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Bright Lights, Big City

Thursday, May 15th, 2014
Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

Photo: J. Meric/Getty Images North America

Photo: J. Meric/Getty Images North America

Chase Whitley and Dellin Betances were good for the soul tonight in the Yankees’ shutout of the Mets. Whitley was a desperation call up and he performed beautifully, if briefly, even getting a hit.  And Betances has just been flat-out impressive. Whenever I think we don’t have a farm system, I see kids like these two and feel warm all over. It’s particularly heartening to watch Betances flourish. He was one of the so-called Killer B’s on the farm, and he’s the only one left. He had control problems as a starter and was reinvented as a reliever. Good move, Yankees. Good move.


Tanaka Is……

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


Let’s face it. Masahiro Tanaka is Superman. He can do just about anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could leap tall buildings in a single bound. Not only is he undefeated but he threw a complete game shutout tonight against the Mets, giving the bullpen a rest, giving the Yankees an end to their slide, giving everybody a lift. And he got a hit! I bow down to him.

Great to see Brian Roberts wield a hot bat again. It’s how I remember him when he was an Oriole. And another homer from Tex? Maybe tired legs agree with him. I’m not going to let the injury news about CC, Beltran, etc. bother me. I’m relishing this victory.




Tuesday, May 13th, 2014


I was out for dinner and kept checking the score and reading the summaries, and I nearly lost my appetite. Things are not looking good in Yankeeville. Between Beltran’s bone spur and Nuno’s pitching (I’d love to avoid trashing Aceves, but as I wrote in the last post he’s just not effective anymore), the Yanks were in trouble in tonight’s game from the get go. Yes, there was offense, and it was nice to see McCann start to come around, but if the pitching isn’t there, what good are the bats?

Calling Cashman. Please help us, Brian. We just dropped two to the Mets at the Stadium. The indignity.



Brett “Babe Ruth” Gardner to No Avail

Monday, May 12th, 2014


It’s not every day that Gardy hits a grand slam, but he did tonight in the Subway Series opener at the Stadium – in a losing effort. It was an ugly loss too, thanks to the pitching.

Both sides slugged their way onto the scoreboard, but the Mets got their hits against a parade of Kuroda, Aceves, Thornton and Claiborne – the same Mets that had low batting averages and little success before they arrived in the Bronx. I know Joe couldn’t use Warren and Bettances and Kelley is still hurting, but are we really hitching our wagon to Aceves? I find that scary. And Claiborne hasn’t been effective since his first few months on the team last year.

Of greater concern is Beltran, who apparently has joined the ranks of the wounded with a hyper-extended elbow and is headed for the Carl Pavano MRI tube. Not good. And he got the injury swinging the bat in the cage? Sheesh. They’re all made of glass, I’m telling you. Watching Teixeira trying to leg out that pinch-hit single was painful.

So we turn our lonely eyes to Vidal Nuno tomorrow. Maybe he’ll throw a no-hitter.


Historic Anemia

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

It’s one thing to lose a few games in a row over the course of the season. It’s quite another to be the loser in a four-game sweep by the Mets for the first time ever. The indignity.

As I wrote in the last post, it seems our merry band of castoffs have been playing over their heads and they’ve petered out offensively. Wells and Ichiro, while good defenders, have reverted back to the players they were before they put on the pinstripes, and nobody else has picked up the slack. Not consistently.

It’s a shame too, because aside from Phelps last night, the pitching has been great. But what good is pitching if you can’t score and that’s what ails this team right now.

Can Tex and Youk make a difference? They’re coming off injuries and rust. I wouldn’t count on them to be our saviors. Not yet. But their presence in the lineup could be a confidence boost for the others.

We’ll see. I wish I could write something cheery, but I miss Jeter and Granderson and Cervelli. I even miss the A-Rod who didn’t go to anti-aging clinics. I miss winning. It hasn’t been that long since the Yanks posted a “W,” but it sure feels that way right now.



This Is Alarming

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I listened to most of the game on my At Bat app and I’m glad I didn’t have to actually watch the debacle. I didn’t need to see Phelps morph into a Bad Pitcher. I didn’t need to see the listless Yankees offense either. Good for Nova for pitching well, but this has been a very trying Subway Series.

With Tex and Youkilis due back for the weekend, I have to wonder….Have the injuries finally caught up with this team? Were the fill-ins playing over their heads and have they come back down to earth? Or are these four losses in a row just a fluke of the schedule, a natural lull over the course of a long season? Is it really up to Vidal Nuno to be our stopper tomorrow night?

Let’s just say I much prefer writing these posts after wins. This losing stuff isn’t a lot of fun.





The Horror!

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

There’s no point in going on about how Kuroda pitched his heart out, how he out-dueled the Mets phenom, how he deserved to get the win. Or in talking about the great catches Gardner’s been making in this series. Or in singing the praises of Overbay and his clutch hitting.

What’s sticking with me, of course, is Mo’s blown save and the Yankees’ latest loss. I guess he was due for a meltdown – he really had nothing tonight – but it came in shocking fashion. I thought we had this one nailed down. Ugh. Big time ugh.

P.S. I’m getting tired of watching Chris Stewart screw up behind the plate. Just saying.

P.P.S. At least Robertson seemed to have recovered from his swoon last night.




Really, Yankees?

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Photo: Anthony J. Causi

Tonight’s game was supposed to take my mind off the fact that Santa Barbara County has a wildfire burning tonight – 500 acres with a high-wind warning. It’s not near us, but it’s scary to look out the window and see a sky that’s gray because of smoke, not clouds. I was hoping the opener of Yankees-Mets would be a diversion.

Instead, it was an exercise in frustration. Hughes was good (either that or the Mets’ offense isn’t), but I kept thinking of how he’s prone to the home run ball, and sure enough David Wright was evidence. From then on, you would have thought the Yankees were facing Cliff Lee in his prime. They were punch-less. Gardner made two terrific catches, but other than that? Bleh.

What’s worse, tomorrow night they have to face the Mets’ phenom, Matt Harvey. More bleh.


I’m Emotionally Drained Right Now

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Forget what I said about the lack of intensity in the Subway Series. The finale tonight was so stressful I resorted to doing laundry.

Our defense was sloppy, which always gets me mad, and CC wasn’t helped by his teammates – until Swisher did exactly what the ESPN crew was haranguing against: hit an evil home run. Ditto: Cano.

Dickey wasn’t Dickey-ish, so that was a relief. But speaking of relief, our guys nearly gave me a breakdown. I don’t know if Cory Wade is going through a dead arm phase or what, but he hasn’t been as effective. And Robertson….I’m sure I’m in the minority and I do like him, but I’m becoming weary of his “adventurous” innings; that balk was just stupid. Soriano, on the other hand, is growing on me in a big way. I adore that gangster stare of his; he looks like he wants to kill somebody – the anti-Mo.

I have to say it was an entertaining, very competitive series.




What A Cliffhanger!

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

My God, that game was nerve wracking. I was blacked out by FOX as usual, so I listened to John and Suzyn, who made things even more tense. John kept saying, “It is high, it is far, it is….caught” whenever the Yankees would go long but not long enough, and then he’d say, “It’s a fly ball deep to…it’s gone” whenever we did go long enough. It made me nuts.

It looked like Nova wouldn’t get any run support at all – I’m sorry but the RISP thing is a problem, no matter what Girardi says – until Ibanez came to our rescue and Chavez put us ahead. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we have a fabulous bench this year.

Errors by Jeter and A-Rod? What was that about?

I honestly don’t know if I can take a full season of Robertson’s Houdini shtick. He either walks people or strikes them out, and he needs to stop it.

Nice job by Rapada, Logan and Soriano to hold the Mets down and help break the losing streak. I feel a lot better about heading into tomorrow night against Dickey. At least we won’t get swept.