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“No Thanks, Yankees”

Friday, November 9th, 2012

That’s what Swisher, Soriano and Kuroda said to the Yankees and their contract offers. I can’t blame any of them (or their agents) for seeking more money/years elsewhere, but – and clearly I’m biased – isn’t playing for the Yanks in New York on the biggest stage for a team that will undoubtedly make the playoffs every postseason enough of reason to accept the offers?

I get that Swisher has lots of options and that Soriano wants to be a closer, but Kuroda?

It will be interesting to see how Cashman fills the gaps.

Also, very sad to read about the death of former Yankees GM Lee MacPhail, as it always is when baseball legends pass away.



No More Swishaliciousness

Thursday, November 1st, 2012


 As per John Heyman:

The Yankees are ready to move on from the Nick Swisher era.

While they were still planning to make the $13.3-million qualifying offer to the free-agent outfielder on Friday, they appear hopeful he won’t take it. The offer is likely to be made only to protect the draft choice.

The Yankees seem to believe it’s very unlikely Swisher will take the one-year offer; in fact, they seem to be counting on it. While a repeat of the Jayson Werth seven-year, $126 million contract is out, Swisher should still be able to get at least a three-year deal, and perhaps even a longer one.

The Yankees generally are pleased with the overall production Swisher gave them in his four years in New York, but they see the era as being over after another rough postseason for Swisher. In his career, Swisher has just eight RBI in 154 postseason at-bats, with a .169 batting average and .589 OPS.

Swisher was a fan favorite for almost his whole stay in New York, but he expressed great disappointment at the fans’ booing of several Yankees in their ALCS sweep at the hands of the Tigers.

It’s not as if we weren’t expecting this. Swisher will definitely decline the Yankees’ offer and seek greener pastures. I’ll miss his sense of fun and I’ll never forget the time he took the pitcher’s mound at the Trop or how well he played first base in Tex’s absence, and he was pure entertainment out there in right field. But so it goes.

As for Soriano, he, too, is seeking – and will get – more money than the Yankees are willing to pay him and he should. He’s a good closer and good closers are in demand. My problem with not keeping him is what we’ll do instead. Say Mo comes back, as we all hope he does. Will he be able to pitch effectively for an entire season? Very possibly. But if not, do we think Robertson can step into the job this time? Or will Joba stay healthy and consistent enough to be the Joba of 2007? Or will some new candidate emerge?

Interesting times.


ALCS Game 2: Ice Cold

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

The above just about sums up the situation, folks. Once again the starting pitching was spectacular, but the bats were dead. Huge applause for Kuroda, especially since everybody was worried about him going on three days rest. He came through in a big, big way.

Yes, he ran into trouble in the 8th and what trouble it turned out to be.


As we all saw from replays, Swisher’s throw was a good one and so was Cano’s tag, but the ump blew it. I would have gone crazy if I were Girardi and, though he got tossed (on his birthday, no less – what a tough week for him), there really wasn’t much point. As he said in his post-game remarks, the call was awful and could have been rectified with instant replay, but he also agreed that it was the offense, not the umpiring, that cost the Yankees the game.

I was interested in his perspective on the fact that all the hitters – we’re talking about a collective swoon with an exception here and there – have looked baffled by the Tigers’ pitching and the Orioles’ pitching. He mentioned that they had to “make adjustments.” What could those adjustments be at this point? Will they suddenly learn how to hit off-speed stuff? Stop taking big swings when a poke through the infield would do? Change their batting stances? I wouldn’t want to be Kevin Long right now.

I was hoping that they’d all rise to the occasion and win one for the Captain, but they just seem impossibly out of sync. Very disheartening as well as puzzling.

But we’ve seen this before, this “going cold.” It’s like one of those flu bugs that sweeps through the clubhouse and infects everybody. Maybe they should take antibiotics.

All that said, it pains me to hear the fans booing, as justified as they may be. Bald Vinny, who leads the Bleacher Creatures in the roll call, was tweeting about how Swisher wouldn’t face the stands and joke around with them as he usually does but rather warmed up behind home plate before the game and never acknowledged them during the game. (Nice touch, by the way, when the Creatures included Jeter in the roll call.) Clearly, there’s a lot of fan rage out there. It pains me, as I said. They’re still our Yankees, for better or worse.




Oh, Come On, Yankeeeeees. Stop Making This So Hard!

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Okay, I didn’t yell that loud and my hair didn’t stand up, but almost. Today’s loss was soooo frustrating. The Blue Jays are the worst base runners in the history of life and yet the Yanks still couldn’t take advantage. Ugh.

Andy wasn’t bad. So he gave up a few runs. Shouldn’t have been a biggie, not with what this offense is capable of. And yet….what offense? Not enough of one today.

There was some great defense by the Yankees though, and I need to take the opportunity to compliment Swisher for his work at first base. He’s been tremendous subbing for Tex – more than we could have hoped for.

But now we’re stuck waiting for the O’s and Red Sox to play tonight, which is the opposite of controlling your own destiny. Whatever the outcome, I hope tomorrow’s a better day.




Friday, August 31st, 2012

I really hoped the Yankees would pull themselves out of the doldrums in the opener against the O’s tonight. Obviously. But instead of seeing a team that was revved up and ready to do battle, I saw one that went down to defeat in a surprisingly and disturbingly wimpy way. I mean, watching Swisher flail at the ball all night was painful. And he had plenty of company in the flailing department. Kuroda wasn’t perfect, but he must wonder what he has to do to get his guys to score runs for him. And Derek Lowe. Sigh. He might as well be Sergio Mitre at this point.

I never thought the Yanks would maintain, let alone, pad their 10-game lead, but to lose so many games and have that lead dwindle to two? Yes, it feels like the air’s gone out of the balloon.

Still, there’s a month of baseball left to play and they can get hot again, particularly with A-Rod and Tex back in the lineup and Pettitte on the mound. In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt if Girardi sat everybody down in a room and yelled at them until the veins in his neck popped out.


Don’t Ever Hit The Captain In The Head (Or Anywhere Else)

Friday, August 24th, 2012

I nearly passed out when I saw that pitch zero in on Jeter’s head/helmet. I started yelling at the jerk Indians starter, as did Jeter, but was relieved that our captain was okay. He did sit next to Stevie Donahue during the game; I hope that was just because there weren’t any other seats on the bench.

CC tried to retaliate, and his effort wound up in a homer. He was great though in his return from the DL – really ace-like – and it was such a pleasure to watch him work.

Soriano? He’s a pleasure when he un-tucks his shirt after escaping trouble. He must enjoy drama. In any case, he got the save and I’m very grateful. That ninth inning was hairy.

What a game for Swisher. The offense is still struggling – how many times did we put men on base only to strand them there? – but Swish delivered and the Yanks won. Even better, the Rays lost.

The big news around baseball is the pending trade between the Red Sox and the Dodgers. If it goes through, I’ll be devastated not to see Josh Beckett anymore.


Clap Clap Clap, Kuroda!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

I honestly thought he’d pull off the no-hitter tonight. He was that good – and against a team with mighty bats in their lineup. I can’t say enough what a pleasant surprise he’s been this season, often with very little run support. Such a warrior.

And how about Swisher since he was moved to the #2 hole? All he does is hit homers. He put us on the board tonight in what was an intense pitcher’s duel, then Tex went belly-to-belly.

This one was exciting and it had a happy ending. What more can a Yankee fan ask for? (Peggy, I think you need to go again tomorrow night in case you’re our lucky charm for this series.)

Oh. I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the story that broke today on Yahoo Sports about the Red Sox and their attempted mutiny.

(That would be Valentine at sword’s point, waist deep in water….)



Big Game, Big Result

Monday, August 13th, 2012

No, the above pic isn’t from tonight’s series opener against the Rangers at the Stadium. I just like it a lot, and it says what I’m sure Nolan Ryan is thinking right now.

No, one game doesn’t mean anything in the larger scheme of things, but it sets a tone. And tonight’s tone was: We’re better than you.

Even with a substitute starter, even without our cleanup hitter, even with a lineup and bullpen that includes former stars past their prime, the Yankees beat the Rangers in convincing fashion.

Not that it looked good early on. In fact, I was muttering to myself during the first few innings. But Phelps regrouped and the bats exploded (Swishalicious! Ichiro! Jeter! Chavez!) and Lowe threw four shutout frames for his debut in pinstripes.

Do I think Lowe will be an asset over the long haul? Who knows. He was sweatier than Sweaty Freddy, but his sinker sunk and he said all the right things about playing in pinstripes. Can’t wait for his reception if he gets into a game against Boston.

Bottom line? The Scary Rangers aren’t invincible after all.




A Loss And An Injury – Can I Go Back To Sleep?

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Who wants to wake up and read that the A’s beat the Yanks again, pitched better, hit better and didn’t lose a player to a bum hip flexor/upper quad?

I don’t.

I don’t like what’s happening out in Oakland. Maybe if I were back home on the West Coast instead of vacationing in the East I’d be able to send my good vibes to them. On the other hand, they should be able to beat the A’s on their own, despite the fact that the A’s are the hottest team in baseball right now.

Nova wasn’t dominating and their guy was, except for a homer to Martin. (Nova also committed an error, which I was awake for – he bobbled that ball three times!). Our famous Bombers didn’t hit except for the aforementioned Martin homer and one in the ninth to Cano. Andruw Jones, who’s been great for us, was the opposite of great. Ditto: Cody Eppley.

But losing Swisher to injury could hurt the most. Swish says he’s probably day to day, but we’ve heard that before. If Cashman was thinking we don’t need an outfielder by the trade deadline, he might be rethinking that right now. I would be.



I’m Emotionally Drained Right Now

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Forget what I said about the lack of intensity in the Subway Series. The finale tonight was so stressful I resorted to doing laundry.

Our defense was sloppy, which always gets me mad, and CC wasn’t helped by his teammates – until Swisher did exactly what the ESPN crew was haranguing against: hit an evil home run. Ditto: Cano.

Dickey wasn’t Dickey-ish, so that was a relief. But speaking of relief, our guys nearly gave me a breakdown. I don’t know if Cory Wade is going through a dead arm phase or what, but he hasn’t been as effective. And Robertson….I’m sure I’m in the minority and I do like him, but I’m becoming weary of his “adventurous” innings; that balk was just stupid. Soriano, on the other hand, is growing on me in a big way. I adore that gangster stare of his; he looks like he wants to kill somebody – the anti-Mo.

I have to say it was an entertaining, very competitive series.