldn’t hold the lead and continued his puzzling and worrisome slide, the Yankees’ offense came up big when it needed to – against a very tough opponent and contender – and Joe wasn’t taking any chances with the bullpen using Robertson in both the 7th and 8th.

At first I thought it would be a home run derby and last for hours, like our games against the O’s often do. But the Yanks scored in other ways too. I was thrilled to see Cano back in the lineup and hitting well. And Mark Reynolds’ little adjustment in his batting stance (he got rid of the toe tap) is paying dividends.

Loved the shots of the she-fans in the crowd taking cell phone pics of Mo in the 9th. One woman was shaking with excitement as she tried to hold her phone still to capture the moment.

Subtracting CC’s performance, this was a very entertaining way to open the weekend series, regardless of what happens the rest of the way.




Tuesday, August 27th, 2013
Photo:  USA Today Sports Images

Photo: USA Today Sports Images

The moment was too gruesome to contemplate. There was Cano at the plate against Happ, the same pitcher who’d plunked Granderson on the hand and broken it, getting hit on the hand and writhing in pain. As we now know, the hand isn’t broken. We also know that if Happ can’t throw inside to lefties without breaking their hands, he shouldn’t be pitching in the major leagues. Enough already.

And then there was our emergency backup second baseman: Nunez. Whatever he did to his knee/leg didn’t look pretty, and I hope he’s OK. At this rate, maybe the ball boy can play second.

On the plus side, the Yanks beat the Blue Jays in convincing fashion, thanks mostly to Soriano. Who doesn’t love all the homers since he joined the team? No one. He’s a streaky hitter, but he’s given us much-needed power and I’m grateful for it.

As A-Rod’s homer total gets closer to that of Willie Mays, I have to admit I’m cringing. Not only is Willie an icon, but if I’m the Yankees and I’m stuck paying my problem child a $10 million bonus during a season in which he’s played a handful of games and declared war on everybody, I’m not thrilled.

Pettitte has been pitching like Pettitte lately, which is a big relief. I don’t know what was off with him earlier in the season, but he seems to have corrected the problem. I wish he’d pass along his secret to CC.

Another win tomorrow would be much appreciated, so I can keep telling myself we have a fighting chance.



Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Photo: Reuters

Without fanfare or drama, Jayson Nix has quietly made himself essential to the 2013 Yankees. When he was on the DL, there was a noticeable lack of depth on the team, offensively and defensively. He’s never going to be a star, but when he’s in the lineup he always manages to do something to help us win – never more so than today. The Yanks owe much of their doubleheader sweep of the Blue Jays to him. I’d really hate to see him DFA-ed when Jeter comes back.

Also an unlikely hero? Chris Stewart, whose homer in Game 1 saved the day. Well, Mo saved it literally, but Stewart’s homer was big. I’m not a huge fan of his catching ability (too many passed balls), but he’s given us much more than I expected this year.

Cano’s on fire, just as Soriano was during his run (which sadly appears over for now). And the starting pitching in the doubleheader was almost uniformly good: Nova in the opener and Hughes in the nightcap. The Jays were without Bautista after his injury and they’re not exactly tearing up the division the way they were supposed to, but today was all about beating a team we needed to beat.

The Yankees are still a long shot to make the playoffs – the Red Sox would have to start showing signs of a collapse and they haven’t – but at least they’re making the games fun again. I watched on and off throughout the day and I had the sense that they’d find a way to win – something I didn’t have a few weeks ago.


Pure Misery

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013


I decided to use a pic of Kathy Bates in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “Misery” to describe how I’m feeling right now. Not only did I have skin cancer surgery on my legs (ouwww) but I didn’t win the $400+million jackpot in tonight’s Powerball drawing. And then there was the horrendous Yankees loss. I don’t even know how to measure how horrendous the game was except to say that in spite of the sudden home run bursts from Soriano and Nunez and the decent-for-half-the-game pitching by CC and the ninth inning homer by Cano to put the Yanks ahead, they still found a way to lose and get swept by the White Sox. Oh, the agony.

And then, of course, there was the fact that Mo blew the save and that Adam Warren stuck out his glove when he should have kept his hands to himself and that nobody on this team seems to be capable of driving in runs with a sacrifice bunt or anything similarly creative.

Yup, I’m disgusted. They had the famous closed door meeting and guys talked about needing to win and not getting down on themselves. I’d hate to be in that clubhouse tonight. Tough to shrug this one off, I’m sure.


The Agony and the Ecstasy

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
Photo: Jim McIsaac/

Photo: Jim McIsaac/

When Cano got hit by that Harvey fastball in the first inning of the All-Star game last night, I screamed so loud I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t call the police. I said, “There goes the Yankees’ season. The one player who cannot get hurt just got hurt.” And when he left the game in obvious pain, I was furious. My fury didn’t abate when I read Harvey’s quote: “I thought he’d get out of the way.” Or maybe he said: “I hoped he’d get out of the way.” Can’t remember. Obviously, he didn’t mean to hit him and maybe nerves played a part in what happened since he was shaky early, but still. I was very relieved that it wasn’t Cano’s kneecap that had been hit and possibly fractured. A contusion of the quad is a better result, but I doubt he’ll play Friday.

That was the “agony” segment of this post. The “ecstasy” came with Mo. Of course. I don’t care about the A-S games. Never have. But I watched because of Mo and I wasn’t disappointed.

Mo ovation

Was that an ovation or was that an ovation? Talk about getting chills. It was so joyous when all the fans, not to mention all the players and coaches, let Mo have the moment – several moments – all alone on that field to savor his last appearance. I was moved, no question, and the whole thing was worth waiting for. I was glad Leyland used Mo in the eighth inning too – smart. The fact that he was named the game’s MVP was icing on the cake.

As for the AL League winning? It was nice, but as I said I was watching for the two Yankees in the game and one of them was triumphant.