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At Least There Was This

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Photo: Getty Images/Al Bello

Photo: Getty Images/Al Bello

It was great seeing the old gang at the Stadium over the weekend, first for the retiring of Posada’s number, then the same for Pettitte today. They all looked great and I couldn’t help wishing they were still playing – particularly after today’s finale against the Indians. What is it with the Yankees and Indians? Are the dreaded midges still haunting the team? It sure seemed like it over the four-game series and even during the recent series in Cleveland. Aside from the one victory on Saturday, it was nothing but frustration and ineptitude.

And now there’s CC’s knee. Will he come back this season or any season? Does a stint on the DL do the trick and he returns refreshed and ready to pitch? Or will he concede that the knee is a chronic problem and retire? It’s all very sad to me because he’s been a warrior for the Yanks on and off the field.

With Pineda scheduled to pitch in the series against Houston and the addition of Severino, CC’s injury is easier to swallow. I still wish Cashman had gotten us a reliable arm at the trade deadline, but that’s old news. What’s also old news is that all the teams in the AL East have problems, even Toronto, and no one is running away with the division title so far. Which means all the Yankees have to do is play consistent baseball. Getting Teixeira off the DL would help. So would getting Ellsbury to go on a tear. So would waving a magic wand and making Stephen Drew turn into Babe Ruth.

Time will tell……


What A Great Home Opener

Friday, April 13th, 2012

From the ceremonial first pitch (loved that Jorge ended up throwing it to his dad) to the bright blue skies in the Bronx (it’s been raining like crazy here), the stage was set for a great day and the Yankees obliged.

I was surprised to read before the game that A-Rod would be batting third and Cano fourth, but A-Rod was on fire (tying Griffey on the home run list), either making the statement that he deserves to go back to the cleanup spot or making Girardi look like a genius.

Swish was clutch again, getting things started, and the runs kept coming off Santana, who looked like he needed a nap. But the big story was this guy.

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images

What a turnaround from his start at the Trop. And I was worried about him handling the pressure at Yankee Stadium. Pffff. He sure showed me. Great, great job taking care of Pujols and the all the other little Angels.




A Posada-Less Jeter At Spring Training

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Photo: AP

It must be weird for Jeet to be in Tampa without his best bud. He and JoPo not only came up in the farm system together. They ate every meal together, went for coffee together, hung out. When I was on the road for the “She-Fan” book in ’07, I used to see them all the time. They were nearly inseparable.

So it was only natural that the writers would ask The Captain at today’s press conference how it felt to be Posada-less. Via Lohud:

“It’s awkward. I think that’s the better way to put it, just because you’re so used to seeing someone. With Andy, he was the dumb one of the group that left and went to Houston for a few years. We sorta got used to him not being here. Jorge, probably it hasn’t hit me yet. In spring training, pitchers and catchers are on a different schedule anyway, so you really don’t see people too often. That’ll be a tough one, because as everyone knows, we were together all the time. But yeah, it is kinda weird when you’re used to playing with someone. I’ve played with these guys since I’ve been 18 years old. When they’re not there, it’s kinda awkward. But you’ve got to move on. You have no choice.”

I loved his quip about Pettitte. The “dumb one.” LOL. What’s he going to say next season when Mo’s gone too?

I know, I know. I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Meanwhile, with the position players in camp today (most of them), it feels like baseball for real. Yay.



Hip Hip Farewell

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Well, we knew after the last game of the 2011 season that Jorge would be emotional…

And while he got through the beginning of his press conference at Yankee Stadium today without choking up, he did shed a tear (as did I) when he spoke about his parents.

A few random thoughts as I watched the proceedings:

  1. I’ll miss Jorge a lot, obviously. He’ll always be a True Yankee. Even Jason Varitek said so. (Check out I don’t have the link handy.)
  2. Mrs. Munson was the essence of grace and dignity, and I loved her speech.
  3. I was glad the Steinbrenners showed up.
  4. Jeter looked like he’d been hit by a truck; I thought he’d cry for sure.
  5. Mo was dapper in one of those Italian suits he wears in the magazine ads.
  6. Where was Andy?
  7. I couldn’t believe one of the writers asked if Jorge would be making a comeback. LOL.
  8. They really should have done the presser with subtitles for those of us who don’t speak/understand Spanish.
  9. There’s no way not to cry during the retirement announcement of a great Yankee. No way at all.




Another Yankee Goes Off Into The Sunset

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

With the unofficial announcement yesterday that Jorge is hanging it up rather than trying to play for another team this season, I felt a pang in my gut. Not because JoPo’s retirement is a surprise; we all knew he’d go out in a Yankee uniform, especially after the dismal year he had. But because his leaving the scene is yet another goodbye we have to deal with. No more Core Three now. We’re down to Core Two.

And not for long, I believe.

Mo is recovering nicely from his throat surgery, apparently, and says he’ll tell the media at spring training whether this season will be his last. My guess is he’ll join the others in retirement.

I have a feeling he’ll want to avoid the Posada Fiasco (and the Bernie confusion) and choose to leave the game on a high note. What’s more, I think the situation with his polyps (thank God they were benign) and his recovery may have given him pause about the grind of another 162+ games. Does he need to keep pitching? No. His HOF credentials are established. His records are unassailable. He has all the money and steakhouses he needs. It’s time to move on.

Of course, just typing those words about my favorite Yankee makes my heart sink. But I know it’s coming. I should start buying Kleenex by the case.

On a happier note, pitchers and catchers are just around the corner.




The Stink At Penn State

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Photo: Getty Images

I was planning to write something about how Posada should retire rather than sit by the phone hoping for the Yankees to call. But then he told reporters that he wasn’t expecting the call and, in fact, had interest from a few other teams. Whatever.

The Yankees became a non-story for me when the TV coverage of the Penn State mess became tonight’s big news. I don’t follow football, college or otherwise, and the name Joe Paterno was simply that to me: a name. But after the announcement that the legendary coach had been canned, along with the university’s president, and that the students were pouring out onto the streets professing their love for Paterno and/or chanting for him to come back…

Well. Talk about ugliness.

I’m still processing how the horrors could go on at that place for all those years without anybody doing anything – and how the students, as much as they revere Paterno, could actually be whining for him to be reinstated.

There are times when I hate the culture of sports, and this is one of them.


Stiff Upper Lip, Everybody

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

I was hoping that the lead pic for this post would be one of me spraying myself with champagne. Or, since the Yanks needed to come back and win in the ninth tonight, I contemplated a shot of Michael smushing pie in my face. Oh, well.

What a bizarre, stomach-churning, ultimately soul-crushing game, wasn’t it?

From Nova’s quick and rather mysterious exit… to the cavalcade of relievers that included CC… to the oddly silent bats… it was a game that kept me hoping but left me empty. Girardi made so many moves on the pitching side but none on the hitting side. Clearly, Tex, Swisher, Martin and A-Rod were struggling and yet there was no Montero? No Chavez? No Jones? We had a great bench this season, but he didn’t use any of them tonight. Strange.

So. The Tigers won and I congratulate them.

And I say goodbye to Gene Monahan for all the years he gave the Yankees and, very likely, to Jorge. What a series he had after his travails this season.

There will be plenty of time for more elaborate postmortems, but for now let’s remember the high notes of 2011, which for me included:

  1. Jeter’s 3000th.
  2. Mo’s 600th.
  3. The breakthrough of Nova.
  4. The MVP seasons of Granderson and Cano.
  5. The emergence of Robertson.
  6. The major league debut of Montero.
  7. The surprising performances of Colon and Garcia.
  8. Winning the Division.

It was a very good year for the New York Yankees – better than most expected – but they fell short. So be it.

The good part of losing? More hours in the day for other things. For example, tonight I went right from the final out to HBO’s Part II of the George Harrison documentary, having watched Part I last night. It took my mind off baseball and reminded me that I have other interests that I’ll now have time to pursue.

More to come after I’ve digested losing, which is never fun but is part of the deal of being a fan.


ALDS Game 3: Too Good And Not Good Enough

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

I’m depressed and, therefore, not in the mood to post pics. I hope words will do.

So. We lost.

There will be complaints about the tight strike zone. There will be talk about Girardi bringing in Soriano too late and even more talk about bringing him back for another inning instead of using Robertson. There will be a debate about not sending Montero up to pinch hit for Martin against Valverde. Blah blah blah.

This was about CC not having it and Verlander firing 100 mph fastballs through eight innings. Our guy wasn’t as good as their guy. End of story.

Still, the Yankees had their shining moments – from all those double plays that bailed out CC and A-Rod’s sure hand at third to Jorge’s tenacious at bats and Gardner’s huge game-tying double. If Soriano hadn’t coughed up that homer, we might have had extra innings and hung on a little longer.

But we had chances in the ninth and didn’t seize them, and the result was having to watch Valverde’s victory dance (although it was subdued, for him).

Did we ever imagine in our wildest dreams that our season would come down to AJ Burnett?

Of course not. But here we are, on the verge of elimination.

What needs to happen is this:

  1. The Good Great AJ has to show up.
  2. A-Rod has to be the 2009 model.
  3. Tex has to stop being Mr. April.
  4. Mo has to get into the game.

In other words, it’ll be all hands on deck so this baby doesn’t sink.

Photo: Mario Belluomo

(Okay, I had to post one pic.)

Let’s go Yankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


ALDS Game 1: The Ivan Nova Show

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Photo: Corey Sipkin/Daily News

Wow. What a performance. When Nova came out of the game, the crowd at the Stadium gave him a huge ovation. So did I. I got up off the couch and stood there applauding in my living room.

The Tigers helped, swinging at pitches in the dirt, but that was part of Nova’s magic: his ball moved all over the place. The Yankees’ defense also contributed. I’m still marveling at Jeter’s relay to Martin at the plate, for example; it was sheer perfection.

Of course, tonight’s win could also be called The Robbie Cano Show.

Photo: Bill Kostroun/AP

Six RBIs. Seriously. Do you think he likes batting third? Actually, he probably doesn’t care where he is in the lineup, but I love him in that spot. I would expect the Tigers to start pitching around him, given that A-Rod isn’t 100%, but we’ll see.

Overall, the Yankees just played great baseball tonight. No complaints. Well, except one. Okay, two. There was Posada’s base running mishap. Sigh. And there was this guy.

Photo: Getty Images

I realize Ayala pitched well over the course of the season but lately? Not so much. When he came in for the ninth and couldn’t get the job done, I had flashbacks to the other night at the Trop. What a shame to have to bring Mo into the game in that situation, but our savior took care of business with cool efficiency.

So. We won the first one. Whew. It feels fantastic, doesn’t it? I’m doing a happy dance right now.


I Am Not A Fan Of Scott Proctor

Sunday, September 25th, 2011


I know, I know. The Yankees offense could have made Proctor’s appearance unnecessary, but they must have sent their bats ahead to Tampa because the boys sure weren’t hitting in the second game of the doubleheader. More on that in a sec.

What a day/night of baseball. I’m exhausted and I feel like the biggest slug for sitting in front of the TV for hours, but I couldn’t tear myself away from either game.

In the opener, I was mesmerized by AJ. I kept waiting for him to screw up, but he pitched brilliantly and, as a result, notched his first “W” as a Yankee against the Sox. And Posada. Seriously. Raise your hand if you expected him to be the hitting star? Just a weird but wonderful win. I actually felt sorry for Carl Crawford after his botched play in left. He always seemed like a decent guy when he was with the Rays and yet he just hasn’t had a very good time as a Red Sock. And Wakefield looked like he was about to cry after he was pulled.

Lackey, on the other hand, looked like his usual grumpy self in Game 2. After Francona took him out, it was easy to read his lips. He needs a prescription for an antidepressant or something. Nova was coasting along for awhile, but got into trouble and should have been pulled earlier than he was – one of my many quibbles with Girardi. Other complaints include:


I was mad at losing the second game (hence the all-caps above) even as I enjoyed the first three in the series this weekend. I thought we could and should have swept.

But so be it. Let’s just hope everyone stays healthy during the series in Tampa and whatever happens with the Wild Card is what it is.

Time to start thinking about next Friday’s Game 1 of the ALDS and whether I’ll be having “lucky food” again. When we won in 2009, I was counting on nightly pizza to do the trick and it worked. But I’d like to try something less artery clogging. Any suggestions?