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A Nice Walk Spoiled

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

I was taking my afternoon walk along the Santa Barbara coastline on this beautiful Saturday and listening to Yankees-Tigers all the way. (Thank you, MLB At-Bat App, for making the games so portable.) Every time the Tigers got a hit, I groaned.

There’s nothing positive to say about the game, unless you count Wells’ homer and the few other hints of offensive production. Mostly, it was a mauling by Detroit. They really do have a great team and it’s not an accident that they went to the WS last year, but what can be done about our pitching?

Hughes wasn’t bad, especially considering that this was his first start off the DL, but the others? Pathetic. I don’t know why, but I was particularly irritated when Joba came in for the ninth and promptly allowed a hit, a walk and a wild pitch. Sure it was cold. But he’s been ice cold so far. Ditto: Boone Logan.

Can CC retire Cabrera, Fielder, etc.? Can our bats wake up against Verlander?

I don’t even want to think about it.



Seriously, Joe?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I try not to second guess Girardi’s bullpen moves even though I think he’s overly devoted to his binder. My feeling is you stop worrying about lefty-righty match-ups if your starter is doing well and his pitch count is manageable, and you let him keep pitching. Especially at this time of year. Starters should be going 100-120 pitches (except Andy). They can rest their arms over the winter.

Tonight felt like an egregious mistake by the Yankees skipper. Hughes was zipping along until the 7th when he loaded the bases. But there were two outs and he was under 100 pitches and he’d handled Denard Span with relative ease earlier in the game. Why pull him for Boone Logan, who’s been iffy lately? And once Logan got into trouble, why leave him in? The camera caught Hughes F-bombing and I don’t blame him.

I was even less happy when the Yanks couldn’t come back and win, given the loss by the O’s. Talk about a missed opportunity. This one hurt.




Monday, June 11th, 2012

I know that people who actually live in Atlanta hate the above nickname, sort of like New Yorkers aren’t wild about “The Big Apple.” But tonight the name seemed appropriate, because the Yankees stayed hot in Atlanta. (Get it?)

There wasn’t much scoring – just that burst of three runs early – but it was enough for Nova, who was about as good as it gets. Whatever adjustments he’s made are working. Either that or good starting pitching really is contagious. But his favorite part of the game was probably his base hit. I loved how excited his teammates got and how they made sure to keep the ball for him.

Special shout out to Boone Logan. I haven’t mentioned him much, but he’s been pretty great. Tonight he filled in for Soriano, who seems to have sprouted a blister, and shut down the Braves.

The Yanks still have problems with RISP and I haven’t heard a word about Gardner’s visit to Dr. Andrews, but as long as the wins come I guess I’ll just stick my head in the sand about it all.



The Broom Is Back – In A Good Way

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

This time it was the Yankees who did the sweeping. (Thank you, O’s.)

But, of course, it wasn’t easy – or quick. Instead, tonight was the second loooong nail biter in a row that featured a faltering starter, an offensive comeback, superb relief work, a hitting hero and a brilliant job by our one-and-only closer.

It also featured more bad umpiring (Eduardo Scissorhands looked safe at first to me, for example).

What to make of CC these days? He does seem to have his April slumps and maybe his first couple of outings are just that: April doldrums. I sure hope so.

I questioned a few of Girardi’s moves (what else is new), but they turned out okay so I’ll shut up.

Soriano finally got into a game and after a hairy situation threw absolute gas to end the inning. But the surprise was Boone Logan. I never expect him to be any good and he was tonight.

I have to give the prize to Swisher though. His homer allowed me to breathe, so here’s to him.

P.S. Friend of the Blog Peggy has surfaced following her daughter’s wedding, and she sent along some lovely photos, including this one of the bride and groom cutting their Yankee pinstriped cake. Health and happiness to them.



What Was Not To Love About That Game?

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Things went so much better than I could have imagined. On paper, Lester versus Sweaty Freddy looked like a mismatch, but here’s what we know about paper.

It means nothing. Lester didn’t have it and Garcia did and there was a moment when Lester was standing on the mound, after giving up the homer to Jeter, when I thought he might burst into tears. He was so tough in the first inning, wasn’t he? After that, not so much.

Here’s what else was great:

  1. Jesus Montero’s hitting theatrics.
  2. Boone Logan’s mastery of Ortiz.
  3. Watching Andruw Jones run the bases.
  4. The fact that a Yankees-Red Sox game only took THREE HOURS.
  5. The fact that we scored 9 runs without any production from A-Rod, Grandy or Tex.
  6. The fact that Joe Buck wasn’t around for the broadcast.

Here’s what wasn’t great:

  1. A-Rod’s rust; I’m concerned.
  2. Tex’s continued slump; I’m concerned. (What’s he batting? Like .230? If that?)
  3. The fact that FOX didn’t show us the pre-game ceremonies with the Maris family except for a tiny clip. (I couldn’t get over how much one of the sons looks like his dad.)

Anyhow, it was a terrific win for the Yanks after all the beatdowns this year at the hands of the Sox and a very reassuring performance by Sweaty Freddy.


That Was Not Fun To Watch

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Photo: Getty Images

And by “that,” I mean everything that happened after the Yankees scored five runs giving Hughes a lead over the Sox and Josh Beckett. (Yup, I got the power back in my house this afternoon and I’m happy about that, at least.)

It was so distressing to see Hughes hand the lead right back. But here’s who else was distressing:






Tex. (Sorry, but I’m tired of his pop-ups.)

And, of course, Beckett, who probably bores opposing hitters to death the way he takes forever to release the ball. I wouldn’t blame anybody for falling asleep waiting for him to pitch.

Here’s who was not distressing:





I wish I were a bigger Phil Hughes fan. He didn’t pitch horribly. I just have no confidence when he’s on the mound. Girardi’s post-game comment – “I thought Hughes threw the ball pretty decent tonight” – didn’t inspire confidence either. “Pretty decent” isn’t good enough in a tight pennant race.


Just Not A Night Owl

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Tonight’s game could have been Yankees-Red Sox, given that it took what seemed like three hours to play three innings. They’re in the bottom of the eighth as I type this, with the Yanks over the Royals 9-7, but I’m not sticking around for the ninth. Call me a wuss, but I’m tired. Let me know what I missed.

Here’s what I do know about the game.

Nova was a total Jekyll and Hyde. He was off to a great start, then couldn’t hold a couple of leads, then pulled it together before Joe pulled him – and not a moment too soon. I guess he was due for a stinker.

Great job by Boone Logan to get us out of trouble and by Soriano, who is quickly becoming a pitcher I look forward to seeing when he takes his turn on the mound, and by Robertson. Our pen rocks.

Lots of offensive fun too. That at bat by Cano was amazing. Jeter keeps showing he’s still got it. I could watch Gardner run all day.

Martin was busy behind the plate. I love how excited he gets when he throws out a runner. He gave the Royals’ dugout the evil eye as if to say, “Don’t mess with me, people.”

BREAKING NEWS: I’m staying up after all.

Since the Yankees went down quickly in the top of the ninth and it’s still 9-7 – and since the Red Sox lost the second game of their doubleheader, putting us in a position to vault into first place – I’m hanging in for the bottom of the frame. Here we go with Mo on the hill.

Batter #1: Strikeout.

Batter #2: Groundout.

Batter #3: OMG! My9 just cut us off! I do not believe this! They totally screwed up their feed and went to some dumb game show, then to a LONG shot of the stupid fountain at Kauffman Stadium. How bush league can you get?

Well, I guess the Yankees won and Mo retired the side even though I didn’t actually see it. Clap clap clap, Yanks.


AJ Finally Gets An August Win

Monday, August 15th, 2011

I know. He looks like he’s saying, “I won a game? Seriously?” And if he were my husband, I’d make him do something about the hair. But whatever. He got the “W” – thanks, in part, to Girardi for pulling him before he could blow the lead yet again.

He gave up a lot of ground balls, many of them hits, and he had his usual bad inning. The good news is that the bad inning wasn’t that bad (if you don’t count walking in a run). I guess that’s progress.

Nice pickoff by Boone Logan and another by the tag team of Martin and Cano. Excellent offensive display by the Captain. And Posada continues to show signs of life.

I like it a whole lot better when we take a series opener than when we don’t.


Freddy Sez “I’m Not Wilting”

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Clearly, Garcia made a statement tonight at the Trop. He’s not ready to be tossed aside for Jimenez, Garza or anyone else, and judging by the way he pitched I don’t blame him. He was great. Not Roy Halladay great but great enough with all those swings and misses. If he keeps it up, we won’t need another arm. (But I won’t complain if we get one.)

What a night for poor Granderson. Not only did he have more trouble picking up the ball in center, forcing Cano to make one helluva catch, but he got drilled in the back. I hate not having his bat in the lineup, but I think he deserves tomorrow night off. Let Gardner deal with the catwalk.

Good for Boone Logan for bouncing back. Another machine-like job by D-Rob. And Mo was Mo.

I’d love to see us take the finale tomorrow night, obviously. But I’d especially love it if we scored early and often. Tonight was a nail-biter with those two runs having to carry us until Nunez (yup, he made another error and has a new nickname, NunEEEEEE) knocked in a couple more. I’m up for something more relaxing.


I Did Say The Trop Was Haunted

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

It was right there in last night’s post. I was writing about the lightning strike, remember? Tonight’s evidence? How else to explain that strange seventh inning?

Colon had been coasting along (welcome back, Bart) when he was pulled for Boone. Suddenly, the craziness started – from the ball Granderson lost in the CATwalk to Boone’s error off his glove to Grandy’s error. And that, basically, was that. No late inning heroics. No comeback. No nothing.

I hated losing that game, I really did, especially since the Red Sox lost.

Plus, we have two new injuries to talk about. Meat Tray is on the DL with a shoulder problem and Nova did something to his leg while he was on the mound for Scranton. So much for our depth.

I’ll say it again: we need pitching.

But I’ll end with a positive: Nunez didn’t make an error. Almost, but not quite.