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Yankee Sighting!

Monday, December 16th, 2013


Our friend of the blog, YankeeCase (over on the right), was at a signing tonight with his cousin (over on the left) and met Mo of all people (the guy in the middle). Needless to say, I’m drooling with envy.



TV Programming Alert!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Being Mo

In case anyone missed this, FOX Sports is airing a special documentary called “Being: Mariano” on October 20th at 4:30 pm ET. It will be re-broadcast on October 22nd on Fox Sports 1 at 9:30pm ET.

I’m really looking forward to the doc even though it’ll make me cry all over again.


So Many Tears I Needed My Rain Poncho

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


I’ve dried the tears for now, but tonight was one hell of a sobfest. It was bad enough that Mo took the Stadium mound for the last time, but when he broke down on Andy’s shoulder I thought I’d die. It was such an emotional moment. I can only imagine that for Mo himself it was a giant release after the long farewell tour. It must have finally hit him that this was it. The End. I loved that Andy and Derek came to take him out – nicely staged – but wow. What a night. Who cared about the game. I certainly didn’t. It was the Mo Show and what a show it was.

I keep wondering how it’ll feel when spring training comes around and he’s not there and won’t be. No arriving late “on Mo time.” No appearances. No special smiles. Ugh.

I’m glad Andy got his curtain call and his post-game press conference. He deserved the love too. But Mo’s been my favorite Yankee for a very long time, and I’m beyond sad to see him go.

As my mother always says, “Nothing lasts forever.” We were very lucky to have Mo for all those years, so I’ll try to focus on that.



Goodbye, Mo

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013
Photo: Courtesy CBS Sports/USATSI

Photo: Courtesy CBS Sports/USATSI

There’s only so much crying a person can take. I was wailing my brains out during Mo’s farewell and then Pettitte’s walk off the mound: a doubleheader of pain. The game didn’t do much to lift my spirits either, but it was the Yankees’ season in a nutshell. They either got good pitching and no offense this year or lots of offense and bad pitching.

Poor Zoilo Almonte. He made a rookie mistake hesitating at third base in a crucial situation. And Murphy’s strikeout to end the game was rough. But that’s what happens when your bench is full of kids. Sigh.

The right script would have been for Andy to get the win and Mo to notch the save. It wasn’t meant to be.

Mostly what I thought as I watched today was that I don’t want the old guys to leave us. I don’t like the new guys. I want the old guys to stay forever. I wonder what was going through Jeter’s mind as he hugged his departing teammates.

I’ll stop now before I get too maudlin. Yes, there are a few games left, but not in the Bronx. Sob.


Not Dead Yet

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

hand zombie

The Yankees looked dead for most of tonight’s Game 2 against the Blue Jays, much the same way they looked dead the night before. But – lo and behold – the combo of Hughes and Huff (the “H” boys) held the Jays to only three runs, so the deficit wasn’t insurmountable….barely. The Yanks fought back with four runs of their own, and Mo, despite a shaky ninth that nearly ruined my dinner, got the save after Robertson was given a quick hook in the eighth.

All I want at this point is for them to put up a good fight, and they did.

What’s sad is that yet another team is about to host their farewell ceremony for Mo, with various reporters speculating about what Toronto will give him for a going away gift tomorrow. The whole thing is a little weird and as much as he seems to be enjoying it, it has to be exhausting. In any case, he’s saying goodbye and I’m trying not to notice.



This Picture Says It All

Sunday, September 15th, 2013


The Yankees stunk – all of them. I know some are the walking wounded, but even the un-wounded ones stunk.

I mean Ichiro? He looked like a Little Leaguer in the outfield. No, wait. A Little Leaguer could have gotten to some of those balls in right.

But I don’t want to single him out, because there’s enough blame to go around.

Poor Yankees. What a humiliating way to spend a weekend. I even felt sorry for ESPN for having to broadcast that game.

I did like the Red Sox’s tribute to Mo though and he seemed to enjoy it too. So there was that. But basically, it’s looking like this team will limp to the finish line and try to regroup next season. Somehow.



Yanks Win, But Three More Men Down

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

upside down

It was a stirring come-from-behind win in Game 2 of this crucial series against the Orioles, and I wish I could write about that instead of the fact that:

  • Austin Romine got hit in the helmet, looked dazed and confused and was said by Girardi to “probably have a concussion.”
  • Ivan Nova, arguably our best pitcher, was pulled early after complaining of tightening triceps, something that’s bothered him for awhile.
  • A-Rod, the game’s hitting star, left the game with tightening in his left hamstring.

Great, right? Such a shame because we actually crept closer to the Rays for the second Wild Card spot tonight.

Mo was brilliant getting the save after pitching in both the eighth and ninth – again. With so many other relievers hurt or unavailable or ineffective, it’s ironic that he’s the last one standing. Sounds like we’ll have Robertson back tomorrow though.

Still, thanks to clutch hitting and good (except for one inning) starting pitching in this one, the fat lady hasn’t sung and it isn’t quite over for the boys. If only they were all healthy. Sigh.




My Stomach Hurts

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


I’m serious. It’s still in knots an hour after that game. Talk about highs and lows. Sheesh. That one was a killer, although it was extremely entertaining, as most Yankees-Red Sox games are.

The first surprise (and not in a good way) was Nova. Once again, the old adage of what seems like a nice match-up on paper doesn’t always turn out that way. He’s been our best pitcher lately, but not tonight. Gone without getting to the sixth.

Another surprise: Joe’s use of Mo. Again. Why not use Robertson for two innings since he clearly had his stuff tonight (unlike last night when I trashed him)? Mo’s been in each of the last few games and I was sure he’d be unavailable. Even so, he was so close to a save, but a combo of a not-so-great pitch and Romine’s error (not a good night for him at all) and Jeter’s non-catch of Romine’s throw did him in.

And then there was Joba. Really, Joe? Why do you keep going to him in big situations? Yes, he got robbed by Joe West on that checked swing call, but he can’t be trusted. His ball doesn’t move. He doesn’t fool hitters.

Bravo to the offense. They came allllllll the way back in a gutsy, exciting way, only to peter out at the end. Such a shame.

Now if only my stomach would stop hurting. Ouwwww.



Don’t Kill Me But I’m About To Rant About Him

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
Photo: Brad Penner/US Presswire

Photo: Brad Penner/US Presswire

I know, I know. Dave Robertson has been great. He’s a great guy and a great humanitarian and a great husband. I get it. But do I want him to be the Yankees’ closer? No. Does he drive me nuts when he comes in for the eighth inning and turns games like tonight’s into a needlessly scary event? Yes.

Again. I know he’s normally reliable – in his way. And by that I mean he does have strike-out capability, but he also puts men on base and throws too many pitches to pitch on consecutive days.

Personally, I would have left CC in tonight. I feared a repeat of Sunday when Joe pulled Pettitte for the bullpen and we lost that one. Thank God for Mo. I wanted him fresh for the long Red Sox series, but we got the win.

I loved the way the offense took advantage of the White Sox’s rookie starter. I was worried that it would be one of those situations where the Yanks are flummoxed by a pitcher they’ve never seen, but it was just the opposite. Cano, especially, was fun to watch. When he’s hot, he’s hot.

So….a sweep. And now the Sox of the other color come to town. I’m ner-voussssssssss.



Welcome Back, Jose Veras

Sunday, August 11th, 2013


After Mo coughed up the two homers in the ninth for his third-in-a-row blown save (!!!!!!!), I perked up when I saw it was our old buddy Veras coming in for the bottom of the inning after being traded to the Tigers from the Astros. He may be my new favorite person, having served up Gardner’s walk off homer and rescuing the Yankees from another disappointing loss. Gardner’s been quite clutch this season. Good for him.

But was this game ever a see-saw battle. A-Rod actually hit a homer (!!!!!!) as did Soriano, and I thought, OK, boys, you have a nice lead so hold onto it for a change.

Wrong. No lead is safe when the pitching turns sour. Not only was Pettitte unable to go deep into the game but Robertson was ineffective. And then there was Mo. John and Suzyn kept reassuring listeners that he always goes through his little patch of badness and it’s true. But it’s not fun when it happens. In fact, it feels as if the world is coming to an end. Maybe he should skip a few farewell ceremonies and meet-and-greets for awhile and rest up. Or maybe it doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things given this team’s way-back position in the standings.

Still, it was nice to beat the Tigers since they’re bona fide contenders for a ring once again.