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The Yanks Need to Get Hot in Hot-Lanta

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


Boy, am I glad to see the Yankees get out of Dodge the Bronx. Yes, they won one of the three games against the Astros – by a hair – but the offense went back into a slumber and the pitching, with the exception of Evo, never woke up. Pineda and Nova didn’t have it, which would be worrisome enough but now with CC out indefinitely it’s extra worrisome. Capuano was DFA-ed for the 100th time and Adam Warren hasn’t been the same since he was shuttled back and forth between the starting rotation and the bullpen. That leaves the kid with the fractured nose. I hate to keep saying it, but it would have been nice to have acquired a veteran arm (a good one).

What to make of the slumping offense? Girardi talks about how everybody’s “banged up” at this time of the year, and I don’t doubt it. Not having a healthy Teixeira in the lineup has made a difference. Ellsbury hasn’t caught fire since coming back from the DL. Didi was bound to taper off at some point. A-Rod couldn’t possibly stay hot through the entire season. Beltran has been surprisingly resilient and McCann’s had some pivotal hits. But now we’re down in the standings again to the Blue Jays and I liked it better when we weren’t.

I do have to say it was fun watching Brendan Ryan pitch a couple of innings in that blow-out game. He was good!

Will the series against the Braves bring everybody back to life? It happened once before after Girardi had a tizzy on the field in Atlanta and got tossed. I think there was a team meeting down there too. We need some kind of shove to get going again.


What a Nightmare

Monday, May 5th, 2014


If I lived back east, I would have been thrilled to sleep through tonight’s atrocity at Angels Stadium. Instead, I had to witness Yankees’ relief pitchers walk six batters – the Angels actually batted around without a hit – and blow what had been a tense pitchers’ duel between Phelps and Weaver.

Home plate ump Laz Diaz didn’t help. With bases loaded with Yankees and nobody out, Gardner stepped in and was the beneficiary of a couple of truly bad calls. Girardi came out to argue, got tossed and hung around to have what looked like an aneurism. He and Diaz have history and Diaz has ejected him before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Joe go nuts like he did tonight. Sheesh.

So yeah, Diaz is a lousy ump, but that doesn’t excuse the parade of grotesqueness that was Shawn Kelley, Matt Thornton and Preston Claiborne. The game had been tied at 1-1 and what did they do? Lose the game. How do you not throw strikes? Ever?

Lost in all this was Phelps’ terrific performance. Just great. Ichiro laid down the most beautiful bunt; I hope the other players were taking notes. And Jeter’s bat had life after all, although he did hit into a double play and kill a rally.

I’ll try to swallow this bitter pill, but it’ll be hard.



Four More Years

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


Joe and his binders will be back. The Yankees rewarded his especially good job this season with a reported $16 million, four-year contract. I can understand why he asked for four years instead of the three they initially offered; he and his family like it in Westchester and want the stability of not having to jump to a new city. Still, his upcoming seasons in New York are unlikely to be stable. So many question marks – from A-Rod’s zillion lawsuits to Cano’s free agency to Jeter’s aging body. But I’m happy he’ll be back. I wasn’t thrilled with any of the other candidates mentioned (Pena, Baker, etc.) except Mattingly and he’s staying with the Dodgers unless they suddenly crash and burn in the NLCS. So here’s to another four years of the binders. May they hold at least one championship.



It’s Not Always About The Pitching

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
Photo: Seth Wenig / AP

Photo: Seth Wenig / AP

Joe Girardi got creamed tonight in the post-game scrum with the beat writers. After the Yanks dropped the finale to the Blue Jays, he was peppered with questions about why he pulled Kuroda, why he didn’t bring in the lefty kid sooner, why – of all things – he used Joba in a 3-1 game only to have him serve up a three-run homer and not be able to record an out.

But the truth is, as bad as Joba was and has been, the offense didn’t score runs – again. They really did look dead. So whether Joe used this pitcher or that pitcher, if your team doesn’t score you’re not going to win.

I wouldn’t want to be Cashman in the off-season. If Hal is serious about his austerity budget (relatively speaking), where will the players come from? Can’t afford expensive free agents. Don’t have a farm system that would form the nucleus of a team of the future. Do have too many aging and/or non-performing guys currently.

As we head into the weekend series against the Giants and Mo’s farewell ceremony on Sunday, it’s starting to feel like the end of an era. Which is okay, it really is. But it would be nice to know there’s another championship era on the horizon….sooner rather than later.



Buck Goes Ballistic

Monday, September 9th, 2013


At least there was entertainment during tonight’s loss to the Orioles and right off the top too. When Buck had his meltdown in the first inning – and no one has meltdowns like the Buckster – I actually laughed. Girardi, at whom he was yelling, was cool and collected in comparison. And the funny part was that it was all about the supposedly covert operation by the O’s third base coach to steal our signs or tip our pitches or whatever the hell it was. Like every team doesn’t try to do that. Please. It wasn’t exactly Edward Snowden leaking government secrets.

As for the game? Tillman’s a tough pitcher. CC made some mistakes. (By the way, he’s a klutz. Every time he fields a ground ball and tries to throw to second, he makes a bad throw – or so it seems.) He didn’t pitch badly and with some run support he could very well have gotten the “W.” Not tonight.

There were only the two homers on our end. Most of the hitters looked off balance and took weak swings.

And now we’ve dropped another game at a time when every win is precious. Not good. Not good at all.




So Much For That Game

Sunday, September 1st, 2013


I almost had to pull over in my car when the Orioles scored all those runs in the seventh inning today. I was cruising along, happily picturing Andy getting the win and the guys celebrating the sweep and lalalala.

My heart sank when Kelley imploded. (Well, it sank when Joe pulled Pettitte. I’m sure Andy was tired – he admitted as much after the game – but he’d been pitching so well that I didn’t want to mess with success.) I should have figured Kelley would have a bad outing after the NYT published a glowing story today about how miraculous his Tommy John surgeries have been in prolonging his career.

And then there was Logan….and the ever scary Joba. The next thing I knew the O’s were banging the ball and the Yankees’ bats had no answer.

Not that the offense was that great yesterday. We only won by a couple of runs. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that in previous years they would have scored four or five in the late innings and made a comeback.

Didn’t happen and it was depressing.

But…..the series was won. That’s a good thing.


“We’re Not Playing for Giggles”

Friday, July 19th, 2013


I’d hate to be Girardi right now. Another game, another loss, another offensive fade and another injury. In his post game interview after tonight’s loss to the Red Sox, he was asked about Gardner’s ejection. He didn’t agree with it and served up the “giggles” comment. Seems to me that players aren’t supposed to throw their helmets when they get what they think is a bad call.

The real problem is that Girardi doesn’t have guys with pop in their bats on a consistent basis, except Cano. Pettitte hasn’t been great, especially in the early innings, but tonight he pitched well enough to win – if only his team would score some runs.

Zoilo now joins the list of the wounded. Bye bye.

We need help, Cashman. By all means, bring up more kids from the minors but go out and make a trade for a bat. Or else the season is over. It’s that simple.



Same Old Same Old

Monday, July 1st, 2013


Those sad faces from the postseason reminded me of the sad faces from last night….and the night before….and the night before that. The fact is, it must not be fun to be the Yankees these days despite how upbeat Girardi says they are.

Also in the “it must not be fun to be” department has to be Cano. He’s hitting. He’s the only real star on the team. There has to be pressure on him to try and do it all. Gardner’s hitting too, but it’s not the same. Cano is the one negotiating the big contract, the All-Star, the home run derby guy. I’m betting it was more fun when Jeter and A-Rod were around to pick up the slack. Actually, it was probably more fun when he was young player and he and Melky were always dancing and clowning.

Will the Yanks drop below the Blue Jays and sink into last place? Could happen. But the world won’t end if it does. It’ll just mean this wasn’t our year and the injuries were too great to overcome. I love this team for trying no matter what. Girardi’s right: they really do keep fighting.


An Infuriating Loss

Friday, June 28th, 2013

girardi pout

Why did I post a pic of Girardi? Because right now I’m mad that he stuck to his binder and the conventional wisdom and didn’t use Lyle Overbay at first against the O’s left-handed starter. Instead, he put the untested and offensively challenged David Adams there, and it cost the Yankees.

I didn’t think I’d be seeing any of the game. I went out for dinner on my first official night on the east coast, but we turned on the TV to watch when we got back to my mother’s and the Yanks were up 3-0. CC was in charge. Everything looked good. And then it all went to hell. That dribbler that Adams wasn’t there to field forced CC to work harder on a hot, humid night and it was inevitable that the O’s, never a team to roll over, would push back….and that our offense wouldn’t be able to counter.

And so a promising night turned into an “L.” Boo.


Old Faces…And A New One

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Photo: AP/Ted S. Warren

Shawn Kelley. That’s the name of the above new face, although who knows if we’ll ever see him in pinstripes. The Yankees traded Almonte, a AA prospect, for Kelley, a reliever who was DFA-ed by the Mariners and will need shoulder surgery. Seriously, people. Why?

On a happier note, it’s been really great to read about Pettitte (still Andy), CC (trimmer) and Mo (godly as ever) at camp. I’m not wild about Mo’s annual I-can’t-tell-you-about-my-retirement-plans-yet game that he plays with the beat writers, but I think we all assume this will be his finale and that’s OK. We’re lucky we have him back this year; I’m grateful for that.

A-Rod? Not coming to camp. Ever. Well, probably not. Cervelli? Wouldn’t say who referred him to the Biogenesis clinic so questions linger. Girardi? As positive and upbeat about the whole PED thing as you’d expect him to be.

And now, it seems, the conversation about banned substances has shifted over to the Red Sox since Schilling made his comments and Lester made his and Papelbon made his from afar. I took Toradol, the anti-inflammatory they’re all talking about, in the hospital after surgery and it’s no extra-strength Advil, as Lester suggested. It’s a heavy duty drug that’s not to be used for long periods of time. Maybe someday MLB will clean out the medicine cabinets of ballplayers. And maybe not.

I do wish all the writers would stop with how old this team is, but I guess it’s true and only time will tell if it matters.