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So Many Tears I Needed My Rain Poncho

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


I’ve dried the tears for now, but tonight was one hell of a sobfest. It was bad enough that Mo took the Stadium mound for the last time, but when he broke down on Andy’s shoulder I thought I’d die. It was such an emotional moment. I can only imagine that for Mo himself it was a giant release after the long farewell tour. It must have finally hit him that this was it. The End. I loved that Andy and Derek came to take him out – nicely staged – but wow. What a night. Who cared about the game. I certainly didn’t. It was the Mo Show and what a show it was.

I keep wondering how it’ll feel when spring training comes around and he’s not there and won’t be. No arriving late “on Mo time.” No appearances. No special smiles. Ugh.

I’m glad Andy got his curtain call and his post-game press conference. He deserved the love too. But Mo’s been my favorite Yankee for a very long time, and I’m beyond sad to see him go.

As my mother always says, “Nothing lasts forever.” We were very lucky to have Mo for all those years, so I’ll try to focus on that.



It’s Official: The Party’s Over

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

party's over

As I wrote last night, I wish these last home games had been more fun, but tonight was another exercise in futility and marked the Yankees’ official elimination from the postseason. It also marked what was likely to be Hughes’ last start in pinstripes. I’m sure there will be others who are allowed (encouraged) to walk too.

Just a few words about Hughes. He was supposed to be our next great hope, our home grown phenom. It didn’t happen. I have no doubt he’ll flourish in an NL ballpark and I wish him well. He had his moments. The question is how can we get four Kershaws?

I wouldn’t want to be Cashman this off-season. What a challenge he’ll face on so many levels.


Practically Flat Lining Their Way Out

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


I was hoping Kuroda and the Yankees would pull themselves together for these last few games, just for the hell of it, but they’re going out with a whimper, apparently. Ugh. A shutout. And bad pitching on top of it.

I’m trying to decide which team I’ll root for in the playoffs, if I even bother to watch. I’ll probably throw my support to my local Dodgers, since Donnie Baseball is the manager and most of my friends here are Dodgers fans, although I think their little swimming escapade in Arizona was pretty bush. My sentimental favorite is the Pirates because, well, nobody expected them to get in. I just don’t know how far they’ll go. There’s no one in the AL I’m willing to root for.

I’m also looking ahead to A-Rod’s war with MLB, especially after today’s NYT article about the world series of legal teams going at it. No telling what the result of that will be, but the headlines are sure to be juicy.


Not So Fast, Rays She-Fans!

Sunday, August 25th, 2013
Rays fans

Photo: Getty Images

With the score tied at 2-2 and another tense contest at the Trop today, it was entirely possible the Yankees would get swept. But Alfonso Soriano came to the rescue with that double in the 11th, then the steal, aided and abetted by terrific relief work by Logan, Robertson and Mo and excellent defense from Cano and Granderson. Whew.

David Cone on YES had the line of the day when he said, as A-Rod stepped up to pinch hit and the crowd at the Trop livened up to boo him, “Now batting: Darth Vader.” LOL.

No one looked more relieved to win that one than Girardi who, as Granderson maneuvered to make that catch to end the game, could be seen saying, “Come on, Grandy. Come on, Grandy.” Hopefully, Joe can relax a little on the flight to Toronto. He sure made me nervous when he brought Joba in to pitch in that tie situation instead of in his usual mop-up role and promptly gave up a lead-off walk.

Finally, after two disappointing games, a happy ending. It may mean nothing but it definitely beats losing.


Close But No Cigar

Saturday, August 24th, 2013
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

(I love that pic. Just saying.)

I missed the last couple of innings of tonight’s game, but it didn’t matter. The damage was done when the Rays broke the 2-2 tied and the Yankees never answered back. CC was good except for one bad patch, but the offense had nothing much. David Price is an ace for sure, but they always looked on the verge of scoring more runs – and didn’t. Opportunities lost. Series lost. Mostly likely season lost.

I went out for a great dinner with friends and life went on, but this one hurt because so much was riding on it.




Friday, August 23rd, 2013


So much for gearing up for the big game tonight. Kuroda’s timing for a dead arm (or whatever was wrong with him) couldn’t have been worse. The Yankees needed him to be his ace-like Kuroda self and he was anything but. All those homers. Jeez. He had nothing. I really hope it was just one bad outing and not a sign of things to come for him.

And then there was the offense. The Rays’ pitcher seems to have the Yankees’ number, given how well he’s shut them down. Sure, they might have been flat after yesterday’s long rain delay, but these are must-win games. No rest for the weary.

I do have a memo to opposing pitchers: Stop Hitting Our Batters! When Gardner got hit on the hand, I thought…Here we go again. He stayed in the game but said afterwards the hand is swollen and he’s getting an MRI tomorrow. Great. Meanwhile, that botched lead off first base in the ninth where he was picked off was not appreciated.

For a lighter way to end this post, here’s a pic someone took of WFAN’s Yankees beat writer Sweeny Murti with Vernon Wells photo bombing him in the background. Cute.

Sweeny Vernon


Big Time Sweep

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Broom_icon.svg[4]Thanks to the long rain delay I was actually able to see the latter part of today’s game. What a great way to end the series. Wow. Well, except for Shawn Kelley, who was scary toward the end. Luckily Robertson didn’t do his Houdini act in the ninth and spared me the nerves, earning the save in place of Mo.

I didn’t see the Vernon Wells play live, but the replays sure looked like the ball was caught and the Yankees got a break on the call. I’m not feeling the least bit guilty about it either, because we’ve been getting our fair share of bad calls lately and we were due for one to go our way.

What I liked about this one was that we got great starting pitching from Andy, power from Granderson and hits and sacrifices and steals mixed in – an all-around good performance by the boys.

Does this weekend’s series in Tampa take on even more importance now that we’re inching tantalizingly close to a wild card spot? Oh, yeah. I’m nervous about it. Things at the Trop can get crazy, and the Rays have those young starters that can shut down an offense. Plus the turf won’t be easy on A-Rod and I suspect he’ll have to DH. Who plays third? There’s Reynolds in a platoon situation, but are we talking about David Adams too? I just hope whoever shows up is ready to play as if his life depended on it.



A Great Day For Yankee Fans

Sunday, July 28th, 2013
Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America

I admit it. I got choked up watching the pre-game ceremony to make Matsui a Yankee forever. I loved that his parents and brother were there (what happened to “the wife” who was shown to the media in that famous drawing?) and that Jeter presented him with the plaque of his jersey. Very cool.

Then came Jeter’s big moment at the plate: one swing, one homer, one run – an actual lead! He seemed to ignite the rest of the players and set the tone. Soriano was terrific in what felt like his real return to the Yanks, and Ichiro showed he’s not done yet in the hits department.

Phil Hughes? I’ve given up trying to find ways to express my displeasure. All I know is he gave back the lead and can’t put batters away. He’s not terrible, by any means, just not somebody I want on the mound at the Stadium.

Whether today’s win over the Rays leads to more “W’s” remains to be seen, but it sure beats losing.


Apparently, This Was More Entertaining Than Our Game

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

David Ortiz smashes phone

Gone batty: David Ortiz ejected after arguing balls and strikes, destroys bullpen phone
By Mark Townsend | Big League Stew/Yahoo Sports

Boston Red Sox designed hitter David Ortiz officially flipped his lid on Saturday night.
After striking out in the seventh inning against Jairo Asencio, Ortiz turned his attention to home plate umpire Tim Timmons to argue a 3-0 strike call earlier in the at-bat. To Timmons’ credit, he let Ortiz show him up by pointing to his helmet — indicating he felt the pitch in question was too high — and give him an earful all the way back to the dugout without reacting. In most cases, Ortiz’s actions constitute an immediate ejection, but Timmons was willing to move on had he dropped his case peacefully.
Instead, Ortiz went bonkers and ended up smashing the bullpen phone in the visiting dugout at Camden Yards into smithereens with his bat.
Ortiz’s violent meltdown didn’t really fall under the entertainment category. It was actually very dangerous and a little scary as shrapnel from the bat and phone flew all over the dugout. In fact, some of the shrapnel nearly took a chunk out of teammate Dustin Pedroia.

And that didn’t sit well with the veteran second baseman.
Cooler heads prevailed in that case, and thankfully nobody in the dugout was injured as a result of Ortiz’s recklessness.
It was at this point that Timmons finally gave him the thumb, which was met with this very scary look.
With the dust and particles now settled, I think it’s safe to say a suspension will be coming Ortiz’s way in the coming days. It probably won’t be a lengthy ban, but it’s a good time to send another reminder that such violent outbursts can’t and won’t be tolerated by Major League Baseball.
Fortunately for the Red Sox, a suspension is the only thing they have to worry about right now. That’s s much better outcome than setting a timetable for Pedroia’s return had one of those pieces of shrapnel found its way into his eye.

In our game, on the other hand, the Yankees went down to the Rays without a whimper, wasting a superb performance by Ivan Nova. What an awful season this has been. It’ll be nice to see Jeter in the lineup, if only as a reminder of what might have been.



Welcome Back, Sori

Saturday, July 27th, 2013
Photo/Kathy Kmonicek/AP

Photo/Kathy Kmonicek/AP

I’d forgotten what a great smile he has and it was great to see the warm reception for him last night. If only he’d delivered on everybody’s optimism in the Yankees’ dreadful loss to the Rays. I actually predicted he’d go 0-for-6, given the pressure to produce and the fact that he was switching leagues and didn’t know the pitchers. But I was pretty close at 0-for-5. The killer was when he came up with the bases loaded and had chances to be the hero. Ugh.

CC was the real culprit though, and it’s becoming tiresome to sing the same song about him. He’s just bad. Every pitch looked like batting practice for awhile – long enough for the Rays to jump out to a 6-0 lead.

The Yanks staged an exciting comeback, and I kept watching till the bitter end. But it was to no avail.

I’ll probably miss the rest of the games this weekend and maybe it’s for the best. Hopefully they’ll play better without my verbal abuse.