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Boston Marches into Yankeeville

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Photo: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Photo: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Fresh from the championship Red Sox’s visit to the White House and Ortiz’s controversial selfie with the President (the White House wasn’t happy with the plug for Samsung, a company for which Ortiz is a spokesman), the team comes to the Bronx for four games beginning tonight.

I would have much preferred the series to kick off after a Yankees win against the Orioles last night, but that game ended in an “L,” thanks to the bullpen. So frustrating. Tanaka served up the three-run shot, the Yankees battled back (Beltran finally hit a homer, yay), only to have the O’s break the tie and go on to win – again. Baltimore has a great-hitting lineup even with a couple of their good bats on the DL, and there’s a reason Tyler Kepner in the NYT picked them as the team to beat in the AL East.

But in the meantime, we’ve got the Sox to deal with and they’re brimming with confidence. Let’s hope the boys are up to it with better clutch hitting and relief pitching and less sloppy defensive play.



A Blowout. How Embarrassing.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


Not a good day for Yankees pitchers, I guess. Nova, seriously? I hope we don’t see too many of these laughers this season, at least not with the Yanks on the losing end.

But how about the torrid hitting of Solarte?! Yikes. I know he’ll cool down eventually, but what a ride in the meantime.


Yankees Home Opener: Random Thoughts

Monday, April 7th, 2014


While I loved the pre-game bit with Andy and Mo throwing out the first pitches to Jorge and Jeter and while it was exciting to get the win against the O’s and while I was impressed with Kuroda’s outing and while it was great that Jeter had that almost-homer in his first at-bat (that’s a lot of “whiles”), what stood out for me was Jeter’s ability to run the bases like a rookie. I’m serious. His ankle looked as good as new, and that was heartening. A healthy Jeter for his final season is exactly what we all want to see.

There were other positives, but I was truly bummed by the D-Rob news. He’s on the DL already? After two seconds on the mound? I guess I should be glad he and Teixeira only have “grade 1 strains” but still. This is starting to feel like deja vu all over again, as Yogi would say. Sometimes I think these guys are made of glass.

I see the Yanks traded Nunez to Minny for a left handed pitcher. With the season Solarte’s having so far, it looks like a smart move keeping him and dealing Scissorhands, bless his heart. Ellsbury continues to hit and Soriano’s come around, so I’m not as worried about the bats as I was last week. When Beltran and McCann get going, the lineup should be fierce.


True Yankee

Thursday, September 12th, 2013
Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

We can always count on Orioles closer Jim Johnson to help the cause, and he proved that again tonight in the ninth by gagging up a throwing error and a wild pitch. Wow. What a wild game and a tense-but-fun win.

It started off with yet another injury, naturally. I could not believe when Gardner touched his side in obvious pain after a checked swing in the very first inning and now has an oblique strain. That type of injury can take forever to heal and, without being all doom and gloomy, I doubt we’ll see him again any time soon.

Luckily, his substitute, the Grandy Man, came through with another homer and so did Mark Reynolds, and Soriano’s two catches (especially the one that must have given Robertson the same heart attack it gave me) were spectacular.

What a horrible eighth inning for D-Rob. Just miserable. Girardi had such a short leash with Hughes and Huff (I know, I know; it was his master plan to have them each go three innings), so he must have seen that Robertson didn’t have his good stuff but left him in anyway. I guess there was no one else.

Brendan Ryan was the unlikely hero scoring the go-ahead run, and Mo’s arm, which has to be hanging on by a thread at this point, should be enshrined in the Hall of Fall all by itself. Weird that the official scorer didn’t give him the save but rather the win, calling Robertson’s outing too “brief and ineffective.”

I don’t know how long the Yanks can keep this up, but they’re making these last games interesting, that’s for sure.



The Grandy Man Can – And Did!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Grandy Man

I’ve been thinking lately that Granderson hasn’t been the same since his last stint on the DL. He hasn’t hit for power with the consistency he used to – until tonight. He wasn’t the only one who homered, obviously (thank you, Cano, for that clutch bomb), but it was great to see him knock one out plus hit that triple in the Yankees’ latest comeback win over the Orioles.

These games have been intense! They’re on during dinner here in CA, and the food isn’t going down so easily when the score is tied and I’m in stress mode. I was so happy when we scored a few insurance runs, but I was a wreck when Mo came in. I hope the poor man’s arm doesn’t fall off from the recent workload.

So we move another notch closer to the elusive second Wild Card spot. Can the Yanks keep this up and win another one tomorrow night? Hughes is pitching. Not sure how I feel about that, but maybe he’ll use the opportunity to show me and others he can be trusted. I hope so.

Unless I missed something, we haven’t picked up a catcher and we need one – like right away. Romine’s not going to be able to play – a concussion is a concussion after all, “slight” or not – and Chris Stewart is already doing the heavy lifting. Why not pick up another waivers guy with major league experience?

I do feel sorry for and about Jeter. It must kill him not to be able to play, but I guess he just has to write off the season and get back out there next year. I don’t buy that he’s finished, too old, too injury-ridden. I think we’ll see him in February and he’ll give us more great memories.


Yanks Win, But Three More Men Down

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

upside down

It was a stirring come-from-behind win in Game 2 of this crucial series against the Orioles, and I wish I could write about that instead of the fact that:

  • Austin Romine got hit in the helmet, looked dazed and confused and was said by Girardi to “probably have a concussion.”
  • Ivan Nova, arguably our best pitcher, was pulled early after complaining of tightening triceps, something that’s bothered him for awhile.
  • A-Rod, the game’s hitting star, left the game with tightening in his left hamstring.

Great, right? Such a shame because we actually crept closer to the Rays for the second Wild Card spot tonight.

Mo was brilliant getting the save after pitching in both the eighth and ninth – again. With so many other relievers hurt or unavailable or ineffective, it’s ironic that he’s the last one standing. Sounds like we’ll have Robertson back tomorrow though.

Still, thanks to clutch hitting and good (except for one inning) starting pitching in this one, the fat lady hasn’t sung and it isn’t quite over for the boys. If only they were all healthy. Sigh.




Buck Goes Ballistic

Monday, September 9th, 2013


At least there was entertainment during tonight’s loss to the Orioles and right off the top too. When Buck had his meltdown in the first inning – and no one has meltdowns like the Buckster – I actually laughed. Girardi, at whom he was yelling, was cool and collected in comparison. And the funny part was that it was all about the supposedly covert operation by the O’s third base coach to steal our signs or tip our pitches or whatever the hell it was. Like every team doesn’t try to do that. Please. It wasn’t exactly Edward Snowden leaking government secrets.

As for the game? Tillman’s a tough pitcher. CC made some mistakes. (By the way, he’s a klutz. Every time he fields a ground ball and tries to throw to second, he makes a bad throw – or so it seems.) He didn’t pitch badly and with some run support he could very well have gotten the “W.” Not tonight.

There were only the two homers on our end. Most of the hitters looked off balance and took weak swings.

And now we’ve dropped another game at a time when every win is precious. Not good. Not good at all.




So Much For That Game

Sunday, September 1st, 2013


I almost had to pull over in my car when the Orioles scored all those runs in the seventh inning today. I was cruising along, happily picturing Andy getting the win and the guys celebrating the sweep and lalalala.

My heart sank when Kelley imploded. (Well, it sank when Joe pulled Pettitte. I’m sure Andy was tired – he admitted as much after the game – but he’d been pitching so well that I didn’t want to mess with success.) I should have figured Kelley would have a bad outing after the NYT published a glowing story today about how miraculous his Tommy John surgeries have been in prolonging his career.

And then there was Logan….and the ever scary Joba. The next thing I knew the O’s were banging the ball and the Yankees’ bats had no answer.

Not that the offense was that great yesterday. We only won by a couple of runs. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that in previous years they would have scored four or five in the late innings and made a comeback.

Didn’t happen and it was depressing.

But…..the series was won. That’s a good thing.



Saturday, August 31st, 2013


What else is there to say about Nova’s performance today. It was the ace-like start we’ve been missing from Kuroda and CC – just brilliant. The ninth inning got me worried when the O’s had the tying run at the plate and Nova was up to 102 pitches, but I was glad Joe left him in to finish up and get the complete game shutout.

The offense wasn’t as robust as last night but it didn’t need to be with him on the mound. Funny how Overbay, the forgotten man who wasn’t supposed to play, ended up with a bunch of hits.

So two in a row against a wild card rival. Not too shabby, Yankees. Finish the job tomorrow and give us hope that we can stay in this crazy race somehow.



A Fun Game At The Stadium

Friday, August 30th, 2013


I wasn’t there, obviously, but judging by the crowd’s reactions on TV it was a good time tonight. While CC couldn’t hold the lead and continued his puzzling and worrisome slide, the Yankees’ offense came up big when it needed to – against a very tough opponent and contender – and Joe wasn’t taking any chances with the bullpen using Robertson in both the 7th and 8th.

At first I thought it would be a home run derby and last for hours, like our games against the O’s often do. But the Yanks scored in other ways too. I was thrilled to see Cano back in the lineup and hitting well. And Mark Reynolds’ little adjustment in his batting stance (he got rid of the toe tap) is paying dividends.

Loved the shots of the she-fans in the crowd taking cell phone pics of Mo in the 9th. One woman was shaking with excitement as she tried to hold her phone still to capture the moment.

Subtracting CC’s performance, this was a very entertaining way to open the weekend series, regardless of what happens the rest of the way.