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Justin Maxwell Picked A “Pretty Good Player” to Copy

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

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A lot has been said about Maxwell’s new batting stance and deservedly. It looks so much like A-Rod’s it’s scary. He got another hit today during the slugfest in Kissimmee, and I was thinking maybe he wasn’t such a bad pickup after all. At the very least he chose the right hitter to emulate if he wants to add more offense to his game. A-Rod, whom Girardi called “a pretty good player” today, is off to a hot start at the plate. Since Cameron Diaz was sitting there watching, I really hope people will stop yearning for the Kate Hudson days. They’re ovah!


It was hilarious how fascinated the Houston broadcasters were with Cameron. I was listening to the audio of the game on my phone, and it sounded like the guys in the booth had never seen a movie star.

“Look at that. She’s sitting in the first row behind Joe Girardi!”

“She gave Alex a standing ovation after he hit that homer!”

“She just bought herself another beer to celebrate!”

I kept waiting for them to get just as excited about the game, but it never happened.

One of the things that drove me truly mad about the announcers was how seldom they mentioned the names of the Yankees players (other than A-Rod, Jeter – the brand names, in other words). I heard about the great catches being made in the outfield (not counting Andruw Jones’s “I was blinded by the sun” miscue), but not necessarily which player made them.

“All the Yankees look alike,” one of the announcers actually said.

No, I’m not kidding.

Speaking of great outfield catches, poor Colin Curtis. He was throwing himself around the outfield as if his life depended on it and eventually threw himself around one time too many; he ended up with an injured shoulder.

Phil Hughes? Not a great outing, but so what. He and Russell Martin were getting used to working together, besides which it’s only spring training.

Btw, I’m ready for Mo to pitch. I hope it’s soon.


Making New Friends At Camp

Saturday, February 12th, 2011


Every year when the Yankees start showing up in Tampa, I wonder what it’s like for the players. I’m not talking about whether Hughes intends to focus on his changeup or if Jeter is spending extra time in the batting cage with Kevin Long. I’m talking about who makes friends with whom. We already know Jeter and Posada are tight and that Swisher talks to anybody who’s breathing. But what about the new guys or even the new-ish guys? Inquiring minds want to know about the following…

Which player will Grandy hang out with this year? Last year he had Thames, his Tigers buddy.

Who will be Soriano’s interpreter? Cano used to fill the role for Melky, but he might be too cool for that now.

Who will look after Justin Maxwell? We don’t have any other former Nats, do we?

Will anybody be nice to Colon and Garcia? Or will the players assume the two pitchers will be gone by March and figure they’re not worth getting to know?

Ditto: Mark Prior.

Will Posada extend a warm welcome to Russell Martin or view him as a rival?

I guess I shouldn’t worry; I’m not their mother, for God’s sake. Still, I like when everybody gets along with everybody. I just do. And hopefully Girardi will plan another one of his “bonding” adventures for the players.

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Nothing The Yankees Do Makes Sense To Me Right Now

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

As my friend and fellow Yankee fan, Brad Schreiber, said on my Facebook wall today, “Nothing makes sense.” Brad, btw, is the co-author of a fascinating new book about Jimi Hendrix. If you’re a music fan, check it out.


Today the Yankees traded for a kid named Justin Maxwell – an outfielder and once-prized prospect who struggled with the Nationals.


He was hurt and is now coming off Tommy John surgery and would, presumably, be a backup OF-er along with Andruw Jones (if the Yankees ever get around to officially announcing his signing). But don’t we already have guys like Greg Golson and Colin Curtis who could serve the same purpose? I mean, if you don’t make it as an outfielder with the Nationals, why would you suddenly become Bernie Williams?

I know, I know. Cashman has some sort of Plan. He’s stockpiling players so he can make a big trade for a starting pitcher down the road. We’ll see. For right now, however, I remain mystified.