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There’s Always Next Year

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Photo: Leon Halip/Getty Images North America

I guess that by posting last night’s video of the Letterman show in Tampa last year I was already looking ahead to spring ’13. Yes, it would have been lovely to win today and then win the next game and the next and the next and then to beat the Cardinals or Giants in the World Series. But nobody really expected that to happen – not the way this team’s been playing – and today’s loss was just sad. Everything that could go wrong did, and the contagion spread to all the players/pitchers. Not since ’76 with the drubbing the Yankees took at the hands of the Big Red Machine have they had such a miserable postseason stretch.

But so be it. The better team gets to move on, and I congratulate the Tigers and their fans. And I commend the Yanks for making it as far as they did after the losses of Pineda and Mo, plus the intermittent DL stints for Joba, Robertson, Tex et al, plus Jeter. They did win the division and the ALDS. Not too shabby.

There will be plenty of dissection of the team by the media and I’m not looking forward to writers blaming this player or that move. I’d rather just let the dust settle.

There is one silver lining to being ousted from the playoffs. You guys don’t have to see another silly clinching photo of me and I don’t have to take one!



Rainout Video

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

In case anyone forgot how adorable this Yankees team is, even during their postseason doldrums, I invite you to take a trip back to spring training.

No matter what happens in tomorrow’s game (if the rain isn’t hanging around Detroit), Letterman will still send a crew to Tampa and there will be laughs.

Speaking of tomorrow’s game, once again I’m not thrilled with the start time; 4pm on a Thursday isn’t exactly prime time. But MLB doesn’t ask my advice.

Good luck, everyone.




ALCS Game 2: Ice Cold

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

The above just about sums up the situation, folks. Once again the starting pitching was spectacular, but the bats were dead. Huge applause for Kuroda, especially since everybody was worried about him going on three days rest. He came through in a big, big way.

Yes, he ran into trouble in the 8th and what trouble it turned out to be.


As we all saw from replays, Swisher’s throw was a good one and so was Cano’s tag, but the ump blew it. I would have gone crazy if I were Girardi and, though he got tossed (on his birthday, no less – what a tough week for him), there really wasn’t much point. As he said in his post-game remarks, the call was awful and could have been rectified with instant replay, but he also agreed that it was the offense, not the umpiring, that cost the Yankees the game.

I was interested in his perspective on the fact that all the hitters – we’re talking about a collective swoon with an exception here and there – have looked baffled by the Tigers’ pitching and the Orioles’ pitching. He mentioned that they had to “make adjustments.” What could those adjustments be at this point? Will they suddenly learn how to hit off-speed stuff? Stop taking big swings when a poke through the infield would do? Change their batting stances? I wouldn’t want to be Kevin Long right now.

I was hoping that they’d all rise to the occasion and win one for the Captain, but they just seem impossibly out of sync. Very disheartening as well as puzzling.

But we’ve seen this before, this “going cold.” It’s like one of those flu bugs that sweeps through the clubhouse and infects everybody. Maybe they should take antibiotics.

All that said, it pains me to hear the fans booing, as justified as they may be. Bald Vinny, who leads the Bleacher Creatures in the roll call, was tweeting about how Swisher wouldn’t face the stands and joke around with them as he usually does but rather warmed up behind home plate before the game and never acknowledged them during the game. (Nice touch, by the way, when the Creatures included Jeter in the roll call.) Clearly, there’s a lot of fan rage out there. It pains me, as I said. They’re still our Yankees, for better or worse.




ALDS Game 5: Another Celebration!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Since Game 1 of the ALCS is tomorrow night and Andy Pettitte abstained from alcohol consumption in the clubhouse so he could take the mound without a hangover, I followed his example for my clinching photo. No champagne but lots of tattoos. (I got the idea after watching CC at his press conference, sporting that sleeveless shirt with all those insane tats running down his arms.)

What an ace. He took the game and put it on his massive back. Even Amber tweeted about what a beast he is and signed it with the hashtag “proud wife.” Aww.

It was another tense battle, as only Yankees-Orioles games are these days, and that first run felt like relief, although I knew we had to pad the lead. How cool that Tex stole second! How cool that Ichiro stole second! How cool that Granderson broke through his fog! How cool that Raul continued to be, well, cool!

I thought Showalter was classy in his post-game remarks, not only commending the umpires for their handling of the disputed homer but congratulating the Yankees for moving forward. He must be quite the role model to those young players in Baltimore. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of tight contests with them next year.

And now it’s onto the Tigers. At least we don’t have Verlander tomorrow, but Miguel Cabrera? Scary. But let’s worry about tomorrow tomorrow and let the happiness of tonight linger.