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Bulging Disks And Other Maladies

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Well, that was fast. Only a few days into camp and we’ve got our first real injury: Phil Hughes’ bulging disk in his upper back, taking him out of commission for awhile. Let’s hope this isn’t a nagging problem and that after his time out he’ll be ready to go. It’s his contract year – his moment to show once and for all that he can pitch effectively and consistently as a starter. It’s also important to the Yankees that he be the phenom Cashman’s always projected him to be.

The other “malady” I was referring to is Nunez, aka Eduardo Scissorhands. I kid the kid, I know. But when it comes to Nunie I can’t help myself. Put him at shortstop and he’ll make errors. That’s how it’s been. And now that Jeter’s recovering from his ankle surgery, we’ll be seeing more of Nunie. Will we be seeing more of his errors too? There’s no question that he can be a terrific spark in the lineup, getting hits and running the bases well. But his glove scares me. I think Nix will be a fine backup at third and first (and short), but I have to say I miss Chavez already.

And finally, am I the only one who resents the WBC just a little? I completely understand that players want to represent their country and that it’s fun for them to play in competition, but to leave camp so early in the spring training season, interrupt their routines and disrupt the team chemistry feels off to me. I guess I’m just being contrary, but I’m not wild about hearing how guys like Cano and Tex, who need to get their timing down as hitters, will be running off to join their respective WBC teams.

The good news is that MLB.TV (and YES, for those who get it) will be televising spring training games in another week. Can’t wait.



Friday, September 14th, 2012

No, I’m not going to lead with Eduardo Scissorhands’ error.

Oh, wait. I just did. And the reason I did is because I’ve tried to give him a break, but I can’t. Sorry. He’s not ready for prime time defensively. He’s just not.

But the Yankees had more pressing problems tonight, chief among them being CC. I never thought I’d say that. He’s not winning games. His teammates’ offense isn’t exactly helping, but he made his own bed tonight with his inability to locate his pitches. I mean, seriously. Shouldn’t our ace go more than seven innings?

Jeter once again showed his Captain-ness by coming through when it counted. As Michael Kay pointed out, he’s carrying this team on his back – on one leg – and that it’s up to the others to step up and do their jobs. He’s leading by example but others just aren’t following. What are we going to do about Jones, Ibanez and Swisher? They’ve had their moments this season but not consistently and not for quite awhile.

I hope the A’s edge out the O’s tonight. As I write this, their score is 2-2 in the fifth.


Scratching Out Runs

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

What a relief today’s win was. Things were looking bleak for awhile, but thanks to some tenacious at bats, especially Jeter’s walk in the seventh inning, Eduardo Scissorhands’ single (yes, he’s back and I like him as the DH) and Hardy’s error on Swisher’s grounder, the Yankees edged out the O’s. It wasn’t pretty but I’ll take it – gladly.

Phelps was clearly out of sorts. I figured he’d be gone by the third inning and wondered who our long man would be, since he used to fill that spot, but a cobbled-together pen did the job well.

And then there’s Granderson. I couldn’t believe it when he came out of the game since there was no visible sign of an injury. The strain in his hamstring doesn’t sound serious but it’s hard to tell how his will go. It’s just nuts the way these toned and fit athletes keep going down with this strain and that pull. They’re supposed to be supermen, aren’t they?


Yup, Another Post About Eduardo

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Here’s the thing. I like Nunez. He seems like a good guy and he can hit and run the bases. It’s not his fault that the Yankees are trying to turn him into a sometime outfielder; they pulled the same trick with Ramiro Pena for awhile. But as anyone who saw tonight’s game will attest, he’s not good in left field – not even in an emergency.

Yes, I realize that the injuries to Gardner and Swisher have altered the landscape. I also realize that we need to carry a ton of pitchers on the roster. But isn’t there someone – anyone – in the system who has actual experience and expertise in the outfield? This is the New York Yankees we’re talking about, not some team from Oshkosh. (Not that I have anything against Oshkosh.) It’s not befitting a championship team to have an amateur out there.

Okay, I got that off my chest.

On to Phil Hughes. He was better. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but maybe it was an outing he can build on. Does he inspire confidence? Hardly. But he’s got the job for the moment so all we can do is hope for the best from him.

I thought Granderson’s homer would be the start of something big. I was wrong. It was the start of something small. We didn’t put runs on the board. While I thought A-Rod’s bunt was “interesting,” he doesn’t bat cleanup to bunt.

Needless to say, I hope we win tomorrow.