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Poetry in Motion

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Ichiro's catch red sox

There were a lot of heroes in tonight’s ESPN Yankees-Red Sox contest; Nova and Beltran come immediately to mind, with Shawn Kelley right up there. But for me, Ichiro’s spectacular catch was a game saver. Plus it was beautiful to watch, so I present it for repeat viewing. Bravo.

Very sweet to take three of four from the Sox, especially since it’s usually the reverse at this time of year. But not as sweet was the latest parade of injured players. I mean it’s just sick how they’re all going down as if they’ve never run the bases before. I get Jeter and his quad. He’s almost 40. And Roberts’s sore back doesn’t surprise me, given his history of being Nick Johnson in disguise. But Cervelli? Seriously? And then Solarte? And then McCann? Luckily, the latter two stayed in the game, but we can’t keep putting Beltran at first. And who’s our backup catcher now? CC? Crazy.

Oh well. I’ll savor the victory and worry about the injuries tomorrow. It’s an off day. I hope none of the players trips over their Starbucks.




Boston Marches into Yankeeville

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Photo: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Photo: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Fresh from the championship Red Sox’s visit to the White House and Ortiz’s controversial selfie with the President (the White House wasn’t happy with the plug for Samsung, a company for which Ortiz is a spokesman), the team comes to the Bronx for four games beginning tonight.

I would have much preferred the series to kick off after a Yankees win against the Orioles last night, but that game ended in an “L,” thanks to the bullpen. So frustrating. Tanaka served up the three-run shot, the Yankees battled back (Beltran finally hit a homer, yay), only to have the O’s break the tie and go on to win – again. Baltimore has a great-hitting lineup even with a couple of their good bats on the DL, and there’s a reason Tyler Kepner in the NYT picked them as the team to beat in the AL East.

But in the meantime, we’ve got the Sox to deal with and they’re brimming with confidence. Let’s hope the boys are up to it with better clutch hitting and relief pitching and less sloppy defensive play.



A Scary, Scary Halloween

Thursday, October 31st, 2013


Now that the Red Sox have spanked the Cardinals, won the World Series and demonstrated that the right mix of superstars, pickups and farm system kids can bring home a championship after a dismal season, it’s time to look at the Yankees and wonder how our team will turn things around.

Was anyone else surprised that no one in charge of scouting or the farm system was canned during the organizational meetings? Only the strength and conditioning coach? Like he was responsible for Jeter’s ankles and Teixeira’s wrist and Youkilis’ back and Granderson getting hit by a pitch? Seriously? Can you spell scapegoat?

If the Red Sox proved anything, it’s that it doesn’t have to take forever to “rebuild” around a nucleus of solid players. Do the Yankees have that nucleus? Does Cashman have the latitude from the Steinbrenners to go after free agents that make sense (i.e. aren’t old)? As the Cardinals showed us, a young pitching staff is a beautiful thing. If only Hughes/Kennedy/Chamberlain had been our Wacha. As the Red Sox showed us, a clutch power hitter like Ortiz does damage. If only we had a DH who put fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers (i.e. as opposed to A-Rod, who’s made a mockery of the sport and will continue to do so as we head deeper into all these trials and hearings).

The Yankees did pretty well this year under the circumstances, but realistically they didn’t have a chance. Not when CC wasn’t having a CC type of year and Kuroda petered out at the end, and our best hitters were Cano and…..Nunez?

Maybe we’ll go after the Japanese pitcher everybody’s talking about and maybe we’ll resign Cano and maybe we’ll get a catcher that can hit. But there are so many question marks heading into 2014. The one thing that isn’t unclear is that I miss baseball already. How long until spring training?????????





This Picture Says It All

Sunday, September 15th, 2013


The Yankees stunk – all of them. I know some are the walking wounded, but even the un-wounded ones stunk.

I mean Ichiro? He looked like a Little Leaguer in the outfield. No, wait. A Little Leaguer could have gotten to some of those balls in right.

But I don’t want to single him out, because there’s enough blame to go around.

Poor Yankees. What a humiliating way to spend a weekend. I even felt sorry for ESPN for having to broadcast that game.

I did like the Red Sox’s tribute to Mo though and he seemed to enjoy it too. So there was that. But basically, it’s looking like this team will limp to the finish line and try to regroup next season. Somehow.



Another Man Down

Saturday, September 14th, 2013


When I read before today’s game that Soriano had been scratched from the lineup with a sprained thumb, I laughed. I couldn’t believe it. What in the world is going on with the Yankees this year? It’s nuts.

Obviously, I didn’t have high hopes for our chances with Sori out, and my fears were realized in yet another loss to the Sox. CC just isn’t CC and hasn’t been all year. Phelps is back from the DL but he’s not exactly Whitey Ford so I’m not jumping for joy.

The best the Yanks can hope for regarding the Wild Card is, assuming they’ll lose again tomorrow, that they’ll win every other game from now until the very last day.

Not realistic, I know, but that’s about the size of it.


The Yankees Need To Go Here

Friday, September 13th, 2013


Seriously, the pitching staff especially needs to take a day and go to a spa. Not tomorrow, since there’s another round of torture against the Red Sox, but Sunday before the ESPN game. Girardi always gives his players a surprise “play date” during spring training, but I think he should do it now before they all collapse.

Tonight’s loss was sad. The offense fought back after Kuroda’s rocky start only to have Claiborne blow it. The kid was good early in the season but has been awful lately, so this one was pretty predictable. At one point I said to Michael, “I’d rather see Joba right now.” My husband looked at me as if I had six heads, but how much worse could things get?

And on a day when our Wild Card competitors won – a real kick in the teeth for any playoff hopes. And let’s face it. The Red Sox own the Yankees this year.



Bloodied But Still Breathing

Sunday, September 8th, 2013


The Yankees won one of the four to avoid the sweep and total humiliation – yay. They dropped another player to injury (that would be Chris Stewart this time), but they’re clinging to life. I was disappointed that Ichiro didn’t get a Gatorade shower from Brett Gardner, but apparently Ichiro was holding his glove when he came home on the wild pitch, so Gardner stopped short of dousing him, knowing how protective his teammate is of his equipment. Or something like that. Still, seeing Ichiro with orange gunk on his head would have been hilarious.

Were there any positives to take away from this dreadful series? Only that the starting pitchers, not counting David Huff, were pretty good. It was the bullpen that imploded and even Mo wasn’t immune – twice. It’s always painful when he blows a save, but at least today’s resulted in a win.

Cano, too, had a good series and Soriano continues to have key hits. The offense, for the most part, isn’t the problem, except that it would have been nice to have had a healthy Jeter. It’s just different without him in the lineup. And for the first time in a while, I actually thought about Mark Teixeira and how useful it is to have a switch hitter. Oh well. I’m glad to be done with the Red Sox and their God awful beards….for now.

The road to the finish line doesn’t get any easier, especially not with such a depleted team. But these guys are fighters. They’ve proven that, even in defeat.




My Salvation

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

fox_deportesWhenever I’m blacked out by Fox here in California, I turn on the Spanish Fox channel and they never let me down. While the other Fox channel shows west coast teams on Saturday afternoons, Fox Deportes always shows the Yankees, no matter which team we’re playing. Sometimes, I put the announcers on mute, watch their video and listen to John and Suzyn. Not today. Not with another implosion going on in the Bronx. Instead, I stayed with the two terrific Spanish language guys and had a great time. They were hilarious! Singing and kidding around and enjoying themselves. I couldn’t understand everything they were talking about, but I got the gist. They made an intolerable game tolerable. No tears for me.

There’s really nothing to say about the game. The Yanks gamely fought back, but when your pitchers are either hurt or terrible and your team gives up a thousand runs per nine innings, you just have to shrug and say, “Wait till next year.” And now with Jeter’s apparent ankle problem acting up again, the season is, as he said, a nightmare.

All this must be so demoralizing for the players and for Girardi and the coaches. They’ve tried so hard to stay afloat. Sometimes trying just isn’t enough.


Can’t Anybody Get An Out?

Friday, September 6th, 2013


Yes, tonight was deja vu all over again, as Yogi would say. And yes, the Red Sox are on fire right now. And yes, our bullpen was short, given that Mo and Robertson were unavailable and Kelley is hurt.


Mike Napoli has been hitting the hell out of Yankees pitchers since he was with the Angels and he’s still at it. There are certain players we simply shouldn’t pitch to because we literally can’t get them out. (Miguel Cabrera comes to mind. So does Manny Ramirez back in the day.) He wasn’t the only one who battered our pitchers but he does it consistently. When he came up with bases loaded and Boone Logan on the mound (after Hughes allowed the bases to be loaded – not entirely his fault since there were some tough plays behind him), who in the world didn’t see the grand slam coming? If Logan had walked him, it would have meant one more run, not four more.

But then there were so many of Joe’s moves I didn’t get tonight. Didn’t he pull Pettitte on Sunday against the Orioles and the same thing happened? Why not let Andy go batter to batter? His arm wasn’t about to fall off. Jeez.

I actually felt sorry for Joba tonight. He’s so gone, poor guy.

And the game started out so well with Soriano’s homer. Sigh.

Just another nightmare in an already nightmarish season.


My Stomach Hurts

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


I’m serious. It’s still in knots an hour after that game. Talk about highs and lows. Sheesh. That one was a killer, although it was extremely entertaining, as most Yankees-Red Sox games are.

The first surprise (and not in a good way) was Nova. Once again, the old adage of what seems like a nice match-up on paper doesn’t always turn out that way. He’s been our best pitcher lately, but not tonight. Gone without getting to the sixth.

Another surprise: Joe’s use of Mo. Again. Why not use Robertson for two innings since he clearly had his stuff tonight (unlike last night when I trashed him)? Mo’s been in each of the last few games and I was sure he’d be unavailable. Even so, he was so close to a save, but a combo of a not-so-great pitch and Romine’s error (not a good night for him at all) and Jeter’s non-catch of Romine’s throw did him in.

And then there was Joba. Really, Joe? Why do you keep going to him in big situations? Yes, he got robbed by Joe West on that checked swing call, but he can’t be trusted. His ball doesn’t move. He doesn’t fool hitters.

Bravo to the offense. They came allllllll the way back in a gutsy, exciting way, only to peter out at the end. Such a shame.

Now if only my stomach would stop hurting. Ouwwww.