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Finally, A Janer/Blow-out

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Not only did the Yankees give us all a break and play a nearly stress-free game, but they took back first place yet again. What’s more, they accomplished all that in enough time to let me watch the women’s singles final at the US Open.

What a weird turnaround for Granderson. One minute, he’s mired in a slump. The next, he’s coming off the bench and does nothing but knock in runs.

Another weird turnaround but in the wrong direction: Sweaty Freddy. He looked great early – very early – and then he lost it. Girardi was right to pull him fast before any real damage was done.

And speaking of turnarounds, Joba had one of his own. He’s been struggling to find some consistency and today he came in and pitched well. Good for him.

Jeter was limping. Actually, he’s been limping. But today his leg seemed even more banged up. I know. He’s Jeter. He’d keep playing even if he were wearing a prosthetic, but we don’t need more injuries. If Tex is really done for the season it’ll be awful. And while A-Rod is swinging a hot bat, he hasn’t been running well either.

But I’ll end on a happy note and say it was good to get out of Baltimore with a decisive win. I do love when they score 10+ runs. For me, pitchers’ duels and close games are just not as much fun.


Ichiro’s A Good Rental After All

Friday, August 10th, 2012

I was dubious. I didn’t think Ichiro had anything left, judging by his performances whenever we’d play the Mariners and even after he first came to the Yankees. But he’s been an RBI machine lately and I’m becoming more of a believer. Good trade by Cashman (so far).

Sweaty Freddy could have gone another inning in tonight’s win over the hapless Blue Jays, and Girardi didn’t have to use a parade of relievers, but what I liked about this game, other than that it was a Janer, was that it was such a team effort with a full compliment of offense (homers, singles, doubles, the works).

The Jays aren’t a good team, given all their injuries, so maybe they contributed to making the Yankees look good. Without Bautista in their lineup, it’s just not the same at the Rogers Centre. That said, they could come back and beat us tomorrow and Sunday. Speaking of which, I won’t be watching the rest of the weekend except for the occasional check-in, so there may not be any posts until Sunday night. Feel free to comment if the spirit moves though.



Spare Parts

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

What struck me about today’s victory over the Mariners, aside from how sweet it always is to win as opposed to the opposite, is that guys like Ibanez, Nix and Stewart made important contributions.

Ibanez has been a bona fide star over his long career, but at 40 he wasn’t expected to produce the way he has this season. I certainly didn’t expect it, especially after his horrendous spring training. He’s just so impressive, whether it’s clocking a ball into the seats or getting a hit after a tough at bat. A professional hitter, that’s what he is.

Nix has been a journeyman – nothing fancy, just a guy who keeps grinding in almost a Brosius blue collar way. His throws at third really impressed me today, and his offense has been a pleasant surprise.

And Stewart? I didn’t have a clue. I think many of us were wondering why Cervelli didn’t get the backup catcher job instead. But “Stewy,” as I’m sure Girardi calls him, manages to make something good happen whenever he plays. And catching Sweaty Freddy with all his walks and wild pitches can’t be easy.

Of course our regulars – from Tex to the back end of the bullpen – were great too. And the best part? We won a series heading into what will be a tough one against the Tigers. I am not looking forward to facing this guy tomorrow night.



Stop Teasing Me, Yankees

Monday, July 30th, 2012

It’s all well and good for the Yankees to stage comebacks every night, but not if they’re going to fall short, lose games and make me nuts.

Tonight’s defeat at the hands of the O’s was annoying on a few levels.

Sweaty Freddy was okay, but that’s all he is ever is. His pitches were up and he paid the price.

Logan is one of several Yankees going through a slump. He hasn’t been effective lately and tonight he continued the trend downward.

Cano looked awful in every way. Must be fatigue, because he’s not the same player he was a month ago.

Worst of all, Tex got hurt. He was finally on a roll and then he reached for that ball, braced himself with both hands and hit the ground awkwardly, like a belly flopper. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow how bad the hand is; supposedly he’s having an MRI. Just what we need, right? Girardi said, “Well, our guys will just have to step up” and “nobody feels sorry for us” and other cliches involving baseball and injured players. My feeling is they can’t step up if they don’t have the talent. Do we have anybody that can play first base as well as Mark Teixeira? No. Not Chavez and not Swisher. Maybe we’re only talking about a little soreness and there won’t be anything serious.

Meanwhile, this little losing streak is thinning our fat lead in the division, and I don’t like it.



New Strategy For Opposing Teams

Friday, July 20th, 2012

They should just throw a Little Leaguer out there. Seriously, the Yankees have so much trouble with pitchers they’ve never seen before, and last night was no exception. I’m glad I didn’t stay up to watch.

All our division rivals won their games yesterday, so it was annoying to lose ours – and to the A’s. Grrr.

I did watch long enough to see Sweaty Freddy give up a bomb to the Cuban Phenon, Cespedes, but while Garcia wasn’t great (and Phelps was, in relief), it was the offense that couldn’t get much going.

And then there’s Gardner’s surgery. I can’t say I’m surprised that he’ll be going under the knife, but why all the time wasted? He could have had it when he was first injured and been back with the team by now.

All that said, baseball doesn’t mean much when you wake up to the news in Colorado. A mass shooting. At a multiplex showing the new “Batman.” By a guy with an AK-something and God-knows-what-else. I won’t start in about gun control and how easy it is for these nuts to keep getting their young hands on assault weapons, but what a sad and all-too-familiar story.



Here’s What I Loved About Today’s Game

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

In no particular order:

  • Today’s heroes were different than yesterday’s heroes.
  • Robinson Cano is hitting with runners in scoring position.
  • Curtis Granderson is a home run masher, no matter what he says.
  • Sweaty Freddy sweat a lot, but he gave us more innings than I expected – again.
  • Cody Eppley isn’t a fluke.
  • Rafael Soriano has more than proven his worth to the Yankees (thank you, Hal).
  • We beat the Angels, one of my favorite teams to beat.
  • Nobody got hurt.
  • The laughing lady deserves to laugh..





Yankees-Red Sox 2 & 3: A Split

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

If the Yankees had to split the doubleheader, I sort of wish we’d lost the first game and won the second. That way I wouldn’t have to go to bed with visions of Cory Wade giving up runs.

But oh well. The first game was fun. I owe Sweaty Freddy a big apology for doubting him; he pitched great. And what a show by Andruw Jones, who has such an appealing smile and gave us plenty to smile about.

Hughes wasn’t bad in the nightcap but he wasn’t stellar, and he was victimized by some shoddy defense. And the bats fell silent after their initial flurry of activity (except for Jones again). It was as if they decided they’d had enough scoring and just left the ballpark.

You know who I enjoyed watching, aside from Jones? Cano. He made some plays – those throws where he slings the ball to first – that made me shake my head with awe.

You know who I didn’t enjoy watching (aside from Russell Martin who needs to go to the glue factory at this point and the above-mentioned Cory Wade)? Darnell McDonald. Dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, I think that experiment needs to end.




Monday, July 2nd, 2012

That game was so stupid!

Sweaty Freddy pitched really well and the Yankees had a lead, although slim, and then – boom. Robertson gave up the double and Tex botched the ground ball and the offense went to sleep and that was that. So frustrating.

I don’t love when the boys play at the Trop and the green carpet was looking particularly unattractive tonight, but this game was annoying even without any catwalk craziness. Maybe it was the evil cowbells?




Nice Win, Horrible News

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

It wasn’t bad enough that CC has a groin strain and has gone on the DL (or that he felt pain a few days ago and didn’t tell anybody, which I hate). Then Pettitte had to get hit with that comebacker and fracture his ankle? Could I just close my eyes and go back to bed and start this day over again?

Andy was in the midst of a mostly brilliant return that stabilized the pitching staff and lifted everybody up. And now he’ll be gone until September, with who knows how much rust? The last time he was injured he called it quits. I sure hope he wants to give it another shot once he’s rehabbed.

Another Big Question is what do we do in the meantime? Roy Oswalt would have looked good about now. Instead we have Sweaty Freddy (yes, he pitched well today) and Warren, a callup. Neither of them inspires confidence. Cashman needs to make magic.

And yes, we won the game. Soriano made it hairy, but he’s been used a lot lately so I’m sure he’ll be fine. We have much bigger problems.


Good Thing The Games Aren’t In Smell-O-Vision

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Because there would be a stink in my house and I’d have to fumigate. Seriously, the stench coming off my TV during tonight’s loss to the Royals would have been unbearable.

As a result of our offense not being able to score yet again, the Yankees are in last place (along with the Red Sox). Kuroda’s poor start and Sweaty Freddy’s poor relief didn’t help, but it’s the bats that have been to blame – over and over. Slotting Tex in the #7 spot in the lineup made no difference, nor did I expect it to.

What should Girardi do about the state of affairs? Not much. He can juggle the lineup, but in the end it’s the players who need to take responsibility. They’ll snap out of this. I just don’t know if tonight was rock bottom. Things might get worse before they get better. As Jeter said, slumps are contagious.

And it could be worse. At least our closer wasn’t arrested.