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We Won Last Night And Nobody Got Hurt

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

I stole Barbara’s comment from the previous post, but it’s perfect. (Credit: Barbara) I watched the game until the ninth inning when I had to go out for dinner, but what a performance by Kuroda. Is he our ace this year or what? The Jays came in hot as anybody and he shut them down decisively. Wow.

And those Baby Bombers just kept hitting. Miraculous. And Baby Bomber Preston Claiborne finished up. I’m liking these kids a lot. Even old man Ichiro got into the act with that perfect bunt. He may not be hitting but he’s still a master technician.

All in all a very good night for the Yanks, despite the news that Pettitte’s on the DL (what else is new).


Today’s Comeback Hero

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

As Audrey mentioned in yesterday’s comments section, this season’s Yankees have been the comeback kids – a different mode from last year’s model. And the guys responsible for the comebacks haven’t even been kids; they’ve been the castoff veterans in large part.

I listened to the last half of the game in my hotel room in New York and once again the Yanks went into the late innings trailing until someone – in this case, Lyle Overbay – came up huge. A very positive sign.

Also positive was Hughes. He just keeps getting stronger with each outing. Are we seeing the real Hughes at last? If so, I like it a lot.

Not positive was the fact that Youkilis was out again after one day in the lineup. It makes me verrrrry nervous that there’s no backup infielder right now. I would guess Cashman needs to get on this asap. Who plays if Nix goes down? No one, that’s who.

But the Yanks swept the highly touted-but-underperforming Blue Jays and that’s cause for celebration.


More Injuries?????

Friday, April 26th, 2013

I just landed at JFK and checked on the game (thank you At Bat app). When I heard about Cervelli’s broken hand I couldn’t believe it. He was having such a great season so far! And now Nova’s hurt too? I should have stayed in the air. Grrrrr.


Nice Win After Rocky Start

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Before the game started, there was Jeter’s meetup with the media. As usual with the Captain, no news is good news. Or good news is no news. Whichever. The point is he doesn’t ever say much and that was the case again. He’ll be back. He doesn’t know when. That was that.

As for the game itself, Kuroda was getting shelled early on and I expected a long night for the bullpen. But he rallied and the bats came alive and it turns out that Vernon Wells really does own Mark Buerhle and the Blue Jays. He’s a keeper even when Granderson comes back.

I’m leaving for NY in the morning (my niece’s wedding), so I’ll be away for a few days and won’t be posting until Tuesday. If anyone wants to chime in about this weekend’s games though, feel free, and I’ll be sure to comment on your comments.

When I get back, I’ll announce a very exciting giveaway of a new book called New York Yankees: Then and Now.

Recently released by Thunder Bay Press, it’s a fabulous collector’s item for Yankee fans – a pictorial history of the team, its players, its organization, its stadiums and its fans with the twist of showing how all those elements were then as opposed to now. More to come, but the publisher was kind enough to send me a review copy so I can tell you first hand that it’s a book you’re going to want to own. I’ll explain how you can win one next week!


Not Their Day

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

The Yankees had a chance to sweep the Blue Jays, but the poor pitching and mediocrity with runners in scoring position kept them from getting it done. Again, Nova wasn’t terrible. He just can’t seem to throw a clean inning, always working in and out of trouble. And Phelps. What happened to him? He was so reliable, but his last two outings have been ugly.

The Jays once again gave the Yankees breaks, walking runs in with the bases loaded, balking and otherwise playing sloppy baseball, but the Yanks couldn’t capitalize. Vernon Wells did do a great job of tormenting his old team though. In addition to his offense, he made a really nice catch in left that stunned Encarnacion and led to a fun double play.

Can’t argue with the series win. I’ll take it gladly.



Thanks, Blue Jays

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Reliever Aaron Loup got loopy with his throw to third on Ichiro’s bunt and the two-run error was all the Yankees needed to get the win in extras.

But long before that happened, Kuroda pitched a gem. It’s always a shame when a starter doesn’t figure into the decision after such a good performance, but that’s baseball.

After Robertson coughed up the lead, Joba came in and looked like the Joba of 2007. His velocity was right back up there and it was great to see. I wasn’t wild about Girardi pulling him for Logan, especially when he left Logan in for a head-scratching lefty-righty matchup, but it all worked out.

Wells gave his old fans in Toronto more to boo about with his continued strong offense. Youkilis left the game with “back tightness.” Swell.

Weren’t the Blue Jays supposed to win 162 games this year?


The Bash Boys!

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Newsday


Photo: Elsa/Getty Images North America

I didn’t watch any of tonight’s win over Toronto – I was glued to the manhunt in Watertown – but it sounds like the combination of power and pitching did the job.

Pettitte was his reliable self, and the bats did the rest. I have to tip my cap to Cashman for putting together a team of castoffs who have turned out to be more than a little motivated to show what they can do.




Are The Blue Jays Signing Everybody?

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Even the Melk Man?

Via Lohud:

Blue Jays agree to two-year deal with Melky Cabrera
Posted by: Chad Jennings

The Blue Jays roster makeover continues, and this time they’re taking a shot on Melky Cabrera.

According to Enrique Rojas, Cabrera has agreed to a two-year deal with the Blue Jays. The contract will reportedly pay him $16 million. That’s not a tiny contract, but clearly the PED bust cost him significant earning ability.

Cabrera is a extreme risk-reward guy. Two years ago in Atlanta, he seemed closer to playing his way out of baseball rather than playing his way into an All-Star game. Then he had a breakout year with the Royals and followed it with a standout year with the Giants, which ultimately ended when he was suspended for elevated levels of testosterone.

Were the drugs the reason for his sudden surge? Was he using without getting caught in Kansas City? Was he getting better anyway and the PEDs helped him maximize on his potential? Will he be able to repeat that success without artificial help?

I’ve written before that I’m skeptical Cabrera can be anything more than a good fourth outfielder or so-so everyday guy. It’s hard to see those huge career spikes and not attribute them to some sort of outside influence, but I also talked to one baseball official at the GM Meetings who thought the opposite. The official told me that Cabrera’s work ethic has changed considerably since he left the Yankees, and he’s now considered a hard worker who’s going to be good even without the drugs. This official said it would be hard for a team with a conservative fan base to sign him, but this same official thought Cabrera would be a great opportunity for someone to buy low.

If the Yankees weren’t willing to give Torii Hunter two years, they surely weren’t willing to give Cabrera two years, but if he produces close to this year’s numbers, he’ll be a real steal in that Blue Jays lineup.

As I’ve said in previous posts, we might as well hibernate until late December/January, which is when Cashman usually gets going in the player acquisition department, but in the meantime our division is becoming annoyingly more competitive.



Suddenly, The Jays Are Contenders

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

What a crazy trade that was reported today. I get that the Marlins wanted to dump payroll, but weren’t they having enough trouble with attendance at their new stadium? Who’s going to show up without marquee players?

And why did the swap have to benefit one of our division rivals?

I know this is a traditionally slow time of year for Brian Cashman – isn’t he usually rappelling down a building or tending bar? – and I don’t anticipate that he’ll make any headlines until next month. But I always go into a bit of a panic when I read about other teams getting stronger and scarier. I mean Mark Buehrle is no slouch, but Josh Johnson is gooood.




It All Comes Down To Them. Of Course.

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Actually, the Sox don’t control the Yankees’ destiny – the Yankees do – but you know what I mean. They have the capability and the desire to squash our postseason dreams. And it’s disturbing.

No, they’re not the Red Sox of yore. (Can’t believe I just used the word “yore.”) And they’re not having a good season, obviously, but we almost lost a series to the awful Blue Jays this weekend so who knows how the troika (can’t believe I used the word “troika” either) of Buchholz, Lester and Cook will do. For that matter, who knows how our own starters (CC, Nova and Kuroda) will do. Nothing is certain and these last three games will be stomach churning.

But how about that comeback today? After the Jays had scored five runs and Hughes had headed for the showers, I was tearing my hair out. And then, as if a miracle, we scored five to tie…and then more for good measure. Now that was inspiring. Cano, Grandy, Jeter, Nunez, Lowe, Logan, Robertson….everybody seemed to contribute. Soriano made it an adventure as usual and I was ready to smash the TV when he loaded the bases and gave up a run, but when he did his untucking of his shirt I was ready to kiss him.

And here we are. Down to the wire. Yes, there will be scoreboard watching – will the Orioles ever lose a game? – but it’s up to the Yankees to beat the Red Sox. Early and often.