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More Injuries?????

Friday, April 26th, 2013

I just landed at JFK and checked on the game (thank you At Bat app). When I heard about Cervelli’s broken hand I couldn’t believe it. He was having such a great season so far! And now Nova’s hurt too? I should have stayed in the air. Grrrrr.


Yankees Nix Sweep

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Photo: Reuters/

Baseball is such a funny sport. I went into today’s game thinking….Uh-oh. Verlander will be sooo tough and CC takes awhile to get going each year and we have no chance of scoring a lot of runs and might lose all three in Detroit.

Wrong. Instead, the Yankees scored 7 runs and pounded out 13 hits and got a shutout from CC, Robertson and Mo. Sweet.

CC was his excellent self, give or take the velocity, and the offense – particularly from the guys you wouldn’t expect – was fun to see. Cervelli is off to such a great start to the season that he makes me forget he was last year’s castoff. Quite a turnaround for him. And while Nix will never be Babe Ruth, he showed he’s capable of knocking in runs every now and then. Youkilis has been my pick for offense since the Yankees signed him, so I’m not surprised by his production.

Now it’s on to Cleveland. One game at a time, boys.


Yes, I’m Posting About Juicing

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

I hate the subject of PEDs. I was over it when Lance Armstrong went on Oprah and I’m still over it. But I’d be negligent if I didn’t at least acknowledge that the Yankees have had a bad week with regard to all the news coming out of Miami, which appears to be the “anti-aging” capital of the world.

A-Rod said, “It’s all a mistake, a forgery.” Cervelli said, “I was just consulting Bosch about my rehab.” Jesus Montero said, “I seem to be caught in the middle of something.” Blah blah blah.

Who knows what the whole truth is. What I don’t understand is why the New Times newspaper can’t just turn over their documents to MLB and the Feds and let them take it from there. Why would a newspaper hang onto this stuff? Why do these investigations drag on forever? And, above all, why must athletes always be so desperate to gain an advantage?

Maybe if they had brains and a sense of self-worth, they would figure out a way to play their sport the best they can and then move on to “regular pursuits” like the rest of us have to.


Rauul Is So Coool

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


Where do I begin? It’s a good thing I’m only writing this post instead of speaking it, because I’m totally hoarse right now. What a game. I may never recover.

Things were looking so bleak for so many innings. Phelps was very good, but the offense? It was back to its old tricks of stranding runners. Tex was a terrible cleanup hitter (Girardi played the binder instead of putting Cano in the #4 spot) and the RISP fails were painful to watch – almost as painful as watching Gardner get picked off when he came in to pinch run.

But the pen, like Phelps, was spectacular. Except for Soriano, who had a dismal 9th before recovering in the 10th. (I doubt we’ll see him tomorrow.)

Every extra innings game is tense, but this one carried such significance. I was grateful for that little bird that hopped onto the field, probably looking for some hot dog bun crumbs to eat, because it provided a little levity. Maybe it was a Rally Bird, judging by the way things turned out.

Did anyone think, in a million years, that Cervelli would score the winning run, let alone catch for the first time all year? But there he was in the 12th.

The hero of the game, of course, was Ibanez, who hit the bomb that got us into extras. Girardi had that move right, didn’t he? And then for him to knock in Cervelli with the game winner? If AJ were still around, Raul’s bald head would have been covered in shaving cream instead of a bucket of cold water, but I’m sure the hugs he got from everybody were good enough.

I’m breathless. Wow. Just wow.

One more tomorrow night. Please, Yankees.





Baseball Can Be A Cold Business

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Yes, it was heartwarming to see Andy Pettitte pitch a scoreless inning, but for Cervelli the game and its aftermath wasn’t much fun. After he hit a homer against the Mets, he was informed that he was being optioned to AAA.

I thought he had the backup catcher job locked up and so, apparently, did he. It seems the job will now go to somebody named Chris Stewart, newly acquired from the Giants for George Kontos.

Photo: Alex Gallardo/AP

Poor Cisco. He’s had – what? – like 10 concussions by now? He hasn’t always been the greatest catcher, no question, but he deserved to stay in the bigs if you ask me, which nobody is.

Oh well.

After tomorrow’s workout at the evil Trop, the season will kick off there against the Rays and all will be right with the world.


The Yanks Stooge Out Again

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Let’s see. I think AJ was playing the role of Moe, starting all the trouble by giving up three runs in the first and going downhill from there. Cervelli, despite his prowess at the plate, looked very Curly-ish on those two errors. And Gardner stepped right into the Larry persona by standing dumbstruck at third base while Jeter was waving him home, essentially killing a potential rally.

But hey. At least Tex was back! And Jorge Junior came through his surgery successfully! Those are bright spots, right?

Getting back to the humiliation of being on the wrong end of another beat down in the Bronx at the hands of the Red Sox, I don’t know what to say about the Yankees and their on-again/off-again season. It’s been weird.

Granderson is now officially in a slump.

Martin was out with a stiff back.

Joba is on the DL. (Why he was pitching if he had an injury I couldn’t begin to explain.)

Jeff Marquez is not the answer to our prayers.

CC usually bails us out after a slide and I hope he’ll do it again tomorrow. But he’ll need help. Somebody – several somebodies – need to step up to the plate, literally.


A.J.’s “Swinging Gate”

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011


That’s what he’s been working on with Larry Rothschild – trying to get rid of his “swinging gate” leg kick he used to do during his delivery. (It was more of a leg curl, if you ask me, and I kind of liked the way he wrapped the leg around his other leg; it made him look reptilian, but whatever works.) I watched his two innings today against the Astros and was heartened to see him stay focused instead of melting down after giving up a couple of hits. That’s progress, people!

But Cervelli fouled a ball off his foot and the MRI was “inconclusive?” That doesn’t thrill me. The poor guy seems to get hurt every spring training, and I’m beginning to think he should show up in Tampa encased in this.


I’m amazed the Cubs had a fight in the dugout today, according to ESPN. I mean it’s only spring training! Are tensions really running that high when you play the Brewers on March 2nd? There’s plenty of time for fisticuffs but, as I said about Golson and Beckett getting head-beaned, shouldn’t teammates not be hurting each other?

Speaking of dumb, I pulled a totally lame move today. I needed to be at my computer while Yankees-Astros was on, so instead of watching the game on the MLB Network, I figured I’d get it on my laptop via MLB.TV. I’d ordered my 2011 subscription so why not?

Here’s why not. No matter how many times I tried to access the game, I kept getting an error message on my screen that said, “This game is temporarily unavailable. Try again in a few minutes.” I tried again in a few minutes. I tried again every six seconds. Nothing. No game. I was furious.

I called technical support at MLB’s 800 number, waited forever and finally got a human. I explained the situation and he said it must be my Safari browser.

“Fine, so I’ll use Firefox,” I said and switched over.

Same problem. No game.

“Let’s try restarting your computer,” said the tech support guy.

I restarted. No game.

“How about logging in and out and in again,” he suggested.

Surprise. No game.

“I have a Mac,” I said. “Could you put me on with somebody who knows about Macs? Maybe there’s an incompatibility.”

“No problem. Please hold.”

I held for what seemed like centuries.

The new guy came on the phone and put me through the same steps as the old guy. No game.

“Let me check your account,” he said finally. “Can I put you on hold again?”

“If you must.”

I waited. And waited. He came back and said, “You didn’t buy a subscription this year. Your old one was for 2010 and it expired.”

I was silent for a beat, then said, “Oh. Sorry.” I was humiliated. I could have sworn I’d re-upped, plus I thought I was on an auto-renewal plan. Apparently not.

I thanked him and buried my head in shame, then went back on the site, set up a new account and hit “purchase.” Guess what. The game came on. DUH.


Hip Hip Jorge!

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

No, not that one. This one.

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images/

If you watched the game today – how cool was it to see the Yanks in action for the first time in months? – you saw the monster shot hit by Jorge Vazquez, a minor league infielder signed out of the Mexican League. He also had a single, btw. Is he the guy who could spell A-Rod at third if Eric Chavez doesn’t make the team? Probably not. And one spring training game doesn’t tell us much. But I liked his plate presence all the same.

Let’s back up and talk about the pre-game ceremony to honor The Boss. I loved how Tino, Gator, Gossage, Girardi and Jeter took turns reading from the plaque. Very classy. And a nice moment with Steinbrenner’s wife and daughters. (Apparently, Hal was there but where was Hank? Out having a smoke?) Hailey Swindall continues to do a good job in the singing department (Christina Aguilera should take a page out of her playbook).

Colon? Eh. Not horrible. Not great. A couple of innings of so-so.

Joba? I liked it. Three up, three down. No futzing around. And, if the radar gun was accurate, he was at 93-94. And what was all that business about his weight? He looked just about the same as last year except for the longer hair. Talk about much ado about nothing.

Cervelli was impressive and made a statement that he was not interested in getting in line behind Montero or Romine. Good for him.

I didn’t love when Tex got hit on the foot by a Hamels pitch, but he seemed fine. Way too early in the season for an injury.

I couldn’t see any difference in Jeter’s stride, could you?

A-Rod was swinging the bat well.

Anyhow, it was just fun watching our guys shake off the rust. Baseball is back. Yay.


Who Wants To Be The Yankees Catcher?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

This spring training has the makings of an entertaining reality show when it comes to the everyday catching position – “The Biggest Non-Loser” or “Top Catch” or maybe “Survivor: Bronx.” We have so many contestants.

#1 Jorge Posada

Yes, he’s been told he’s the Yankees’ primary DH, but he’s a proud guy and he still wants to crouch behind the plate. He can’t throw runners out anymore, and pitchers like A.J. aren’t wild about working with him. Still, he’s one of the Core Four Three. He could sway voters.

#2. Russell Martin

Dodger fans out here loved this guy – until recently, that is. For awhile he was everybody’s favorite player with the potential to be a real star. Can he rebound from surgery and from what he’s referred to as his “out-of-whack mechanics?” Those who’ve watched his decline think he partied too much and made excuses. He needs to establish credibility as a Yankee.

#3. Francisco Cervelli

He was beloved. He was scorned. He was everything in between. He’s still young and he has the drive to do better, as evidenced by his workouts with Cano this winter. Plus, who can resist his enthusiasm and energy? Given the choice, CC would rather pitch to him than to anyone else. Does that count?

#4. Jesus Montero

He’s the prospect everyone’s been waiting for – the Anointed One who nevertheless nearly got traded for Cliff Lee. We know he can hit. We know he’s strong. We know he’s been working on his catching skills. We know he thinks he’s ready for prime time. But is he?

#5. Austin Romine

Never mind. He can’t compete with the others.

All we need is a host for the show. Any ideas? I have one.