Brett “Babe Ruth” Gardner to No Avail

May 12th, 2014 by Jane Heller


It’s not every day that Gardy hits a grand slam, but he did tonight in the Subway Series opener at the Stadium – in a losing effort. It was an ugly loss too, thanks to the pitching.

Both sides slugged their way onto the scoreboard, but the Mets got their hits against a parade of Kuroda, Aceves, Thornton and Claiborne – the same Mets that had low batting averages and little success before they arrived in the Bronx. I know Joe couldn’t use Warren and Bettances and Kelley is still hurting, but are we really hitching our wagon to Aceves? I find that scary. And Claiborne hasn’t been effective since his first few months on the team last year.

Of greater concern is Beltran, who apparently has joined the ranks of the wounded with a hyper-extended elbow and is headed for the Carl Pavano MRI tube. Not good. And he got the injury swinging the bat in the cage? Sheesh. They’re all made of glass, I’m telling you. Watching Teixeira trying to leg out that pinch-hit single was painful.

So we turn our lonely eyes to Vidal Nuno tomorrow. Maybe he’ll throw a no-hitter.


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2 Responses to “Brett “Babe Ruth” Gardner to No Avail”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    Yeah, when was the last time The Yankees scored 7 runs and lost? Ugh! Not pretty. Is there something wrong with the “team” that’s handling The Yankees training lately? The last two years have been very ugly with injuries. Anyway, Gardner was tied with Jeter in the category of grand slams (1) until last night. Good for him, and I thought that did it, but you never know if baseball. 3 more games against The Mets – hopefully The Yankees take them all. I also read today that C.C. wants a “second opinion” on his medical condition – does that mean that my opinion yesterday “might” be on to something? Haha. No, I tend to agree with you, Jane. Anyway…GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    They’ve already fired fitness trainers and the like, Diane. This rash of injuries – and it’s happening all over the leagues – is, in my opinion, due to aging players plus too much conditioning during the off-season. Guys used to report to camp out of shape and use spring training to get in shape. Not anymore. They’re all buffed when they show up in March. Maybe too buffed. CC wants to see Andrews because he had surgery on that knee and he wants to know why he’s got fluid there. Reasonable to me.