Getting Out of the Trop Alive

April 20th, 2014 by Jane Heller


Raise your hand if you’re sorry to be leaving the land of catwalks and cowbells.

I didn’t think so. What a weird series. The Yankees looked great against Price in Game 1, then got absolutely blasted to smithereens in Games 2 and 3 and somehow managed to limp to the end with an extra-innings win in Game 4. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Obviously, the big news was Nova. He was awful, then he was hurt, now he’s got a potentially season-ending injury if Dr. Tommy John is in his future. What is it with these pitchers? Did they get as many arm injuries in the olden days? My recollection is they pitched until their arms fell off, but maybe I’m forgetting the guys who didn’t.

Nuno was credible today but is he the guy I want to take Nova’s place in the rotation? Not at the moment. I need to see more of him to know. And Phelps doesn’t inspire confidence as a starter now, he just doesn’t.

I know the injuries and roster moves and desperate lineup changes (like Dean Anna having to pitch last night, a la Nick Swisher) are part of the long season, but they’re unsettling. So I’ll try to concentrate on the most positive development so far this season, which is how impressed I am with Jacoby Ellsbury. He rocks.

Happy Easter. On to Boston………



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7 Responses to “Getting Out of the Trop Alive”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    I didn’t see any of the last game due to the holiday, but I’m just relieved that they got a win. The two previous games where gut-wrenching. I actually turned off the Saturday game, which I never do. I just couldn’t watch them give up so many runs. Now they have a day’s rest before they go into Boston. And they’re still in first place! Tanaka will pitch against Boston for the first time and it will be interesting to see how the Red Sox fans greet Ellsbury – he was such a big part of their winning two World Series but now he’s a Yankees. We’ll see what happens. GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I’m sure the Red Sox miss Ellsbury, Diane. I would. He’s been invaluable. But they’ll probably boo him for going over to the enemy.

  3. Terri says:

    I for one won’t be booing Ells – he was integral to last year’s WS victory and we miss him terribly. He’s an invaluable leadoff hitter; the only bad thing about him is his mediocre throwing arm, but the man on the basepaths? Irreplaceable. I’m glad he’s doing well and not injured.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Glad you won’t be booing Ellsbury, Terri. (You’re right about his arm, but you can’t have everything.) I never understood that reaction. It wasn’t as if the Red Sox wanted to spend all that money on him, just like with Damon. For the same reason, I hope Yankee fans won’t boo Cano when he comes back to the Bronx as a Mariner.

  5. Terri says:

    I hope they don’t boo Cano either, Jane! I think there’s something a bit unique about leaving the Red Sox/Yankees for the other team simply due to the history, but honestly, baseball is a business, and Jacoby went with the best deal. I wish him nothing but the best and thank him for helping my team to victory when he was here. I just hope he doesn’t have too many nights against us like last night! Sheesh :)

  6. cheshirecat9 says:

    Hi Jane. I’m not sure if you saw this or not, but apparently there are a lot more Tommy JOhn surgeries these days. :

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks for the link, cheshirecat. It does seem like there’s an epidemic of TJ surgeries, especially those that are “preventive” in the sense that even young kids are having it.