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Straight out of a Hollywood Script

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Jeter final game in Bronx

All I kept thinking after Robertson blew the game in the ninth was….A Jeter walkoff? Maybe? Possibly?

Well, OK, I also thought what a shame it was that Kuroda got screwed yet again. Talk about a hard luck pitcher. He threw a brilliant game and could have finished it, but I got that you’re supposed to go to your closer, blah blah.

The main attraction was The Captain and how the night would end for him. I desperately didn’t want him to strike out or hit into a DP in the bottom of the inning. And I would have carried a lifelong grudge against Showalter if he’d intentionally walked him. And then came that familiar Jeterian swing followed by sheer joy – his and mine and everyone else’s. He looked so happy, didn’t he? When he jumped in the air arms raised in celebration, he was a rookie again mobbed by his teammates. And the presence of Andy, Bernie, Jorge and Mo was icing on the cake.

He still seemed dazed during his post-game press conference, admitting that when he stood there at shortstop in the top of the ninth he was saying, “Please don’t hit the ball to me” – very un-Jeter-like but totally understandable.

I loved seeing his mom get all teary, loved watching him pick up his little nephew, loved that he had his girlfriend there but wouldn’t give her the full PDA treatment in front of everybody (very Jeter-like). Oh, and I loved that the Yankees won the game. :)

So it’s on to Boston for the finish to the 2014 season – anticlimactic for sure. My friends here are excited about the Dodgers’ prospects in the playoffs and I’ll throw my support to them. But in the meantime, I’ll let tonight linger in my mind. It was magical.


Crushing Losses Mount

Sunday, September 14th, 2014


Once again, I was hoping the last couple of weeks of the 2014 season would at least be entertaining even if they didn’t have any bearing on the pennant race. But who wants to watch the Yankees go down to defeat in particularly disappointing ways, as they did over the weekend in Baltimore?

And once again, the problem wasn’t pitching – not starting pitching anyway. It was not enough offense and not the right pitch from a reliever. And, as Kruk or Schilling or one of the ESPN guys said tonight, “The Yankees just aren’t very good this year.”

But they tried. Prado, nursing that hamstring injury, fought the good fight. Even Beltran, elbow hanging off his arm, came up to pinch hit. But poor Jeter’s going out with a whimper, sadly, and McCann’s homers are coming too late to matter. So are all the mostly great performances by Shawn Green, Brandon McCarthy, Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda.

But we can enjoy two more weeks of The Captain before he makes his way off the big stage. That’s something to tune in for.


Do I Have to Threaten You With Divorce Again, Yankees?

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014


It worked in 2007 when you were playing this badly, Yankees. I said I was suing you on the grounds of mental cruelty and you ended up making the playoffs after all. Is it really time for Confessions of a She-Fan: The Sequel?

Lucky for them I’m too busy to divorce them right now, but wow. Did they ever stink in Baltimore. How frustrating is it for the starters (welcome back, Pineda) to pitch well or well enough, only to have the offense score a run or two early and then go silent? And then there’s the once-efficient bullpen. Bettances is great, I get that, but Girardi had to know he was pushing the kid beyond what he normally gives us and Kelley just hasn’t been good for awhile. The second half of the season is when teams have to turn it up a notch, especially against the division leader, but all we saw over the two games at Camden Yards was….Pffff.

I’m sad. It’s not over, it just feels that way right now and I’m glad for the off day tomorrow.


Coming Back to Earth

Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Photo: Mike Agliolo/Corbis

Photo: Mike Agliolo/Corbis

That’s how today’s loss, combined with yesterday’s, to the Indians feels like: an astroid hitting the earth. I had such high hopes for the Yankees’ season after the series against the Tigers, and Friday night’s 10 runs against Cleveland gave me more hope. But – ugh – we seem to be in the dreaded dead zone again, offense wise, and the collective hitting slump couldn’t come at a more inopportune time. In other words, if the Yanks have a prayer of making the playoffs even as a lowly Second Wild Card team (as Audrey rightfully pointed out in the last post’s comments section, KC is the team with steam for that spot), they need to beat up on the Orioles over the next few days. And how are they going to do that if they can’t drive in runs? Never mind that there are still question marks about the starters – i.e. who’s starting on Wednesday, Pineda or Rogers?

But I digress. The pitching has been great for the most part, so let’s assume it stays great, as flukey as this may be, given the cast of characters. Where will the hits/runs come from if everybody’s gone cold? Great that Tex is back in the lineup, pinky and all. And how lovely that Ellsbury hit a solo shot in today’s game. They’ve got to stop stranding men on base. Just. Stop. Doing. That. It would be nice if they hit more homers too, of course.

Whatever happens happens, I guess. Baltimore’s surging and we keep lapsing back. But it’s getting late early, as Yogi would say. Time to turn it on or go home.




More Trips to the Infirmary

Friday, July 11th, 2014


Yes, there was a four-game series in Cleveland and yes, the Yankees won two and lost two (in especially depressing fashion – the losses, I mean), but the big news as the team heads down to Baltimore was obviously Tanaka and his “small tear” in the elbow. After consulting a phalanx of doctors, Tanaka was told that the prescribed treatment was rehab. If that doesn’t work then he’ll likely go under the knife for good old TJ surgery. Hard to believe, isn’t it? One day he’s our ace. The next he’s in the infirmary with the other members of the starting staff who were supposed to lift us to a championship in Jeter’s final season. Bah. Nothing’s going according to plan.

And then there was Beltran.

 beltran fractured face

No, that’s not actually his face, but the point is he fractured it in two places all by himself. Freak accident indeed. All I could do was sigh about that one.

What’s a GM to do except continue to call up guys like Zelous and Zoillo and anybody else on the farm whose name starts with “Z.”

Will the weekend series against the O’s be a massacre of our young lambs and creaky veterans or will we scrape together a win or two?

On the plus side – and there’s always a plus side – I didn’t expect to see the run production we’re getting out of Teixeira this year after coming off his various injuries. And Gardner and Ellsbury have been a revelation. It’s not the stuff of championships but it’s something.


Fading, Fading……

Sunday, June 8th, 2014


That’s what the Yankees have been doing for the last ten games or so and that’s what I feel like when I either watch/listen to the games or check the box scores. Depressing.

The defense has been spotty, the pitching unreliable, albeit Kuroda was good today, and the offense practically nonexistent. Remember the days of “too many home runs?” That all seems like a hallucination right now. Thank God for playoff hockey, even though the Rangers are down two to the Kings.

And back in the baseball world, things were much more interesting between the Orioles and A’s than they were between the Yankees and Royals:

The Mike Piazza/Roger Clemens bat throwing incident was minor compared to that little dust up!



Boston Marches into Yankeeville

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Photo: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Photo: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Fresh from the championship Red Sox’s visit to the White House and Ortiz’s controversial selfie with the President (the White House wasn’t happy with the plug for Samsung, a company for which Ortiz is a spokesman), the team comes to the Bronx for four games beginning tonight.

I would have much preferred the series to kick off after a Yankees win against the Orioles last night, but that game ended in an “L,” thanks to the bullpen. So frustrating. Tanaka served up the three-run shot, the Yankees battled back (Beltran finally hit a homer, yay), only to have the O’s break the tie and go on to win – again. Baltimore has a great-hitting lineup even with a couple of their good bats on the DL, and there’s a reason Tyler Kepner in the NYT picked them as the team to beat in the AL East.

But in the meantime, we’ve got the Sox to deal with and they’re brimming with confidence. Let’s hope the boys are up to it with better clutch hitting and relief pitching and less sloppy defensive play.



A Blowout. How Embarrassing.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


Not a good day for Yankees pitchers, I guess. Nova, seriously? I hope we don’t see too many of these laughers this season, at least not with the Yanks on the losing end.

But how about the torrid hitting of Solarte?! Yikes. I know he’ll cool down eventually, but what a ride in the meantime.


Yankees Home Opener: Random Thoughts

Monday, April 7th, 2014


While I loved the pre-game bit with Andy and Mo throwing out the first pitches to Jorge and Jeter and while it was exciting to get the win against the O’s and while I was impressed with Kuroda’s outing and while it was great that Jeter had that almost-homer in his first at-bat (that’s a lot of “whiles”), what stood out for me was Jeter’s ability to run the bases like a rookie. I’m serious. His ankle looked as good as new, and that was heartening. A healthy Jeter for his final season is exactly what we all want to see.

There were other positives, but I was truly bummed by the D-Rob news. He’s on the DL already? After two seconds on the mound? I guess I should be glad he and Teixeira only have “grade 1 strains” but still. This is starting to feel like deja vu all over again, as Yogi would say. Sometimes I think these guys are made of glass.

I see the Yanks traded Nunez to Minny for a left handed pitcher. With the season Solarte’s having so far, it looks like a smart move keeping him and dealing Scissorhands, bless his heart. Ellsbury continues to hit and Soriano’s come around, so I’m not as worried about the bats as I was last week. When Beltran and McCann get going, the lineup should be fierce.


True Yankee

Thursday, September 12th, 2013
Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

We can always count on Orioles closer Jim Johnson to help the cause, and he proved that again tonight in the ninth by gagging up a throwing error and a wild pitch. Wow. What a wild game and a tense-but-fun win.

It started off with yet another injury, naturally. I could not believe when Gardner touched his side in obvious pain after a checked swing in the very first inning and now has an oblique strain. That type of injury can take forever to heal and, without being all doom and gloomy, I doubt we’ll see him again any time soon.

Luckily, his substitute, the Grandy Man, came through with another homer and so did Mark Reynolds, and Soriano’s two catches (especially the one that must have given Robertson the same heart attack it gave me) were spectacular.

What a horrible eighth inning for D-Rob. Just miserable. Girardi had such a short leash with Hughes and Huff (I know, I know; it was his master plan to have them each go three innings), so he must have seen that Robertson didn’t have his good stuff but left him in anyway. I guess there was no one else.

Brendan Ryan was the unlikely hero scoring the go-ahead run, and Mo’s arm, which has to be hanging on by a thread at this point, should be enshrined in the Hall of Fall all by itself. Weird that the official scorer didn’t give him the save but rather the win, calling Robertson’s outing too “brief and ineffective.”

I don’t know how long the Yanks can keep this up, but they’re making these last games interesting, that’s for sure.