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The Grandy Man Can – And Did!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Grandy Man

I’ve been thinking lately that Granderson hasn’t been the same since his last stint on the DL. He hasn’t hit for power with the consistency he used to – until tonight. He wasn’t the only one who homered, obviously (thank you, Cano, for that clutch bomb), but it was great to see him knock one out plus hit that triple in the Yankees’ latest comeback win over the Orioles.

These games have been intense! They’re on during dinner here in CA, and the food isn’t going down so easily when the score is tied and I’m in stress mode. I was so happy when we scored a few insurance runs, but I was a wreck when Mo came in. I hope the poor man’s arm doesn’t fall off from the recent workload.

So we move another notch closer to the elusive second Wild Card spot. Can the Yanks keep this up and win another one tomorrow night? Hughes is pitching. Not sure how I feel about that, but maybe he’ll use the opportunity to show me and others he can be trusted. I hope so.

Unless I missed something, we haven’t picked up a catcher and we need one – like right away. Romine’s not going to be able to play – a concussion is a concussion after all, “slight” or not – and Chris Stewart is already doing the heavy lifting. Why not pick up another waivers guy with major league experience?

I do feel sorry for and about Jeter. It must kill him not to be able to play, but I guess he just has to write off the season and get back out there next year. I don’t buy that he’s finished, too old, too injury-ridden. I think we’ll see him in February and he’ll give us more great memories.


Not So Fast, Rays She-Fans!

Sunday, August 25th, 2013
Rays fans

Photo: Getty Images

With the score tied at 2-2 and another tense contest at the Trop today, it was entirely possible the Yankees would get swept. But Alfonso Soriano came to the rescue with that double in the 11th, then the steal, aided and abetted by terrific relief work by Logan, Robertson and Mo and excellent defense from Cano and Granderson. Whew.

David Cone on YES had the line of the day when he said, as A-Rod stepped up to pinch hit and the crowd at the Trop livened up to boo him, “Now batting: Darth Vader.” LOL.

No one looked more relieved to win that one than Girardi who, as Granderson maneuvered to make that catch to end the game, could be seen saying, “Come on, Grandy. Come on, Grandy.” Hopefully, Joe can relax a little on the flight to Toronto. He sure made me nervous when he brought Joba in to pitch in that tie situation instead of in his usual mop-up role and promptly gave up a lead-off walk.

Finally, after two disappointing games, a happy ending. It may mean nothing but it definitely beats losing.


I Called This One

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Woman and Megaphone

Nova and the Padres’ pitcher were locked in a scoreless battle tonight. At one point the Yankees hadn’t so much as managed a hit or a walk and I feared we’d get perfecto-ed. But then I said to Michael with Granderson coming up, “Our only chance of winning this is if someone runs into one” – i.e sticks his bat out and goes deep. Which is exactly what happened. Granderson struck the ball with the power he used to and suddenly it was 2-0.

With the lead, Nova continued his mastery over the Padres until Robertson and Mo took care of the eighth and ninth, and he finally got the win he should have had the last couple of times. Good for him and good for the Yankees. The offense is still anemic, but maybe Granderson’s blast is a sign of things to come from him. Is it enough to move the team into contention? Doubtful.

And now there’s Jeter’s calf. Apparently, running gingerly wasn’t enough to keep him from injuring himself yet again. What a mess, along with the A-Rod mess, which only gets stranger by the hour. The Yankees really must despise him.



No Words

Friday, May 24th, 2013

It was breathtaking in its awfulness when Granderson was hit by a pitch and broke himself yet again – this time the pinky knuckle. How unlucky does a guy have to be? He worked so hard to come back from the last injury and now this?

Thank God Phelps is OK after taking a ball in the forearm, but raise your hand if you’re not liking the Rays very much right now.

It’s hard to celebrate the win tonight at the Trop when the Yankees are stuck with Boesch and Francisco platooning with Ichiro again, but such is life. The team somehow keeps going – and winning – so we’ll see how they handle things this time around.


Not a Good Night for Kuroda

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Let’s face it. Hiroki was getting knocked around even before he got knocked by that ball. It wasn’t his night, and it wasn’t the Yankees’ night. Again.

Preston Claiborne III wasn’t much better, but the good news about this loss to the O’s (I always try to find at least something positive to say – almost always) was the resurgence of Granderson. Girardi predicted he would break out at the plate and that’s exactly what he did. And David Adams, our current and maybe future third baseman, had another homer, endearing himself to me. And finally, Adam Warren pitched well in relief.

So although tonight’s game wasn’t much fun to watch, there were bright spots.

The Yanks have now lost two in a row and I’m wondering if the good times are over for awhile. Silly, right? Why shouldn’t they bounce back against the Rays? Of course they will. They will. They will. They will. (I figure if I say it enough it’ll happen.)


Another Injury?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Photo: AP/Mark Duncan

I couldn’t believe it when, as I was cheering the return of Granderson, I read that Hafner was out with a sore shoulder and that MRI results are pending. Jeez. Am I wrong in thinking the injury bug has invaded all of baseball, not just the Yankees? It’s crazy out there.

Granderson clearly needs some major league games under his belt. He looked rusty, but it was nice having him back. I missed a lot of the game (I went to see “The Great Gatsby”), but caught enough of it to see that CC notched quite a few strikeouts and Mo got yet another save. I did not get to see the Overbay/King Felix collision except for replays. Sounds like Felix was in command before that happened though.

What was so heartening to read about was the comeback aspect of the Yanks. Being down a few runs against The King isn’t a happy prospect, but they clawed their way back and stole it. Bravo.



Rocky Mountain High

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Or maybe I should have written “Rocky Mountain Bye.” The Yankees left Colorado with a series win, but it wasn’t easy. What was up with all that rain? CC only got four innings in before the tarp went on the field, which was a shame. And the Yanks had to do a lot of sitting around, knowing they needed to catch a flight to KC right after the game.

But they got the win. Not a lot of hitting in this series, but the pitching was great. Adam Warren did a nice job taking over for CC and Mo was his usual godlike self for the save. I loved seeing all the Yankee fans at Coors Field snapping pictures of Mo. It reminded me yet again that this is his last tour through the majors. Sob.

Cano’s homer was fun, but I do hope this lineup will find a way to score more runs so the team can keep pace in the division. Granderson seems to be on a fast track to come off the DL, but I don’t want to jinx him so forget I said that. Shhhush.


We Need Some Comedy Right Now

Monday, February 25th, 2013

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still upset about Granderson. So it was perfect timing that I went to my mailbox and there was a review copy waiting for me – a new book for children that illustrates the famous Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s On First?”

For the uninitiated….

The Abbott and Costello skit was first performed in the 1930s and it’s continued to entertain audiences everywhere. It was named the best comedy sketch of the century by Time magazine and Abbott and Costello were inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Now the classic routine is getting a new life as a picture book for kids.

Just published by Quirk Books out of Philadelphia, Who’s On First? features full-color illustrations by cartoonist and illustrator John Martz along with the banter of the two comedians, and is the perfect gift for someone’s kids or grandkids (or adults of a youthful persuasion).

Check it out here. Really cute idea for children who like to laugh – and what kid doesn’t.

Back to the Yankees, at least we know who’s on first. What we don’t know is who’s in center field (or left and right fields, for that matter), as well as who’s behind the plate. I guess all will be revealed soon enough.




First At Bat And Gone!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Photo: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

No, I don’t mean Granderson hit a homer yesterday. As everyone knows by now, he was up in his first plate appearance and was struck on an inside pitch on the forearm and later learned he had fractured it. It’s beyond tough luck for him and the Yanks. Not only does he produce all those homers and play a very credible outfield, but he’s a great guy who’s in his contract year and I wish I could rewind the moment and play it over again. His replacements (Rivera, Diaz, etc.) don’t thrill me. Still, he’s only out until May – hopefully – and it is what it is, as they say.

It was fun watching the first televised game of the season, as I cooked for my Oscar night guests. Baseball is definitely back, injuries and all.



Finally, A Janer/Blow-out

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Not only did the Yankees give us all a break and play a nearly stress-free game, but they took back first place yet again. What’s more, they accomplished all that in enough time to let me watch the women’s singles final at the US Open.

What a weird turnaround for Granderson. One minute, he’s mired in a slump. The next, he’s coming off the bench and does nothing but knock in runs.

Another weird turnaround but in the wrong direction: Sweaty Freddy. He looked great early – very early – and then he lost it. Girardi was right to pull him fast before any real damage was done.

And speaking of turnarounds, Joba had one of his own. He’s been struggling to find some consistency and today he came in and pitched well. Good for him.

Jeter was limping. Actually, he’s been limping. But today his leg seemed even more banged up. I know. He’s Jeter. He’d keep playing even if he were wearing a prosthetic, but we don’t need more injuries. If Tex is really done for the season it’ll be awful. And while A-Rod is swinging a hot bat, he hasn’t been running well either.

But I’ll end on a happy note and say it was good to get out of Baltimore with a decisive win. I do love when they score 10+ runs. For me, pitchers’ duels and close games are just not as much fun.