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It’s Official: The Party’s Over

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

party's over

As I wrote last night, I wish these last home games had been more fun, but tonight was another exercise in futility and marked the Yankees’ official elimination from the postseason. It also marked what was likely to be Hughes’ last start in pinstripes. I’m sure there will be others who are allowed (encouraged) to walk too.

Just a few words about Hughes. He was supposed to be our next great hope, our home grown phenom. It didn’t happen. I have no doubt he’ll flourish in an NL ballpark and I wish him well. He had his moments. The question is how can we get four Kershaws?

I wouldn’t want to be Cashman this off-season. What a challenge he’ll face on so many levels.


Not Dead Yet

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

hand zombie

The Yankees looked dead for most of tonight’s Game 2 against the Blue Jays, much the same way they looked dead the night before. But – lo and behold – the combo of Hughes and Huff (the “H” boys) held the Jays to only three runs, so the deficit wasn’t insurmountable….barely. The Yanks fought back with four runs of their own, and Mo, despite a shaky ninth that nearly ruined my dinner, got the save after Robertson was given a quick hook in the eighth.

All I want at this point is for them to put up a good fight, and they did.

What’s sad is that yet another team is about to host their farewell ceremony for Mo, with various reporters speculating about what Toronto will give him for a going away gift tomorrow. The whole thing is a little weird and as much as he seems to be enjoying it, it has to be exhausting. In any case, he’s saying goodbye and I’m trying not to notice.



The Grandy Man Can – And Did!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Grandy Man

I’ve been thinking lately that Granderson hasn’t been the same since his last stint on the DL. He hasn’t hit for power with the consistency he used to – until tonight. He wasn’t the only one who homered, obviously (thank you, Cano, for that clutch bomb), but it was great to see him knock one out plus hit that triple in the Yankees’ latest comeback win over the Orioles.

These games have been intense! They’re on during dinner here in CA, and the food isn’t going down so easily when the score is tied and I’m in stress mode. I was so happy when we scored a few insurance runs, but I was a wreck when Mo came in. I hope the poor man’s arm doesn’t fall off from the recent workload.

So we move another notch closer to the elusive second Wild Card spot. Can the Yanks keep this up and win another one tomorrow night? Hughes is pitching. Not sure how I feel about that, but maybe he’ll use the opportunity to show me and others he can be trusted. I hope so.

Unless I missed something, we haven’t picked up a catcher and we need one – like right away. Romine’s not going to be able to play – a concussion is a concussion after all, “slight” or not – and Chris Stewart is already doing the heavy lifting. Why not pick up another waivers guy with major league experience?

I do feel sorry for and about Jeter. It must kill him not to be able to play, but I guess he just has to write off the season and get back out there next year. I don’t buy that he’s finished, too old, too injury-ridden. I think we’ll see him in February and he’ll give us more great memories.


Can’t Anybody Get An Out?

Friday, September 6th, 2013


Yes, tonight was deja vu all over again, as Yogi would say. And yes, the Red Sox are on fire right now. And yes, our bullpen was short, given that Mo and Robertson were unavailable and Kelley is hurt.


Mike Napoli has been hitting the hell out of Yankees pitchers since he was with the Angels and he’s still at it. There are certain players we simply shouldn’t pitch to because we literally can’t get them out. (Miguel Cabrera comes to mind. So does Manny Ramirez back in the day.) He wasn’t the only one who battered our pitchers but he does it consistently. When he came up with bases loaded and Boone Logan on the mound (after Hughes allowed the bases to be loaded – not entirely his fault since there were some tough plays behind him), who in the world didn’t see the grand slam coming? If Logan had walked him, it would have meant one more run, not four more.

But then there were so many of Joe’s moves I didn’t get tonight. Didn’t he pull Pettitte on Sunday against the Orioles and the same thing happened? Why not let Andy go batter to batter? His arm wasn’t about to fall off. Jeez.

I actually felt sorry for Joba tonight. He’s so gone, poor guy.

And the game started out so well with Soriano’s homer. Sigh.

Just another nightmare in an already nightmarish season.


Nunie Gets The Gatorade Shower

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


There’s nothing like a comeback win. What a great game it turned out to be. I was all mopey before the Yankees scored their five big runs in the eighth. Chris Sale is a really good pitcher (Can we please get him, Cashman?), and things were looking bleak for the boys. I was taking a walk during the first couple of innings, listening on my iPhone, and a black cat ran across my path right before Jeter got hit on the ankle. I thought, Pleeeease no. So glad he was fine. At least he seemed fine.

When Cano knocked Sale out of the game, my mood brightened and I knew there was a chance for us. And then it was single, single single, single, single, single. (OK, I don’t know how many singles there were, but they were all huge.) I love homers – who doesn’t – but seeing the offense hit the ball up the middle and use the whole field was a lot of fun and something this team hasn’t always been able to do.

Yes, the White Sox are terrible defenders. I’ve never seen such sloppiness. But beating Sale and some hard throwers in their pen was an accomplishment. Every game is so crucial right now – every at bat, every chance in the field, every pitch. I think I was holding my breath for the past three hours. But I’m exhaling now. If the Rays lose again to the Angels over on this coast, I’ll be even happier.

I’m not unhappy that Huff will start in Hughes’ place on Saturday against the Red Sox. I just hope he doesn’t fold under the pressure.


The Yanks Were In A Huff Today – In A Good Way

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Huff Cleveland+Indians+v+New+York+Yankees+0tEZ8q6XjOJl

That’s David Huff in a Cleveland uniform – the Yankees have had so many players cycle on and off the roster that they don’t even bother to take team photos of the new guys anymore – and he gets my nod for the star of today’s almost Janer (a 9-1 score is close enough).

Huff hasn’t pitched long or often this season, but he’s been very good in his limited number of appearances and he was very good today in the rain-delayed game. I’d say something like, “Well, the White Sox are the worst team in baseball, so no big deal,” but they swept the Yankees the last time the teams played so anything could have happened. This time it was a combination of Huff’s pitching, Jeter’s emergence from Slumpville and a little help from the White Sox, who aren’t exactly slick defenders.

Everybody contributed, which is always fun. The only bad part was Hughes not getting a chance to win a ballgame. Girardi specifically adjusted the rotation so Pettitte would go yesterday against the O’s and Hughes would take on the Sox. Mother Nature had other ideas. Would Hughes have pitched really well? Maybe. We’ll never know, but I’m glad the game turned out the way it did. Now maybe some of the other Wild Card contenders will lose today?


Ichiro Pulled An Abreu

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Deer in the Headlights

Remember how Abreu seemed to fear crashing into the right field wall? In tonight’s series opener against the Blue Jays, Ichiro, a HOF outfielder who is usually so reliable at his position, looked lost, committing an error that really cost the Yankees. I read that he was so embarrassed after his misplay he wanted to go straight home. Poor guy.

Of course, the “L” wasn’t all his fault by any means. Hughes was pitching. (Need I say more?) And the offense couldn’t bring runners home. What a frustrating game, especially knowing the Rays had been trounced by the Royals earlier in the day.

All these remaining games mean so much that every loss feels like a tragedy to me. Yes, the Jays were due to beat the Yanks and yes, there’s still time for a miracle, but not if the offensive output continues to be a couple of runs here and there and not if the starters can’t give us six innings.

I guess it was too much to expect Jeter to show up wearing his Superman cape and saving the day. He’s rusty. He needs playing time. I get it. Still, it’s comforting just to have him back for the rest of the season, however long that lasts.




You Mean We Can’t Win Every Game Now?

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

LaughingWomanI knew the streak had to come to an end at some point, but I was hoping for a four-game sweep of the Angels. Hughes wasn’t bad at all, so that wasn’t the problem. C.J. Wilson was. He’s tough, no question, and I wish Cashman had signed him when he was a free agent. The Yanks did have scoring chances from what I saw as I watched off and on throughout the afternoon, and they did stage a ninth inning comeback. But thanks to a massive fail by Boone Logan and an out-of-nowhere offensive burst from the little known former Yankee, Chris Nelson, the deficit was too great to overcome.

Oh well. Now it’s on to Boston where it won’t get any easier. I’d say this is a do-or-die series at Fenway this weekend. If we take the series, there’s still a fighting chance for us. If we drop the series or, worse, get swept, it’ll be see you next year.





Sorry, Audrey

Saturday, August 10th, 2013


Unless I’m totally losing it, Audrey trekked all the way down to the Stadium today from Vermont – only to see Hughes and the Yankees get mauled by the Tigers. I hope just being there and soaking up the atmosphere made the trip worth it.

It wasn’t fun to watch on YES, not even a little. All the pitching was woeful, from Hughes to Clairborne to Joba, and the offense, not counting Overbay, was DOA. It’s been that kind of a season.

On a cheerier note, I meant to post this earlier and didn’t have time. So in case anybody missed Jeter’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, here’s a clip. For a guy with a calf strain, he was walking fine and in equally fine spirits. Enjoy.



I’m With Jeter: “This season has been a nightmare”

Sunday, August 4th, 2013
Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

The Captain called it when he spoke to the media after being diagnosed with yet another muscle strain, this time in his calf, and most likely going back on the DL. I can’t imagine what his level of frustration must be. He just wants to play and yet his body keeps letting him down. So awful.

Speaking of awful, that’s what Hughes was today in what could have been his audition for the Padres. After all, his old buddy Ian Kennedy is now a Padre and Hughes is a California boy and Petco is supposed to be a pitcher’s park. Still, he couldn’t get hitters out and was gonzo before I blinked.

The lack of offense isn’t worth talking about at this point. It is what it is.

So after dropping the series to a team they should have creamed, the Yankees head to Chicago to face the circus that will be A-Rod. I’m exhausted contemplating all the media waiting for Mr. Biogenesis to say, “No comment. I just want to help my teammates.” Someone on Twitter said it’s kind of sad that Mo and his farewell tour are the only things worth savoring this season, and I have to agree. I wish we could fast-forward to next year.