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Well, That Went Well – Not

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


The last thing I wanted to see in tonight’s first inning was Jeter getting drilled. Not that it won’t happen periodically throughout the season. He does lean in and pitchers pitch in, so it’s not unusual for his hand/wrist/arm to be vulnerable. I just figured it wouldn’t be in the season opener in Houston. But there were other reasons to hide my eyes.

CC’s early innings were ugly. The defense went awry behind him. Nobody looked good at the plate, except (surprisingly) Teixeira. By contrast, Houston – this was the Astros we were playing, right? – looked like World Series champions and it was a little like David kicking Goliath around. But that’s baseball. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. I kept thinking….maybe this game is an April Fool’s joke or maybe the Yankees are still in spring training mode. And then I reminded myself it’s a loooong season and they won’t win every game.

Earlier in the day came the news that the Yanks had DFA-ed Nunez. Startling, considering how much they’d relied on him the past couple of years. It was shocking enough that he didn’t make the cut for opening day, but to literally cut him loose? I didn’t see that one coming and I’m sure he didn’t either. But they did give him chances to claim the shortstop job and he never did. I hope he makes it elsewhere.

On to the next….and the next. Let’s go Yankees.


Nunie Gets The Gatorade Shower

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


There’s nothing like a comeback win. What a great game it turned out to be. I was all mopey before the Yankees scored their five big runs in the eighth. Chris Sale is a really good pitcher (Can we please get him, Cashman?), and things were looking bleak for the boys. I was taking a walk during the first couple of innings, listening on my iPhone, and a black cat ran across my path right before Jeter got hit on the ankle. I thought, Pleeeease no. So glad he was fine. At least he seemed fine.

When Cano knocked Sale out of the game, my mood brightened and I knew there was a chance for us. And then it was single, single single, single, single, single. (OK, I don’t know how many singles there were, but they were all huge.) I love homers – who doesn’t – but seeing the offense hit the ball up the middle and use the whole field was a lot of fun and something this team hasn’t always been able to do.

Yes, the White Sox are terrible defenders. I’ve never seen such sloppiness. But beating Sale and some hard throwers in their pen was an accomplishment. Every game is so crucial right now – every at bat, every chance in the field, every pitch. I think I was holding my breath for the past three hours. But I’m exhaling now. If the Rays lose again to the Angels over on this coast, I’ll be even happier.

I’m not unhappy that Huff will start in Hughes’ place on Saturday against the Red Sox. I just hope he doesn’t fold under the pressure.


A Sight For Sore Eyes

Saturday, July 6th, 2013
Photo: David Pokress/Newsday

Photo: David Pokress/Newsday

If anyone told me I’d be glad to see Nunez back in the lineup and playing shortstop, I would have said, “Nah.” But he put a spark in the Yankees today against the O’s and became the player of the game. We now have about 1,000 infielders (yes, I’m exaggerating), but Nunez will surely bump the rest – Cruz, Adams and Gonzalez (unless he’s already gone) – and be a fixture until Jeter comes back and probably even after that.

Pettitte hasn’t been himself since coming off the DL, but he always manages to battle and he did again today. It was the offense that worried me – and shouldn’t have. Down 0-3, they, too, battled and not only tied the score but won the game and their sixth in a row.

What a turnaround from the series at Camden Yards. The Yankees looked overpowered, over-matched, over-everything-ed by Baltimore, but now? Not so much. If they can just hang in there a little longer, they might close the gap in the standings and be in contention after all.



Good News/Bad News

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

First, the good.

Photo: William Perlman/Star-Ledger

Seems like Hughes just keeps improving. His performance on Saturday was really impressive, and the Yankees needed it to notch the win over the A’s.

Now, the bad.

Photo: Jim McIsaac

In today’s series finale, Nunez left with a rib cage injury (MRI results pending). What is up with all these injuries??????????????????? The roster is so thin as it is, especially for infielders, and now Nunez goes down too? It’s ridiculous. Don’t these guys have the best in fitness trainers? Why are they always getting hurt? Do they need vitamins? Spinach? Kale?

Forget the kale. A-Rod eats kale and look what happened to him.

All I’m saying is that the situation is too weird to be coincidental, and if I were the Yankees I’d start looking at how these players are preparing for each game and what contortions they’re putting their bodies through during the games.

I feel sorry for Girardi at this point. He really doesn’t have a lot to work with.



Bulging Disks And Other Maladies

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Well, that was fast. Only a few days into camp and we’ve got our first real injury: Phil Hughes’ bulging disk in his upper back, taking him out of commission for awhile. Let’s hope this isn’t a nagging problem and that after his time out he’ll be ready to go. It’s his contract year – his moment to show once and for all that he can pitch effectively and consistently as a starter. It’s also important to the Yankees that he be the phenom Cashman’s always projected him to be.

The other “malady” I was referring to is Nunez, aka Eduardo Scissorhands. I kid the kid, I know. But when it comes to Nunie I can’t help myself. Put him at shortstop and he’ll make errors. That’s how it’s been. And now that Jeter’s recovering from his ankle surgery, we’ll be seeing more of Nunie. Will we be seeing more of his errors too? There’s no question that he can be a terrific spark in the lineup, getting hits and running the bases well. But his glove scares me. I think Nix will be a fine backup at third and first (and short), but I have to say I miss Chavez already.

And finally, am I the only one who resents the WBC just a little? I completely understand that players want to represent their country and that it’s fun for them to play in competition, but to leave camp so early in the spring training season, interrupt their routines and disrupt the team chemistry feels off to me. I guess I’m just being contrary, but I’m not wild about hearing how guys like Cano and Tex, who need to get their timing down as hitters, will be running off to join their respective WBC teams.

The good news is that MLB.TV (and YES, for those who get it) will be televising spring training games in another week. Can’t wait.


A Little Bit Of Everything Today

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

And Friends of the Blog, John and Peggy, got to meet up before the game and see all the excitement.

(Note to all commenters. Love the occasional pics but please re-size them before emailing so they’re not large files. Thanks.)

What John and Peggy got to see was small ball, long ball, good defense, misplays and errors, steals, even a warning and a couple of ejections. That’s an interesting combo for a Sunday afternoon.

Best of all, the Yankees won the series, shoved the Rays down the ladder and can take the next day off feeling good about things.

Here’s what I felt good about:

  • Nunez’s running game. I realized how much the Yanks have missed having someone speedy. He made some nice plays on defense too.
  • More RBIs from Jeter and A-Rod, our “senior citizens.”
  • Russell Martin’s resurgence at the plate.
  • Having David Phelps in the bullpen.
  • Dave Robertson looking more like Dave Robertson.
  • Soriano untucking after the save and not making an adventure out of it.

Here’s what I wasn’t thrilled about:

  • Moore throwing over Granderson’s head. I had steam coming out of my ears and was grateful Grandy was quick enough to duck out of the way.
  • The ump issuing warnings to both teams. Why not just eject a pitcher that throws at a guy’s head, intentional or otherwise? I know, I know. The warnings are to prevent the other team from retaliating. But to me, a better idea is to send the culprit to the showers.
  • Kuroda not pitching well with the nice lead. Maybe he prefers having zero run support?
  • The A-Rod error. It could have been costly, but wasn’t, thankfully.
  • Hearing Michael Kay say that Mo was at the game but not having the YES cameras show him.

On balance, today’s win was about the Yankees looking like the Yankees again.

Courtesy: New York Yankees





First, The Bad News

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Yup, Eduardo Scissorhands was in full view tonight. Those errors in the first couple of innings were painful to watch, especially the second one. I actually wondered on that throw if he was suffering from the Chuck Knoblauch Syndrome. He received pats on the back from his teammates in the dugout, but seriously. How long can he play third? (Or second? Or short?) And why is A-Rod DH-ing so often? (That’s another story; don’t get me started.) Clearly, Nunez has a nice bat and can run the bases. But just as clearly he’s not the guy I want out there when CC is pitching and doing his best to be efficient with his pitch count.

Now, onto the good news.

CC was a beast.

At first I thought he might get hit hard – his pitches were up – but he totally settled in and dominated, and was the essence of an ace.

Cano was the Cano we’ve come to know and love. He’s back. He looks great at the plate, just great, and not a moment too soon.

Soriano took command in the ninth even after pitching on consecutive days. I liked it.

And here’s another piece of good news: Chris Stewart always does something good with his appearances. Girardi can say all he wants that Stewart isn’t CC’s personal catcher, but who cares? Why not let the two of them continue their partnership if it’s working? Martin’s a big boy. He can handle it.

Of course, the news that Gardner has re-injured himself isn’t good news at all. It stinks. I don’t want to see Ibanez in the outfield – ever – and even Jones makes me nervous. I really like Dewayne Wise though.

Good, solid series win for the Yanks against a division rival. I’m happy right now.


Yup, Another Post About Eduardo

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Here’s the thing. I like Nunez. He seems like a good guy and he can hit and run the bases. It’s not his fault that the Yankees are trying to turn him into a sometime outfielder; they pulled the same trick with Ramiro Pena for awhile. But as anyone who saw tonight’s game will attest, he’s not good in left field – not even in an emergency.

Yes, I realize that the injuries to Gardner and Swisher have altered the landscape. I also realize that we need to carry a ton of pitchers on the roster. But isn’t there someone – anyone – in the system who has actual experience and expertise in the outfield? This is the New York Yankees we’re talking about, not some team from Oshkosh. (Not that I have anything against Oshkosh.) It’s not befitting a championship team to have an amateur out there.

Okay, I got that off my chest.

On to Phil Hughes. He was better. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but maybe it was an outing he can build on. Does he inspire confidence? Hardly. But he’s got the job for the moment so all we can do is hope for the best from him.

I thought Granderson’s homer would be the start of something big. I was wrong. It was the start of something small. We didn’t put runs on the board. While I thought A-Rod’s bunt was “interesting,” he doesn’t bat cleanup to bunt.

Needless to say, I hope we win tomorrow.



Eduardo Scissorhands Didn’t Make An Error!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Photo: Jim McIssac/Getty Images

I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

The truth is Nunez handled his outfield duties without incident, and I have to give him props for that…for now. I’d just really like to have both Gardner and Swisher back out there.

Meanwhile, the Yankees played a crisp game tonight against the red-hot O’s with a heartening performance by Kuroda, saving the bullpen. I only watched the game intermittently (I’ve got a work deadline this week, so my observations will be spotty), but I did see that great play at the plate with Martin flipping to Kuroda. (I have no evidence to back this up, but I think pitchers from the NL have better defensive skills than those in the AL.)

I love that Chavez is doing well in his limited role, and am so glad Cashman brought him back for the bench/DH role.

What else? Tell me what I missed….




Raise Your Hand…

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

…if you thought the Yankees’ starting pitching would be a problem.

I’m putting a finger up, not a whole hand. I thought we’d have a great rotation going into spring training, except for Garcia, last year’s reclamation project along with Colon, and Hughes, who has always struck me as being overrated. CC, Pineda and Nova would lead the staff, I figured, and Garcia and Hughes would pick up the back end until someone better came along.

So much for that plan. Pineda isn’t in the mix and CC and Nova have been okay so far but not dominant. Hughes has pitched about as well as I expected. It’s Garcia that’s a head scratcher for me. Why didn’t Cashman just say, after last season, “Well, we caught a break with Freddy. Let’s be grateful and move on.” Why push your luck and bring him back for an encore?

Yes, there are rumblings that he might be hurt, but more likely he’s just done.

And if he’s done, then who’s getting his spot? Phelps? I guess.

Today’s game did have its positives.

  1. The bullpen continues to be a revelation.
  2. Swisher is a beast. So is Granderson.
  3. Eduardo Scissorhands didn’t make an error.
  4. The Yankees keep showing a lot of heart with their comebacks – a very good thing.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say to myself – somewhere around the fifth inning – “Andy Pettitte needs to be Andy Pettitte really badly.”