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At Least There Was This

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Photo: Getty Images/Al Bello

Photo: Getty Images/Al Bello

It was great seeing the old gang at the Stadium over the weekend, first for the retiring of Posada’s number, then the same for Pettitte today. They all looked great and I couldn’t help wishing they were still playing – particularly after today’s finale against the Indians. What is it with the Yankees and Indians? Are the dreaded midges still haunting the team? It sure seemed like it over the four-game series and even during the recent series in Cleveland. Aside from the one victory on Saturday, it was nothing but frustration and ineptitude.

And now there’s CC’s knee. Will he come back this season or any season? Does a stint on the DL do the trick and he returns refreshed and ready to pitch? Or will he concede that the knee is a chronic problem and retire? It’s all very sad to me because he’s been a warrior for the Yanks on and off the field.

With Pineda scheduled to pitch in the series against Houston and the addition of Severino, CC’s injury is easier to swallow. I still wish Cashman had gotten us a reliable arm at the trade deadline, but that’s old news. What’s also old news is that all the teams in the AL East have problems, even Toronto, and no one is running away with the division title so far. Which means all the Yankees have to do is play consistent baseball. Getting Teixeira off the DL would help. So would getting Ellsbury to go on a tear. So would waving a magic wand and making Stephen Drew turn into Babe Ruth.

Time will tell……


A Win – Finally!

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Nuns halleluja gif

What a relief. When McCann hit a homer early in last night’s game against the Indians, the series finale, I said, “Please don’t let this be it. They need to pile on.” And so they did. I don’t know whether Stephen Drew is eating his Wheaties or going gluten free like Tex or what, but he’s been Babe Ruth lately despite his pitiful batting average, and any runs the Yankees have scored have been due to him and other bottom-of-the-order types. But last night Ellsbury awoke from his slumber, which is exactly what this team needed. Gardner followed suit. Beltran has quietly improved. Didi’s been off-the-charts great. And a victory finally came.

Evo seems to be our stopper. He keeps winning even though it’s never really pretty. I don’t know what’s up with Betances and Miller, but they’re scaring me lately. They’re always turn their innings into dramas. I remember the days when they took care of hitters one-two-three.

A-Rod looks spent. Has his comeback runs its course? Or does he just need a day or two off? I guess we’ll see in Toronto, where Girardi plans to rest him on Saturday, I think. The fact is he’s old. He’s had two hip surgeries. As good as he’s been, he might have hit a wall. Or not.

The star of the Cleveland series in my mind, despite the losses, was Didi. Has he ever turned things around. He’s been his own highlight reel at shortstop, and his offense has been surprisingly reliable. I take back all the bad things I said about him.

Oh, and I must mention Greg Bird, our latest rookie to join the team. We’ve all been hearing a lot about Bird – what a great hitter he is, how Cashman wouldn’t part with him in any trades, etc., and last night we got to see him in the flesh. Even though he went 0-for-5, I have to say he looked like he knew what to do at the plate and he hit the ball hard a couple of times. I think he’s got potential.

And now another series against the (gulp) Blue Jays at their place. I fear their offense. I fear their pitching (Dickey even more than Price). I fear their turf. (Why can’t they get grass already.) But maybe, just maybe, the Yankees are feeling better about themselves after the win last night and will play like the first place team they used to be.



Coming Back to Earth

Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Photo: Mike Agliolo/Corbis

Photo: Mike Agliolo/Corbis

That’s how today’s loss, combined with yesterday’s, to the Indians feels like: an astroid hitting the earth. I had such high hopes for the Yankees’ season after the series against the Tigers, and Friday night’s 10 runs against Cleveland gave me more hope. But – ugh – we seem to be in the dreaded dead zone again, offense wise, and the collective hitting slump couldn’t come at a more inopportune time. In other words, if the Yanks have a prayer of making the playoffs even as a lowly Second Wild Card team (as Audrey rightfully pointed out in the last post’s comments section, KC is the team with steam for that spot), they need to beat up on the Orioles over the next few days. And how are they going to do that if they can’t drive in runs? Never mind that there are still question marks about the starters – i.e. who’s starting on Wednesday, Pineda or Rogers?

But I digress. The pitching has been great for the most part, so let’s assume it stays great, as flukey as this may be, given the cast of characters. Where will the hits/runs come from if everybody’s gone cold? Great that Tex is back in the lineup, pinky and all. And how lovely that Ellsbury hit a solo shot in today’s game. They’ve got to stop stranding men on base. Just. Stop. Doing. That. It would be nice if they hit more homers too, of course.

Whatever happens happens, I guess. Baltimore’s surging and we keep lapsing back. But it’s getting late early, as Yogi would say. Time to turn it on or go home.




More Trips to the Infirmary

Friday, July 11th, 2014


Yes, there was a four-game series in Cleveland and yes, the Yankees won two and lost two (in especially depressing fashion – the losses, I mean), but the big news as the team heads down to Baltimore was obviously Tanaka and his “small tear” in the elbow. After consulting a phalanx of doctors, Tanaka was told that the prescribed treatment was rehab. If that doesn’t work then he’ll likely go under the knife for good old TJ surgery. Hard to believe, isn’t it? One day he’s our ace. The next he’s in the infirmary with the other members of the starting staff who were supposed to lift us to a championship in Jeter’s final season. Bah. Nothing’s going according to plan.

And then there was Beltran.

 beltran fractured face

No, that’s not actually his face, but the point is he fractured it in two places all by himself. Freak accident indeed. All I could do was sigh about that one.

What’s a GM to do except continue to call up guys like Zelous and Zoillo and anybody else on the farm whose name starts with “Z.”

Will the weekend series against the O’s be a massacre of our young lambs and creaky veterans or will we scrape together a win or two?

On the plus side – and there’s always a plus side – I didn’t expect to see the run production we’re getting out of Teixeira this year after coming off his various injuries. And Gardner and Ellsbury have been a revelation. It’s not the stuff of championships but it’s something.


CC OutLasted The Indians

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

And he definitely outlasted his son, who fell asleep in the car after the game. I love this pic that Amber Sabathia tweeted earlier today of her little CC. (Notice his ears. They’re just like his dad’s.)

A complete game performance by the big man and homers from Hafner and Gardner seem to have done the job to finish the series with a sweep. I didn’t watch – it was a work day – but I enjoyed keeping up with the game score and summary.

Now the Yankees are off to my part of the world and while I know the east coasters reading this groan at the late hour of the games during these west coast swings, I couldn’t be happier. I get a full day’s work in and then watch the boys while I’m having dinner. I just hope they don’t ruin my appetite by letting the Mariners beat them, Raul Ibanez in particular.


Tex Is Texting Again

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


Two homers in two days. I like it. Is Teixeira back for good? Sure looks like it.

The other nice bounceback in tonight’s win over the Indians was Phelps. After that last outing, I was worried that he might not be able to put his awfulness behind him, but that’s exactly what he did. We need him, so a big Whew.

I did hope the Yankees would score in the late innings to give the relievers some breathing room, but they seem to have run out of gas offensively, especially Cano, who was up in an important spot and couldn’t deliver. I wonder if he was distracted by the Biogenesis stuff, but more on that in a sec.

I couldn’t believe what jinxes Michael Kay and Al Leiter were. They were going on and on about how great Joba looked and then – bam – three-run homer. Maybe they should button it next time.

OK. Biogenesis. The ESPN report. A-Rod. Cervelli. Etc. Yes, it’s explosive stuff. And yes, even Cano was ensnared in the whole business for awhile today until sources told the Yankees he was off the hook. And yes, the suspensions would be the most punitive in sports. But here’s the thing: A-Rod denies involvement with the clinic so the whole case could come down to a he-said/he-said situation pitting him against Bosch. Which sounds all too familiar (Clemens/McNamee). Ugliness for baseball all around.



I Heart Overbay

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Photo: AP/Peter Morgan

I know. Tonight’s big hero was Tex, and I formally apologize for saying he wasn’t helping the Yankees. His grand slam off Masterson was a thing of beauty and gave us an early boost against the Indians. But watching closeups of Overbay in right field smiling when the Bleacher Creatures did his roll call and the fans out there cheered for him and running hard toward the wall for a foul ball and then making the catch on his first chance ever as an outfielder….Well, it was priceless. He even had a hit. He’s such a mensch and I hope the Yankees find a way to keep him around for awhile.

Andy didn’t look so dandy after the first few innings. He kind of petered out early. But the pen was mostly good, so no harm done – unless he tweaked something again, of course.

A nice, nice win for the boys in this series opener. I loved seeing them laugh and high-five in the dugout after Mo got the save. It was as if all the losing never happened.




Here Come The Baby Bombers! (With a P.S.)

Monday, May 13th, 2013

It was quite a day for the next generation of Yankee players – AKA the Scranton team – as several of them got the call to help out with the doubleheader in Cleveland. While the Yanks did lose the opener in a shutout, Phelps pitched very well, minus his walks. It was in the second game that the Baby Bombers really did their thing. Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren, two pitchers who’d been impressive in spring training, were impressive today, shutting out an Indians team that had been red hot. And how about emergency infielder Corbin Joseph getting his first major league hit and Austin Romine getting in on the offensive action too. And then there were the usual heroics from Wells, Nix and Overbay (I still can’t believe it every time I type their names). I don’t know what magic pixie dust Girardi is sprinkling in their Gatorade, but it’s working.

The YES guys were talking about Granderson coming back and I’m glad, I really am, but I like the chemistry of this group right now. I don’t want the big stars screwing it up!

Now if I can just stop calling Austin Romine “Austin Romaine” and Vidal Nuno “Vidal Nunez,” that would be nice.

P.S. Just wanted to post this pic sent to me by Yankee Fan and FOB Cesare (he reads but doesn’t comment). I got a kick out of it.




Nice Way To Close Out The Weekend

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Today’s finale in KC was efficient, tidy and satisfying. Kuroda was great, as was Mo. Somebody suggested on Twitter that, given the Joba flap (see previous post), Mo’s new entrance music should be “Enter Shushman” instead of “Enter Sandman.”

And Vernon Wells. Are there enough superlatives for him right now? The man has been positively resurrected from the dead.

Tomorrow’s doubleheader in Cleveland should be interesting since the roster’s so thin and Nova isn’t healthy enough to pitch (what’s up with that?). I just hope they get through it in one piece.



Another, Even Better Janer. Seriously!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

And we all said the Yankees would have trouble scoring runs this season. Ha. Of course, they weren’t exactly facing the best pitchers in the majors tonight against Cleveland, but if hitting is contagious the Yankees have all caught the bug. What fun!

First there was small ball and then there was big ball and then there was just a lot of offense, period.

And Andy. Wow. There aren’t enough superlatives for him. He continues to deliver just the way he always has, and I hope he never retires.

My problem with this game was Carrasco, the Indians starter. The guy has a history of being a head hunter, sort of a younger Padilla, and I was completely in agreement with the ump who ejected him for hitting Youkilis. Francona argued and I get that, but Carrasco is just back from serving a suspension for the same offense. There’s no place in the sport for punks like him and I was grateful that he was gone – especially when the Yanks were able to feast on Myers.

Back to the good stuff, it was great to see Gardner, in particular, hit the ball so well. We need him to be productive at the top of the order, and that’s what he was tonight.