Praying Didn’t Work, Yankees

May 4th, 2014 by Jane Heller
Howard Simmons/New York Daily News

Howard Simmons/New York Daily News

I was really hoping the Yankees would have a good series against the Rays since it was my birthday weekend, but except for Tanaka’s game it was a disappointment.

CC…..What’s up with him?

Kuroda….Is he burned out?

Robertson….Blown save?

Jeter….Yes, he feels good, but he needs to hit the ball.

The hitters will hit, I’m sure, but the starting pitching? It’s a huge concern right now, which proves you can never have enough. I went into the season thinking we were solid, but suddenly there was no Nova, no Pineda and mediocre outings from CC and Kuroda. So we’re left with Phelps, Nuno and (gulp) Aceves, along with Tanaka, our new ace. Sure wish we had another arm to count on because right now this team is limping along.



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6 Responses to “Praying Didn’t Work, Yankees”

  1. ladyjane303 says:

    Friday night was just plain frustrating – we should have won. Yesterday was more concerning – what’s up with CC? Both disappointing for your birthday weekend, but I wish you a happy (if a little belated), healthy one and many more!

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    The only positive thing to take from the weekend was that Tex is back. He seems so comfortable and its clear there is no pain. C.C. really didn’t have anything to rely on…and on top of that he didn’t cover first base on that ground ball. That would have saved another run, not that The Rays needed one. Aceves actually looked good – maybe we should put C.C. in the bull pen to pitch one inning. Anyway, now they have to face the big bats out west. They did well against them in NY so lets hope they do the same out west. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks, ladyjane. (I should have bought something for myself at Bloomies to dull the pain, Lol.) CC is a problem. He’s always tended to get off to slow starts, but he showed early signs this season of being able to pitch well with lower velocity. Not lately. He used to be our horse, going deep into games despite not having good stuff. Not anymore.

    I’ll try to bring them good vibes while they’re out on my coast, Diane. I don’t like having to watch on the Angels channel here – the announcers drive me mad – and I wish the games weren’t on weeknights so I could have gone to one, but I hope they’ll enjoy our warm weather and it’ll loosen up their old joints!

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    Unfortunately, a mostly disappointing weekend. However, if I recall accurately, at least Tanaka won on your actual birthday, so congrats for that!

    The division is ridiculously bunched, just like the NL East. Here’s hoping that our clubs of choice emerge in both locations to set the pace. Good Luck out west…

  5. cheshirecat9 says:

    Jane your post echoes my thoughts exactly. I am concerned. I guess there is nothing to do except cross our fingers and hope they pull it together. Well that and finding you a new lucky pen.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    My lucky pen. Forgot about that. LOL.