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On The Edge Of My Seat

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

No, I wasn’t sitting in front of the TV with cleavage showing, but that woman’s expression pretty much sums up how I was feeling tonight. Once again, our game against the Rays was more about the Rays than it was about the Yanks. I didn’t love that our offense was asleep for the second night in a row (A-Rod? Helloooo? Are you in there? ) or that Martin hit into the triple play or that Soriano coughed up the three-run homer, but I went with the old “Everybody’s just getting their work in” rationale and forced myself not to worry about any of it. Colon’s already proven his worth and he’s not anybody’s idea of a playoff starter, so whatever he can give us at this point is, well, you know.

More exciting was what was going on in Baltimore. Man, those Fighting Showalters were fun to watch. Just when I thought the Red Sox would coast to the win, they came back and nearly tied the score against Papelface.

So now the Rays and Sox remain tied going into the last game of the regular season. Will we see a one-game playoff on Thursday? That would mean either both the Rays and Sox win tomorrow night or they both lose.

Girardi hasn’t announced our starter as of this writing. For all I know, it could be Scott Proctor. The Rays, on the other hand, will be playing like it’s the seventh game of the World Series. I like their chances. I think the Red Sox will prevail too, and that’ll bring us to Thursday’s head-to-head.

One way or another, baseball wins.


Welcome Back, A-Rod

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

I’m such a hypocrite. In last night’s post I was all mad at A-Rod, but today I’m being nice to him. Totally two-faced of me.

I was skeptical that he could miraculously appear in his first game in awhile and pick up where he left off. I figured his timing would be screwed up, not to mention that his thumb would affect his swing. Wrong. That three-run homer lifted the offense up after Colon’s miserable start, and the Yanks were right back in it.

Great to see Granderson’s bat come alive too. I do love those evil homers.

Excellent job by the pen, holding the one-run lead. Kudos to Laffey (gulp – did I really compliment him?) and to Proctor (ditto), and to Soriano (such a strikeout machine lately) and, above all, to Mo.

#601. One more save to go and he’ll be the all-time leader – forevah! Can’t wait to see if he’s as nonchalant when he gets #602 as he was today or if he’ll allow himself a little more self-congratulation. It’ll be cool to see Mrs. Mo and the Junior Mo’s come onto the field to celebrate with him. I think it’s cute that he brought them to Toronto just in case.


Another Winable Loss, And I’m Disgusted

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Colon gave the Yankees everything we could have hoped for – length, command, efficiency – and what happened? The offense couldn’t figure out Weaver, Jeter made an uncharacteristic error, Nunez got picked off, and the bullpen sucked (except for D-Rob). The result? The Angels celebrated on the field as if they’d won the World Series and we failed yet again to take advantage of a Red Sox loss. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The only bright spot? Montero hit another homer. Well, and Bart was great, as I said.

So what’s the excuse for tonight’s loss? I don’t know, but here are my lingering questions.

  1. Are the Yankees still tired the way they were tired against Baltimore?
  2. Has Granderson wilted?
  3. Will the real Tex show up?
  4. Is A-Rod okay? (Why did Girardi pinch run for him anyway?)
  5. Could Mo not have been used, since he hasn’t pitched since 9/6?
  6. Will Swisher’s elbow be a serious injury?
  7. Why was Cervelli scratched from the lineup?
  8. Was Aaron Laffey really worth picking up off the scrap heap?

I’m tired of losing at Angel Stadium and I’m tired of watching my team blow chance after chance to win the AL East and I’m just tired. Good night!


So The Yanks Won Again, I See

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

I was out today, so I didn’t watch or listen to the game. But I jumped for joy when I got home and read about it. Woohoo!

Sounds like special applause should go to:

  1. Cano
  2. Swisher
  3. Jones
  4. Cervelli
  5. Montero (sweet that he got his first hit)
  6. Robertson.

But where’s the Colon that shuts teams down? I know, I know. He gave us innings and he pitched well enough to win. I’m just a little worried that he’s a bit out of gas.

Anyhow, I love that we got the “W” and that A-Rod’s back in the lineup. Life is good in Yankeeville. Now if the Rangers could do more damage at Fenway, things would be even rosier.


Such A Heartbreaker

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I spent most of tonight’s series opener against the A’s wondering why the Yankees kept stranding runners. It was frustrating, to say the least. Jeter was getting hit after hit (congrats to him on tying Carew) and McCarthy was shutting the door over and over. Colon wasn’t horrible by any means, but he’s been giving up homers since the All-Star break and that’s not a good sign. I think he needs one of these.

Not that he got much help from the offense. But the bats did wake up and we rallied, which only made this loss more painful. Ugh. I love when there’s a chance we’ll come back in a game, but I hate when we don’t come all the way back. It’s such a tease. And I was really in the mood for pie; it would have given AJ something positive to do.

Should Jeter have bunted in the ninth? The guy’s been on fire. To me the bunt took the bat out of his hands, not to mention that it gave the A’s an out. But whatever. We lost. Boston won. We’re tied again.

And what’s this about A-Rod and his thumb? I’m glad his x-rays were negative, but come on! Enough with the injuries, Al.


Of Course It Was A One-Run Loss

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Seriously. Was there any doubt after the umps decided that Butler’s double homer was legit that the Yanks would lose by that run? I was out for dinner, but got home just in time to see the hubbub. Is Kaufman Stadium the new Trop? There seem to be crazy rules about paddings and railings and walls and what constitutes a home run. All we needed was a catwalk. How about Mo? Was he angry or what? I’m no lip reader but I think he said a naughty word.

But disputed call or not, this game was lost because Colon hasn’t been the same since the first half – since he injured his hammy, really – and because the offense didn’t capitalize early against Chen.

Great job by Noesi, giving the Yanks a chance to mount a comeback against Soria in the ninth, but it was a frustrating inning. Posada (Happy 40th Birthday) had a shot to be a hero. Instead, he didn’t get the bat off his shoulder.

The Red Sox lost. We had a chance to gain more ground. We blew it.


Some Trends Are More Positive Than Others

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

No, I’m not talking about the vagaries of the stock market. I’m talking about the ever-changing winds of the Yankees.


Today’s series victory over the Angels continued some upward trends:

  1. Colon’s terrific starts.
  2. Granderson’s remarkable power.
  3. Soriano’s perfection since his return from the DL.
  4. Cano’s home run derby-ness. (I think I just invented a word.)
  5. The Yankees’ ability to beat a team that used to bedevil us.

But there were some downward trends that carried an ominousness to them.

  1. Mo’s ineffectiveness against lefties.
  2. Mo’s decreasing velocity.
  3. Mo’s cutter not cutting.
  4. Mo’s recent tendency to serve up the long ball.

Yes, I’m freaked out about Mo. (Cory Wade’s little meltdown didn’t register on my freakout scale.)

I know I said he goes through rough patches in August, and he does. The runs he gives up tend to come in bunches. He always bounces back and I expect him to do the same this time too and then be his god-like self for even longer stretches. But whenever he shows he’s human, it’s hard to take. With Jorge having been marginalized, I can’t conceive of Mo retiring and the Core Four eroding into the Core One.


A Very Workmanlike Win

Friday, August 5th, 2011

We beat the Red Sox tonight by waiting Lester out, then delivering when he was vulnerable. I’d call that workmanlike.

At first, I thought we’d never get on the board. Lester’s slider was nasty and he was striking everybody out (or so it seemed).

But along came Granderson to give us a run and, later, Swisher, to put us ahead (he also had an excellent night in the field).

Colon was fine, keeping the Red Sox at two runs, but he wasn’t efficient and it was clear he wouldn’t be hanging around for long. I was a nervous wreck when Girardi brought in Boone with the bases loaded. Talk about a big strikeout.

The entire bullpen was fabulous, with a special shout-out to Soriano. There was no attitude whatsoever when he took the mound in the 7th. He not only set the Sox down in order but had a spring in his step on his way to the dugout. Nicely done.

It was a tense contest but what other kind is there between these two teams? The big takeaway is that the Yankees secured sole possession of first place – for tonight anyway – and I’ll sleep better.



The Yanks Take The Rubber Game

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Before I even get to the game and our players, what is up with Oakland pitcher Joey Devine? He was anything but divine the last couple of days.

Yesterday I chalked up his wildness to sweat. Today? He was just ridiculously wild. You can’t keep throwing behind hitters and call yourself a major leaguer.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I need to say a word or two about Eduardo Scissorhands.

Photo: Christopher Pasatieri/

I haven’t been a fan of his defense, but not only does he drive in runs with increasing regularity… he’s also an excellent baserunner. I like his speed and aggressiveness. There. I had to get that off my chest too.

Colon pitched well and I’m glad the Yankees scored some runs for him. (Keep up the homers, Grandy. And way to come off the bench, Andruw Jones.) He couldn’t get Matsui out but then neither could anybody else.

Which brings me to Dave Robertson. He’s been amazing, no question, and today was an off-day for him. But should we be at all concerned that he gets himself into trouble and then gets himself out of it? It seems pathological. Or is it just the tightrope that good closer-types walk because they actually like living on the edge?


And speaking of closers, um, Mo? Not a comfortable ninth inning there. And I can’t believe that two-pitch eighth had anything to do with it.

And finally, in case anybody missed it, there was an article about Kei Igawa in today’s NYT – a very long, very thorough, very depressing article. The guy didn’t pitch well at the major league level, granted, and the Yankees paid a lot of money to bring him over from Japan, probably because they felt they had to counter the Red Sox’s acquisition of Dice K. But seriously. Why has he been passed over time after time when pitchers with less talent are brought up? (Yes, I know. There are roster issues but still.) And why would Cashman say outright, “He’s been a disaster?” There had to be a more graceful way for our GM to express himself. If somebody said that about me, I’d be pretty upset.

Baseball can be a cruel business.

P.S. On the not-cruel-at-all side, Friend of the Blog John had mentioned the other day that his daughter was going to the game with her friend and the friend’s eight-year-old son, who would be seeing Yankee Stadium for the first time. Here’s a pic of him eating his first big-league sandwich. Looks pretty happy to me.


I Did Say The Trop Was Haunted

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

It was right there in last night’s post. I was writing about the lightning strike, remember? Tonight’s evidence? How else to explain that strange seventh inning?

Colon had been coasting along (welcome back, Bart) when he was pulled for Boone. Suddenly, the craziness started – from the ball Granderson lost in the CATwalk to Boone’s error off his glove to Grandy’s error. And that, basically, was that. No late inning heroics. No comeback. No nothing.

I hated losing that game, I really did, especially since the Red Sox lost.

Plus, we have two new injuries to talk about. Meat Tray is on the DL with a shoulder problem and Nova did something to his leg while he was on the mound for Scranton. So much for our depth.

I’ll say it again: we need pitching.

But I’ll end with a positive: Nunez didn’t make an error. Almost, but not quite.