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Off-Day Fodder

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

I was on Twitter this morning when a Tweet from with a link caught my eye: “Alex Rodriquez opens up about Cameron Diaz.”

Okay, I was hooked. I clicked on the link and here’s what I got.

Alex Rodriguez on Ex Cameron Diaz: She’s ‘One of the Greatest Human Beings I’ve Ever Met’

Thursday April 26, 2012 05:00 PM EDT

Alex Rodriguez on Ex Cameron Diaz: She's 'One of the Greatest Human Beings I've Ever Met' | Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz

Splash News Online; Jeff Vespa/Getty

They have have broken up – but clearly Alex Rodriguez harbors no hard feelings toward Cameron Diaz.

“I don’t like talking about my relationships,” the New York Yankee tells The Insider in a new interview, “but I will tell you about C.D. – she’s probably one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever met, and just an amazing light.”

The two had an on-again, off-again relationship, though a source confirmed to PEOPLE the two had split for good in September 2011.

At the time, Rodriguez had equally kind words for Diaz, telling PEOPLE, “I have a lot of love for Cameron. We’ll always be friends.”

And the two have subsequently moved on: Diaz has been linked with Diddy, while Rodriguez has been spotted smooching former wrestling diva Torrie Wilson.

As for people gossiping about his personal life – or his athletic abilities, for that matter – Rodriguez tells The Insider, he’s not fazed.

“Ah, you know, it’s New York,” he says, “people are always going to have an opinion [with] pretty much anything you do, both on and off the field.”

First of all, I wouldn’t exactly call A-Rod’s quotes “opening up.” It was more like he gave the interviewer a couple of soundbites. But whatever. I think it’s hilarious that he refers to her by her initials. I wonder if she calls him A.R.

Mostly, I just want her to star in “An Ex to Grind,” the novel of mine that’s in development for a feature at Fox with her attached to play my heroine, Melanie Banks. I found out recently that the producers have moved on from the script by Jeremy Garelick (“The Break-Up,” “The Hangover”) and are looking to hire a new screenwriter. That’s Hollywood.

In other show biz news, CC is on Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight. If anybody watches it, tell me how he was.

Congrats to YankeeCase and Diane and any other NY Rangers fans reading this. I was out for dinner and kept checking the score of the game and was so happy that the good guys won and will now move on to the next round. Nothing more exciting than playoff sports.



Don’t Ask

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

To those who didn’t stay up for the finale in this series, I have this to say: you’re lucky.

I really didn’t want to lose tonight, especially since the Sox and Rays had lost and there was a huge opportunity to gain more ground, but there you are. We lost. In extras. On a walkoff homer served up by Cory Wade.

It was inevitable. Aside from Swisher’s solo shot, the offense was AWOL and you don’t win ballgames with zero offense.

Nova resembled his buddy AJ at times – there were leadoff walks plus a wild pitch that cost us a run – but he mostly pitched out of trouble and was bailed out by Robertson and Soriano.

Some sparkling defense was in evidence but Eduardo Scissorhands made the same bonehead move he made a few games ago by not covering third on a play. (I said bad things to the TV when it happened.)

Cano was hit on the foot by a pitch and looked truly pained. If he goes down we’ll be in big trouble, so let’s all send healing vibes to him.

And that’s the story from the west coast.

Well, except that A-Rod and his thumb will, apparently, be in the lineup in Toronto on Friday. That made news, as did his supposed breakup with Cameron Diaz. And we were speculating back in February that they were getting engaged.


I Know Everyone’s Seen This By Now But….

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

It’s perfect for a night when the Yankees were rained out. It just is.

I’m trying to picture Cameron and Alex “going out on a regular date.”

Anyone willing to wager how long this romance of the century will last?


Justin Maxwell Picked A “Pretty Good Player” to Copy

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Photo: Getty Images

A lot has been said about Maxwell’s new batting stance and deservedly. It looks so much like A-Rod’s it’s scary. He got another hit today during the slugfest in Kissimmee, and I was thinking maybe he wasn’t such a bad pickup after all. At the very least he chose the right hitter to emulate if he wants to add more offense to his game. A-Rod, whom Girardi called “a pretty good player” today, is off to a hot start at the plate. Since Cameron Diaz was sitting there watching, I really hope people will stop yearning for the Kate Hudson days. They’re ovah!


It was hilarious how fascinated the Houston broadcasters were with Cameron. I was listening to the audio of the game on my phone, and it sounded like the guys in the booth had never seen a movie star.

“Look at that. She’s sitting in the first row behind Joe Girardi!”

“She gave Alex a standing ovation after he hit that homer!”

“She just bought herself another beer to celebrate!”

I kept waiting for them to get just as excited about the game, but it never happened.

One of the things that drove me truly mad about the announcers was how seldom they mentioned the names of the Yankees players (other than A-Rod, Jeter – the brand names, in other words). I heard about the great catches being made in the outfield (not counting Andruw Jones’s “I was blinded by the sun” miscue), but not necessarily which player made them.

“All the Yankees look alike,” one of the announcers actually said.

No, I’m not kidding.

Speaking of great outfield catches, poor Colin Curtis. He was throwing himself around the outfield as if his life depended on it and eventually threw himself around one time too many; he ended up with an injured shoulder.

Phil Hughes? Not a great outing, but so what. He and Russell Martin were getting used to working together, besides which it’s only spring training.

Btw, I’m ready for Mo to pitch. I hope it’s soon.


Hank Shoots From the Lip; A-Rod Talks About His Hip

Monday, February 21st, 2011

And I just wrote a rhyming headline. Woohoo.

Anyhow, it was kind of an eventful day in Yankeeville. But before I get into who said what about whom, one of this blog’s faithful readers, Amanda, has been going to spring training camp to watch our boys practice and she sent me some video from her adventures. If you’re itching for a taste of the Yankees warming up, take a look. There’s a lot of standing around, but I can tell you this: If I were as close to those guys as Amanda was, I would have jumped onto the field and made a fool of myself.

Amanda doesn’t leave comments here, but let’s give her props for showing up in Tampa and forwarding the evidence.

Okay, so onto Hank Steinbrenner’s remarks. Apparently, the Hankster thinks the 2010 Yankees didn’t win the World Series because they were too busy celebrating their 2009 championship and “building mansions.” Hm. He didn’t single anybody out, but maybe he meant this mansion?


Jeter’s house is said to be the largest in Tampa, which would mean it dwarfs those of any Steinbrenner. Does the Hankster have real estate envy?

He recovered by saying this year’s Yankees seem hungrier than last year’s, which would make sense if the team had different players on it. (I’m fairly sure he doesn’t consider Russell Martin a game changer.) He’s such a character, that Hank. I know he makes some fans crazy, but I find him entertaining in the manner of, say, him.

A-Rod spoke to the media and said his hip is 100%, that he needs to have a better year and that he enjoyed being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz on national television. (No, he didn’t say that last part; he did joke about the incident though.) I like the leaner, looser A-Rod. He’s smiling a lot more and the guy does have a great smile, whether he’s your favorite player or not.



Opt Out, Schmopt Out

Monday, February 14th, 2011

It was only the first day of spring training but – surprise, surprise – there was a smidgen of controversy already: Will CC opt out of his contract after this season? Tsk tsk. Such a to-do about it here and elsewhere. (Passan is convinced the opt out will happen.) Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that the Yankees were announcing the signing of the Big Guy?

(Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Apparently, CC’s lack of a definitive “I won’t opt out, not ever, because I love the Yankees so much I want to grow old with them” statement indicates that he might, indeed, play for another organization in 2012. But did he actually say that he wanted to play for another organization? No. He said he wanted to focus on exactly where he was right now: with the Yankees. End of story. Move on, people.

OK, I don’t mean to diminish the legitimate anxiety over the opt-out possibility. CC is our ace at a time when we don’t have a backup ace or even a bona fide number two starter. I get the panic. I understand why losing him would be such a huge deal. But couldn’t we just concentrate on this season before we worry about next? We have enough problems, pitching wise.

Plus, when you really think about it, where would CC go and why? I know, I know. He loves California. But if he loves it so much he would have signed with the Angels or Giants a couple of years ago. Could it be about making more money? Doubtful. How much more money would he need? None. That’s how much. Would he prefer to play for a contender? Oh, wait. The Yankees are contenders, like every single year.

Has a player ever opted out on the New York Yankees? Well, yeah.

(Photo: AP/Victor Calvo)

A-Rod did and he was sorry, and the Yankees took him back and paid him handsomely. Speaking of handsome, he was in the Dominican receiving the Latin HOF award with Cameron by his side and Jennifer Swindall stopping by to chat. But wasn’t he supposed to propose to Cam on Valentine’s Day? And isn’t this Valentine’s Day? So where’s her diamond ring? If you look carefully at the photo, it’s Jenny Swindall who’s wearing the rock.


Will A-Rod Propose To Cameron Diaz?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011


According to someone named Terez Owens, the couple just returned from Paris and they’re now house-hunting in Miami AND he plans to propose to her on Valentine’s day. I say it’s a bunch of hooey. A-Rod always goes house-hunting with his girlfriends. (Remember the apartment searches with Madonna?) Not happening. Besides, Cameron’s too busy. She’s attached to star in the movie version of my book “An Ex to Grind” and is probably sitting around by herself reading and re-reading the novel 24/7.


The larger question is why would any woman want to marry a professional baseball player? When I was in high school, I thought that being Mrs. Yankee would be the most glamorous, exciting, dreamy thing that could possibly happen. Not anymore. I traveled with the team in 2007 for the She-Fan book. I saw the skanky-looking women lining up at the hotels after night games, dying to jump into bed with the players. Infidelity on the road is a fact of life.

Are there advantages to being Mrs. Yankee? Sure.

Financial security.

Health insurance.

Opportunity to start a charitable organization.

A table at the best restaurants.

A chance to meet icons like Yogi.

Free tickets to the games.

But how about the cons of marriage to an active player?

He’s gone from February to November.

It’s lonely.

You’re raising the kids by yourself.

You’re always wondering where he is when his phone is turned off.

You have to get to know each all over again when he comes home.

Doesn’t sound like much fun to me, despite the perks. On the other hand, if A-Rod and “Cam” really, truly love each other…..Okay, I can’t even type that. It’s not happening, I’m telling you.