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Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Rhonda's table

This was my friend Rhonda’s gorgeous Thanksgiving table last night….before the feast. There weren’t any food fights this year, just one tiny spat with the evil Mary Ann, who roots for the Dodgers and disparages the Yankees. Since I rooted for the Dodgers in the postseason (for as long as they lasted, which was about ten seconds) and since I didn’t have a lot of ammunition to counter her insults about the Yanks (yes, I trotted out the “But they were all injured” excuse), our annual argument ended after just a few zingers. Mostly we gorged on Rhonda’s turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and green bean casserole, not to mention the apple pie, pumpkin pie and sinfully cake-y pumpkin chocolate chip cookies she made this year, and I was so stuffed by the time we left her house that I could hardly breathe.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebration and that we can now look forward to more Yankees news besides the re-signing of shortstop Brendan Ryan, which, while nice insurance, didn’t exactly thrill me. I guess Carlos Beltran is next, although I’m not sure how I feel about that one either. He was a bust in NY with the Mets and he’s not only “old” but often injured. Still, he can hit and play the outfield among the best so we shall see……



Practically Flat Lining Their Way Out

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


I was hoping Kuroda and the Yankees would pull themselves together for these last few games, just for the hell of it, but they’re going out with a whimper, apparently. Ugh. A shutout. And bad pitching on top of it.

I’m trying to decide which team I’ll root for in the playoffs, if I even bother to watch. I’ll probably throw my support to my local Dodgers, since Donnie Baseball is the manager and most of my friends here are Dodgers fans, although I think their little swimming escapade in Arizona was pretty bush. My sentimental favorite is the Pirates because, well, nobody expected them to get in. I just don’t know how far they’ll go. There’s no one in the AL I’m willing to root for.

I’m also looking ahead to A-Rod’s war with MLB, especially after today’s NYT article about the world series of legal teams going at it. No telling what the result of that will be, but the headlines are sure to be juicy.


What A Nice Way To Wake Up

Thursday, August 1st, 2013
Photo: Mark J. Terrill/AP

Photo: Mark J. Terrill/AP

I sort of kept one eye closed as I started reading about last night’s game, which I didn’t even see the beginning of as it was my second-to-last night on my trip. But when I saw the words “Lyle Overbay with key hit,” I got excited.

How great is Kuroda? I said it in the last post about the game he pitched and I’ll say it again about this one. He’s been flat-out brilliant, in this case going toe to toe with Kershaw. It stinks that he couldn’t earn the win, but what I love about the game was Girardi’s luck with the pinch hitters and the matchups. He should have played last night’s Powerball (I did and I only got one of the winning numbers – bummer). I’ve been high on Melky Mesa and he proved his value last night. I think he’s a kid who could turn into a nice player for us.

And we’ll need nice players since we didn’t make any moves by yesterday’s deadline. No point really.  It’s time to just savor wins like last night’s and not worry about the rest. I’m so sick of reading about how A-Rod will appeal, won’t appeal, will settle with MLB, won’t settle, blah blah. Just do it already, people!



Different Coast, Similar Ending

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Photo: Harry How/Getty

Photo: Harry How/Getty

How many times this season have I written the words “The pitching was good enough to win, but the offense wasn’t there to help?” Same question goes for last night’s loss to the Dodgers in the series opener. So much has been made of the “new look” with Jeter and Soriano providing right handed power, but this team isn’t exactly loaded with fearsome hitters, the consequence of which is that it’s very tough to win close games.

It’s always exciting when the Yankees play at Dodger Stadium (even when I’m on the east coast), and watching Puig and Ramirez galvanize that team as advertised was interesting. But with our division rivals surging ahead of us and the clock on the season ticking, does adding a guy like Alex Rios by the end of the trade deadline today really make a difference? Or should the Yankees save their energy for next season? It’s great that Granderson will be back soon, but tomorrow’s August 1st – not much time to make a real run at this race.

I hate to be so negative, but making a “real run at this race” means winning a whole lot of games and last night wasn’t a good start.



An Uncomfortable Split

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


I watched more of Game 1 than I expected and was happy to see Kuroda handling his old team. Puig, the Dodgers phenom, certainly made his presence felt – from his aggressiveness on the bases to his strong throwing arm in the outfield – but our guys actually hit the ball too. Well, just enough to win the game and thanks, in part, to the Dodgers’ reliever, Belisario. Love this gif of his double-error play.


Game 2 was another story and another disappointing outing by Phil Hughes. Here in California I was blacked out by YES because I got the Dodgers feed, which meant having to suffer through Steve Lyons (Vin Scully doesn’t do road games). The self-proclaimed “psycho” has always gotten on my nerves, but tonight he said something I agreed with: a pitcher like Hughes, who keeps the ball elevated and is prone to giving up the long ball, isn’t a good fit for a stadium with short porches. In other words, Hughes + Yankee Stadium = Bad Combo.

Our offense was sad, no question, and it’ll continue to chug along at this rate until we get some of our A-team back. And the Dodgers are better than their record shows with guys like A-Gon, Ethier and Puig always a threat at the plate. But if I were Cashman I’d deal Hughes sooner than later. I’m sorry to keep saying it, but I just don’t see him making progress.




Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

I was really looking forward to Yankees-Dodgers tonight. Now I’ll be lucky if I get to see the second game of the doubleheader because the first one starts at an inconvenient 10am here tomorrow….Unless, of course, it’s raining again in New York. What is it with the east coast this year? Get your weather act together! I’m flying east on June 27th for my month in Connecticut, and I do not want to be dodging raindrops while I’m there!

P.S. Kevin Youkilis. What is there to say about his surgery? I’ve tried not to flip out, but Cashman knew about his back problems and the whole “Well, we figured he was OK if the White Sox were ready to give him a contract” doesn’t make any sense to me. Our GM must have been desperate.


That Was Just Insane But I’ll Take It

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

The bottom of the ninth was all about bloops – broken bat singles, bloop singles, dunkers, rollers and that ball that Vernon “Molasses” Wells couldn’t get to. (I know, he was trying to keep the ball in front of him, but still.) I blame Suzyn Waldman for almost jinxing the game into the loss column. I’d been watching on TV but switched to WCBS for the ninth as I was getting ready to leave the house.

“Oh, John,” said Suzyn. “That long plane ride home is gonna be so much better after this one.”

She was referring, of course, to the fact that the Yankees owned a 6-0 lead with CC going for a complete game shutout. And then all hell broke loose. CC lost it. Girardi brought in Robertson, who was too high-wire even for Joe, who then brought in Mo to close the door on the Angels once and for all. But then came the various bloops. Suddenly, the score was 6-5 and I wasn’t going anywhere. I turned the TV back on and gulped as I watched Pujols step up to the plate. Could the Yanks really lose this? Could Mo really blow it? Would the losing streak continue?

No, no and no.

I guess the important thing is they won the game, but I didn’t feel great about it.

I hope the off day tomorrow gives all the players a chance to decompress. I know I will. Then comes the series with the Dodgers, which I’m looking forward to. My friends here are Dodgers fans so I’ve gotten familiar with a lot of their guys and it’s always nice to see Donnie Baseball even if it’s in another uniform.



Thanksgiving At Rhonda’s: 2012 Edition

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

As always, Michael and I drove down to our friend Rhonda’s in L.A. for her annual gathering. The Emmy-winning producer of the daytime soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Rhonda’s a regular on the red carpets of Hollywood.

And she puts together a table that’s as lavishly beautiful as any of the sets on her show.

The evening started off as lightheartedly as ever. In fact, I grabbed one of her Emmys and started pretending it was mine.

Lots of laughs and catching up while we sipped champagne and waited for the turkey to make its way into the dining room. And oh what a turkey it was.

So delicious. And the mashed potatoes, candied yams, Brussels sprouts, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and gravy were to die for too. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much. Seriously.

After the first food orgy came the second: dessert.

Michael’s apple pie/crumbler was a winner, but the chocolate fudge cake wasn’t too shabby either. I even ate the pumpkin pie brought by the villainous Mary Ann, the Dodgers fan-Yankees hater. And it was during my attempt at a civil conversation with her that the evening descended into its traditional madness. Pardon the loud voices in the background, but it was a boisterous group.

Well, you can imagine how my blood boiled. I tried to restrain myself, really I did, but it was Mary Ann’s line about the Yankees being spoiled brats that really made me lose it. Yes, I took the bowl of whipped cream that was sitting next to Michael’s apple dessert and creamed her.

And, of course, she retaliated by knocking me down and giving me some chocolate cake in the face.

I got up and tried to defend myself, but she kept coming, this time with a turkey leg.

Before I knew it, the entire party had jumped into the fray.

And, sadly, even Rhonda got soaked.

She threatened to call the police, but Mary Ann and I apologized and promised not to talk about the Yankees and Dodgers next year. Being the gracious hostess that she is, Rhonda accepted and not only invited us back for Thanksgiving 2013 but for Easter dinner in only a few months. Now that’s a forgiving friend.


I Have An Idea

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

After watching tonight’s Yankees loss to the Indians involving numerous bases loaded opportunities with dismal results, I think a new strategy is in order. The boys need to pretend there’s no one on base. That’s right. They should get up to the plate, ignore the fact that there are teammates standing on first, second and third, and have at it.

Well, why not. These games where they can’t score with RISP are just too frustrating – especially because Kuroda, who struggled early but made adjustments like the pro he is, pitched his heart out – again.

With the Rays losing, the Yanks had a chance to widen their lead, but no. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Nothing else to say except it was pretty cool that Adrian Gonzalez homered in his first at bat as a Dodger. And Beckett? He looked….blue.



Don’t Ever Hit The Captain In The Head (Or Anywhere Else)

Friday, August 24th, 2012

I nearly passed out when I saw that pitch zero in on Jeter’s head/helmet. I started yelling at the jerk Indians starter, as did Jeter, but was relieved that our captain was okay. He did sit next to Stevie Donahue during the game; I hope that was just because there weren’t any other seats on the bench.

CC tried to retaliate, and his effort wound up in a homer. He was great though in his return from the DL – really ace-like – and it was such a pleasure to watch him work.

Soriano? He’s a pleasure when he un-tucks his shirt after escaping trouble. He must enjoy drama. In any case, he got the save and I’m very grateful. That ninth inning was hairy.

What a game for Swisher. The offense is still struggling – how many times did we put men on base only to strand them there? – but Swish delivered and the Yanks won. Even better, the Rays lost.

The big news around baseball is the pending trade between the Red Sox and the Dodgers. If it goes through, I’ll be devastated not to see Josh Beckett anymore.