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The Bronx Bombers?

Monday, April 13th, 2015


When Stephen Drew comes up with a pinch hit grand slam, it’s either a dream or a full moon. Or maybe he’s finally getting hot or if not “hot” then a little warmer. In any case, it was a pleasant surprise to see him go deep against the Orioles in Game 1 of the Yankees’ first series of the season at Camden Yards.

The awakening of the offense against the Sox over the weekend was fun too. I’ve been overwhelmed trying to get acclimated to my new house in CT in advance of the arrival of the moving truck with all my worldly belongings on it. (I feel like Diane Keaton’s character in “Baby Boom.” Remember how she bought the house in Vermont and everything went expensively wrong?) But having the games on TV in the background has been a nice escape.

It’s too early to have an opinion about Tanaka and CC in terms of their ability to pitch with injuries, but for now Pineda is looking good for the most part. The defense will tighten up, I’m sure. And A-Rod? He’s been a model citizen and the Yankees’ best hitter. I wish I could say he’s changed. I don’t have a clue. For all I know he could be ingesting some new form of enhancement. For all I know his body could break down in a month. For all I know he and the Yankees could go to court over his milestone bonuses. It doesn’t really matter to me at this point. I just want the team to stay competitive and healthy. (As I write this, Gardner is having his wrist X-rayed after getting hit by a pitch.)

Well, let me amend that. I just want the team to stay competitive and healthy and entertaining. A Janer is my favorite kind of win, of course, but tonight’s tense battle against the O’s is the kind of game that’ll keep me coming back for more.


Happy Opening Day Tomorrow

Sunday, April 5th, 2015


The moving men are coming tomorrow to pack up the heavy stuff, so I’ll be otherwise engaged. Ditto the entire week. If all goes well, I’ll have a TV hooked up in CT by next weekend and tuned to the YES Network, and will begin to follow the Yankees as they wade through the new season. May the players stay healthy, the pitching be surprisingly serviceable, the Didi experiment be successful, the A-Rod comeback not be cringe-worthy and many other wishes. Mostly what I hope is that the Yankees will not be boring or irrelevant.


The Injury Bug Is Back

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015


As the season is about to get underway, the Yankees have called in reinforcements already, acquiring a utility infielder from the Astros named Petit (not to be confused with Pettitte). Why did they need this guy? Because Didi, our new shortstop, is hurt and Ryan, his backup, is hurt and Pirela, the second baseman is hurt. That’s a lot of  “hurt” for April 2nd.

And I’m not counting Tex’s strained whatever and Ellsbury’s strained whatever, since they’re both said to be okay now. Maybe.

And of course I’m not counting the rehabbed knee of CC and the tenuous arm of Tanaka. Sigh.

On the bright side, it’s a long season and hope springs eternal, and the other teams in our division have problems of their own. And you know what else? It’s easier to approach the season with lowered expectations. At least it is for me. I’m not counting on Yankees 2015 to win a championship. I’m not even counting on them to make the playoffs. I’m hoping they’ll play good, solid, competitive baseball and leave the rest to the Baseball Gods. Or the Steinbrenners. Same thing. I’m also hoping A-Rod will not get hit by opposing pitchers. What I wouldn’t mind is if goes on a tear, popping A-bomb after A-Bomb. He can also lose the humble persona (I’ll do anything Joe wants me to do, I’m just here to play the game I love, I just want to help the team, etc.) and do something wild and crazy, like start dating – I don’t know – Gwyneth Paltrow. We need some off-the-field excitement if you ask me, just a whiff of naughtiness, and if anybody can deliver that, it’s the A-man.


Shaking off the Rust

Friday, March 13th, 2015


It’s been months since I even thought about writing a post for this blog. The holidays came and went and we were into a new year, and suddenly it was spring training. But other than A-Rod’s early arrival and various rumblings about his behavior and performance, it’s been about Tanaka’s healthy arm (knock on wood), CC’s extra weight (he says he feels better that way), Teixeira’s gluten free diet (he says he feels better that way) and Capuano’s early injury (calling Cole Hamels), and it’s been pretty lackluster. Yes, there will be numbers retired this season. Yes, we have new young players. Yes, we have Headley and Drew back. But I can’t get excited about any of it.

Maybe it’s because Jeter and Mo are gone. Maybe it’s because we didn’t make a splash during the off-season (the Cuban kid went to the Red Sox, of course, and Cashman meant it when he said we weren’t in the running for Scherzer or Shields). I’m genuinely hoping Michael Pineda has a terrific year and there’s a shot that he will. What I’m less sure about is the run production. The Yankees may emulate the Royals, but they’re not the Royals. They’ll have speed at the top of the lineup, but they’re the Bronx Bombers, pure and simple, and if they don’t do any Bronx Bombing this year, I’m not going to be very interested.

And then there’s the fact that I’m moving. I’ll be moving on Opening Day actually, which isn’t great planning on my part, so I’ll be distracted. But once I’m settled, I’ll get the YES network for real now that I’ll be on the East Coast, so if the Yankees are worth watching I’ll be able to watch. And I’ll be able to go to games at the Stadium.

I guess what I’m saying is I hope there will be stuff to write about. Until then, I’ll just go back to packing.



Not a Yankee

Monday, January 19th, 2015
Photo: Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports

Photo: Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports

Well, the Yankees said they weren’t in the hunt for Scherzer, so I guess I shouldn’t have been disappointed last night when I read on Twitter that he’d signed with the Nationals. Still, I was hoping.

Yes, we have two new hitting coaches and a new infield guy replacing Mick Kelleher, and there have been assorted other signings I’ve paid little attention to. Talk about a lackluster off-season.

With spring training approaching, I’m sure I’ll get a little more fired up about Yankees 2015, but right now I’m feeling sort of blah about it all. I miss Jeter. I miss Mo. I bet I’ll even miss Cervelli.

I know, I know. I have to stop living in the past.



Tuesday, January 6th, 2015


I know it’s a new year and I’m supposed to be all cheery and optimistic, but when I read earlier today that the Yankees are on the verge (I guess that means the ink isn’t quite dry) of re-signing Stephen Drew to be our second baseman, I threw a hissy fit. Does Cashman have amnesia? Does he not remember that the guy can’t hit? Did he forget that he traded away Martin Prado, a guy who not only can hit but play other positions? Did he have a brain freeze that we already have a more-than-decent prospect named Rob Refsnyder? Maybe $5 million is no big deal to the Yankees and they don’t mind throwing it away on Drew for a year, but I mind. I do. I mind a lot.

(Had to get this off my chest. Whew.)

And I’m still waiting for Max Scherzer. Yoohoo, Cashman! He’s expensive but he can pitch!


Ho Ho Ho!!!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

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Wishing anybody who stops by a very Merry Christmas. May all your Yankees dreams come true! (Mine’s Scherzer. So far he’s not under my tree.)


Hello and Goodbye

Friday, December 19th, 2014
Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images


Wasn’t Martin Prado supposed to be the Yankees’ second baseman now that Chase Headley is back? Wasn’t David Phelps supposed to be either a back-end starter or the long man out of the bullpen? They were both pretty good, so I’m still scratching my head over the trade today that sent them to the Marlins for a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of. Not that my knowledge of the Marlins or any National League team is anything to brag about, but why? Was Nathan Eovaldi really worth shipping out Prado and Phelps? He’s young and durable but his numbers aren’t great and I’d rather have Scherzer in the rotation (duh).

As for the other two we got, fine. Whatever. I hope Cashman knows what he’s doing. Domingo German sounds like a very interesting prospect, but I wouldn’t mind winning a few games in the near term, as in 2015.



Welcome Back, Headley and Capuano (I think)

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

welcome matI knew the Yankees wanted Chase Headley back, but I honestly didn’t expect them to pony up the money and years he wanted. They did, and he told the press he actually left money on the table to come back to New York. So there’s that….and the fact that he’ll be the everyday third baseman while A-Rod, should he show up at spring training ready to play, would be the mostly-regular DH. I’m OK with Headley 2.0 as long as his balky back doesn’t limit his playing time and/or ability to swing the bat. He’s been compared to Scott Brosius over the past few days and I would love to see the comparison hold true.

As for the news today that the Yanks had also brought back Chris Capuano, I wasn’t exactly blown away. Capuano was a pleasant surprise last season. I didn’t have high expectations for him and he really pitched better than his numbers would have predicted. So why not bring him back, I guess, except that Cashman said, “He definitely has a spot in the rotation.” Seriously? So he’s our Max Scherzer? That is not OK. Our rotation needs a true ace now that the health and sturdiness of both CC and Tanaka are questionable, and Capuano doesn’t fit the bill, nor does Pineda at this stage of his career. So Cashman, do me a favor. Go get Scherzer already unless some team already has and I missed it. The Yankees can afford it. We need a Christmas present. Just do it.



What a Newsy Friday!

Friday, December 5th, 2014
Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

I’m not sure I get Cashman’s thinking on this trade, but the Yankees have a new shortstop and his name is Didi Gregorius. He’s young and said to be a very good defender, which is positive, but he’s not much of a hitter at all. Brendan Ryan sort of fit that bill, didn’t he? Besides which, we had to give up Shane Greene and I liked the kid. He did a great job as a starter for us, was gritty and competitive and effective. But hey, I guess good shortstops were hard to come by. And while Didi isn’t Derek, at least they have the same first initial. :)

And then there was another burst of activity.


Andrew Miller is a great addition to the bullpen and I’m surprised the Yankees went for him and his hefty price tag. I thought the Dodgers would land him. But more to the point, I’m wondering why Cashman was hot for Miller when our homegrown Dave Robertson is asking for four years too. Maybe we’ll still sign DRob, but if not it’ll be a head scratcher. Let’s just say I’d be thrilled to have them both.

Now it’s time for a starting pitcher. I really, really hope spending $$$ on Miller doesn’t preclude that. We need help in the rotation. Seriously.