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Fading, Fading……

Sunday, June 8th, 2014


That’s what the Yankees have been doing for the last ten games or so and that’s what I feel like when I either watch/listen to the games or check the box scores. Depressing.

The defense has been spotty, the pitching unreliable, albeit Kuroda was good today, and the offense practically nonexistent. Remember the days of “too many home runs?” That all seems like a hallucination right now. Thank God for playoff hockey, even though the Rangers are down two to the Kings.

And back in the baseball world, things were much more interesting between the Orioles and A’s than they were between the Yankees and Royals:

The Mike Piazza/Roger Clemens bat throwing incident was minor compared to that little dust up!



The Gang’s All Here

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Photo: Steve Nesius/Reuters (courtesy

Once Jeter had his press conference, it was official: the 2013 season had begun and the position players had arrived. Whether the Captain will actually play shortstop or even DH on Opening Day remains a question mark, but he’s planning on suiting up in any case. (I do wish he’d grow his hair a little.)

No news came out of the presser and without A-Rod in camp there’s been no drama yet – unless you count Cervelli’s brief comments the other day about Bosch and Biogenesis.

Mostly, it’s business as usual. There was just one tiny thing that made me do a double take, and it didn’t emanate from Tampa but from Kissimmee where the Astros train.

Asked about Mike Piazza’s new book, our old pal Roger Clemens said Piazza would have to “get in line” to take a poke at him because there were three Yankees ahead of him. Hm. Was the Rocket just joshing or did some of his former teammates feel less than warm and fuzzy toward him? It sure seemed as if they were all one big happy family while Clemens was in pinstripes, but who knows? And which Yankees wanted “a piece of him?” Inquiring minds…..



Yankees-Mets Go Another Round

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

As I thought about the upcoming Subway Series, following right on the heels of Clemens’ acquittal, I couldn’t help conjure up this.

There were a few things that struck me, having not seen the footage in a long time:

  • How violently Clemens threw that piece of the bat. (‘Roid rage, anyone?)
  • How angry he got when confronted. (“You talking to me?”)
  • How pathetic it was to have both benches empty during a World Series game. (But good for ratings.)
  • How much Yankees-Mets used to matter. (The rivalry just doesn’t have the same edge. At least not for me.)

I hope our pitching gets back on track and that our hitters won’t be thrown by the unfriendly dimensions of Citi Field.