More Trips to the Infirmary

July 11th, 2014 by Jane Heller


Yes, there was a four-game series in Cleveland and yes, the Yankees won two and lost two (in especially depressing fashion – the losses, I mean), but the big news as the team heads down to Baltimore was obviously Tanaka and his “small tear” in the elbow. After consulting a phalanx of doctors, Tanaka was told that the prescribed treatment was rehab. If that doesn’t work then he’ll likely go under the knife for good old TJ surgery. Hard to believe, isn’t it? One day he’s our ace. The next he’s in the infirmary with the other members of the starting staff who were supposed to lift us to a championship in Jeter’s final season. Bah. Nothing’s going according to plan.

And then there was Beltran.

 beltran fractured face

No, that’s not actually his face, but the point is he fractured it in two places all by himself. Freak accident indeed. All I could do was sigh about that one.

What’s a GM to do except continue to call up guys like Zelous and Zoillo and anybody else on the farm whose name starts with “Z.”

Will the weekend series against the O’s be a massacre of our young lambs and creaky veterans or will we scrape together a win or two?

On the plus side – and there’s always a plus side – I didn’t expect to see the run production we’re getting out of Teixeira this year after coming off his various injuries. And Gardner and Ellsbury have been a revelation. It’s not the stuff of championships but it’s something.


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2 Responses to “More Trips to the Infirmary”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    Our town’s free outdoors concerts started this week so I was not home to watch last night’s game. Can’t believe they were leading 3-0 in the 7th and couldn’t hold onto the lead. Sounds like Phelps did alright but they couldn’t save the game for him. I don’t know what to think. And now, Tanaka??!! Who would have expected this the first season with the team? Ugh! I don’t know how we (as fans, much less the actual team) are going to get through the rest of this season. GO YANKEES???

  2. Jane Heller says:

    The new guy, Miller, gave it up after Phelps pitched so well. I think they were all deflated by the Tanaka news even though Jeter and Girardi said all the right things (“No one will feel sorry for us, guys just have to step up, blah blah”).