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“We’re Not Playing for Giggles”

Friday, July 19th, 2013


I’d hate to be Girardi right now. Another game, another loss, another offensive fade and another injury. In his post game interview after tonight’s loss to the Red Sox, he was asked about Gardner’s ejection. He didn’t agree with it and served up the “giggles” comment. Seems to me that players aren’t supposed to throw their helmets when they get what they think is a bad call.

The real problem is that Girardi doesn’t have guys with pop in their bats on a consistent basis, except Cano. Pettitte hasn’t been great, especially in the early innings, but tonight he pitched well enough to win – if only his team would score some runs.

Zoilo now joins the list of the wounded. Bye bye.

We need help, Cashman. By all means, bring up more kids from the minors but go out and make a trade for a bat. Or else the season is over. It’s that simple.



Good News/Bad News

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

I’m in the car after celebrating Michael’s birthday, but I watched the game before we left and it was great to see Jeter back in pinstripes, if only symbolically.

He legged out that single in the first inning and scored the Yankees’ first run, and while he didn’t get the ball out of the infield it’s totally understandable. He was rusty. He was still rehabbing. He was tired from not having slept the night before.

What’s disconcerting is the quad strain. Tomorrow’s MRI will tell the tale, but why was he rushed back so soon? The same thing happened when Youkilis came back too soon and look where he is now. Maybe it’s “just a strain” and all will be well. Fingers crossed.

Andy hasn’t looked good, especially in early innings and on bunt attempts. Is he “done?” I don’t think so. But with the emergence of Nova and the eventual arrival of Pineda, I’m not worried about our pitching.

And how about the offense over the past two games? Not too shabby.

What a weird, weird season so far


Is There Any Way We Could Keep Playing The Twins?

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


It wasn’t a given that the Yankees would find relief in Minnesota, but it’s happened before and I was very glad it happened again last night. What I wasn’t expecting was that Pettitte would look so off – he’s been our stopper after losing streaks for so long – and not seem to be the Andy of old. Still, he managed to hang in for awhile and pitch well enough not to let the game get away. And he did pass Whitey on the strikeouts list. Very impressive.

With Cano on fire after the trip to Baltimore and Gardner and Zoilo joining the fun, plus some nimble bat work by Ichiro, we ended up with a Janer. It made me smile.


(We haven’t seen the laughing lady in ages, so I thought I’d put her up there.)

Can we hope for two in a row? That’s exactly what I’m going to do.



Joba Joba Joba

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Joba champagne

Raise your hand if you thought he’d hold the Rangers in check and let the Yankees come back in this one. It just seemed inevitable that he’d cough up the runs the Yanks had managed to score to make it a ballgame. Apparently, he acknowledged afterwards, “I suck right now.” Indeed.

Strange game. That collision between Pettitte and Nix was weird and I was worried that Andy was hurt.

Ichiro gave me hope that there was a comeback in the works, but it wasn’t to be. The bottom of the ninth was a one-two-three bummer.

In the background, of course, was the news about Tex. Again, raise your hand if you thought he wouldn’t end up having surgery. His injury was too Bautista-like and we know what happened in that case. We’re lucky we have Overbay, very lucky.

As for the continuing A-Rod saga, as I predicted, Cashman apologized for his language and disputed an ESPN report that the Yankees are somehow delaying Alex’s return to the team. What a mess. But the media is more interested in the story than the players, who really just want to win games.

I’m flying east tomorrow and won’t be posting over the weekend, but feel free to leave a comment if the spirit moves. I’ll respond when I can and will resume the blog next week. See you from the other time zone!


I Feel Sorry For The Yankees Right Now

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Poor Andy. He wasn’t much better against the Rays tonight than Hughes was last night against the Dodgers, but the difference between them is all those championships and all that history. Andy has credibility. The problem is he hasn’t been very good. Michael said to me, “Is it possible that Larry Rothschild should be canned? All the pitchers seem to be regressing.” He has a point.

The offense or lack thereof would make any pitcher nervous, but here’s the truth: the Yankees are playing with a sub-par group and that’s just the way it is. We can’t expect a ton of production out of Nix or Wells or any of them. Gardner’s been a nice surprise at the plate and Cano has had his moments, but overall this isn’t a team that will score a lot of runs over the long haul. We knew that going in. I just feel bad for the players themselves. It’s not as if they’re not trying.

I’ll always hope for the best, but I can’t help lowering expectations. It’s called facing reality.





A Big Day For The Pettittes

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Photo: Chris Rupp

While Andy was pitching a brilliant game against the Mariners today, his son Josh was getting drafted by the Yankees. How perfect is that? Yes, the Pettittes have agreed that Joshy will go to college instead of playing pro baseball for now, but it’s still cool that father and son could both turn out to be pinstripe-wearers. Now if we could get Mo’s son drafted, it would be even cooler. Too bad Jeter doesn’t have a kid.

I didn’t see the game, but it sounded like things couldn’t have gone better. Even Vernon Wells had a couple of hits, so that was news.

Phelps versus King Felix tomorrow could be a bit more challenging, but baseball is unpredictable.


I Heart Overbay

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Photo: AP/Peter Morgan

I know. Tonight’s big hero was Tex, and I formally apologize for saying he wasn’t helping the Yankees. His grand slam off Masterson was a thing of beauty and gave us an early boost against the Indians. But watching closeups of Overbay in right field smiling when the Bleacher Creatures did his roll call and the fans out there cheered for him and running hard toward the wall for a foul ball and then making the catch on his first chance ever as an outfielder….Well, it was priceless. He even had a hit. He’s such a mensch and I hope the Yankees find a way to keep him around for awhile.

Andy didn’t look so dandy after the first few innings. He kind of petered out early. But the pen was mostly good, so no harm done – unless he tweaked something again, of course.

A nice, nice win for the boys in this series opener. I loved seeing them laugh and high-five in the dugout after Mo got the save. It was as if all the losing never happened.




I’m Telling You, The Yankees Are Made Of This!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

That’s right, shattered glass. It’s insane. Andy Pettitte was cruising along tonight, albeit having given up a run, and then – boom – he was gone, attended to by the dreaded Stevie Donahue. Let’s see how long he’s out with this cockamamie trapezoid thingie. Ugh.

And Stewart. He was running the bases and he “felt something” that turned out to be a groin injury. Not good for a catcher. Come on, guys. Get it together and stop falling apart! I’m sick of this. Is Romine ready to catch CC and Kuroda and the whole staff? Who’s the backup catcher now?

Okay, rant over.

The Yankees dropped the series finale to the Mariners and they should have won it. The offense went to sleep, period. I did too. This game was too boring for words with only some moderate will-they-mount-a-comeback suspense at the very end. Snore.



The “B” Team Is Playing “A” Team Baseball

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Photo: Mark Blinch/Reuters

This is just crazy. Fun but crazy. If you told me that Vernon Wells would become indispensable to the Yankees, I would have said, “Nah.” But look at him. He’s winning ballgames for us and I just keep shaking my head. Lyle Overbay was headed for retirement and he, too, has been invaluable. I can’t imagine shedding either of them when their better paid counterparts come back.

Andy Pettitte looked like his old self in tonight’s win against the Royals. I was getting a little worried about him, especially after he admitted he was “lost” on the mound and couldn’t feel his pitches. But he was in command. Robertson seems to have shaken off his rust, which is a relief (literally). And Mo, after a momentary threat, notched another save.

If the Yankees keep winning with this cast of characters, Joe Girardi has to be a lock for Manager of the Year.



What A Stinkeroo

Monday, April 29th, 2013

My plane landed in LA just after the game started so I listened to it during the two hour-drive up to Santa Barbara – and I wish I hadn’t. How crummy was that? Pettitte was awful and so was everybody else. Just a complete stinkfest and not even worth talking about. The Yankees need to get back out there tomorrow night and restore order – this is the Astros we’re talking about! – and take Game 2 handily.

Of course it would help if Cashman got us another infielder. As I write this tonight, I have no idea if Youkilis will be put on the DL or not, but either way we need somebody to give Nix and Cano a day off.