A Janer!

April 17th, 2014 by Jane Heller

LaughingWomanYup, the laughing lady is back thanks to the Yankees’ thrashing of David Price and the Rays tonight. Talk about an offensive blitz. Ellsbury had another spectacular game. Roberts got back in the action in a big way. And Solarte hit his first homer (sweet).

CC held the Rays totally in check, and he and his defense pulled off a stunning triple play. Lots of web gems in this one, including poor Beltran’s tumble over the cockamamee wall at Tropicana Field.

I was amazed that he didn’t get hurt, although I’d be surprised if he doesn’t sit out tomorrow night’s game. I mean he’s got to be sore. I’m sore just from watching him.

I have to say I enjoy being in first place even if it’s only April.




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7 Responses to “A Janer!”

  1. Audrey says:

    So good to be back in my morning routine of checking your blog, Jane, even if it did take me a while :).

    What a fun game! Yup, as soon as run #10 was scored I thought “We have a Janer!” And at the Trop, of all places!

    The triple play was so much fun. The game was not televised in my area, unfortunately, but I was listening and was able to go to the Yankees website and watch.We went forty years without turning a triple play and now that is two within, I believe, the last three years. Love it!

    After the triple play my dad called to make sure I knew about it and then I texted my son to make sure he was watching. I love how the Yankee fandom is being handed down from generation to generation in my family.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    That triple play was so exciting and it got C.C. out of the only inning that he didn’t hold together. And Solarte’s reaction to the triple play that he started was adorable. He looked like he was 12 years old.

    I always worry when they go into Tampa – there’s something about that field and the way the team comes to play when they know they are playing The Yankees – but this time they nailed it. I know that a 4-game sweep is highly unlikely but I’d really like if they could do that, especially heading to Boston next. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Audrey, it’s time for you to get MLB.TV so you can see the YES Network games on your computer as well as on your phone! But John and Suzyn are a good, familiar substitute. I knew he would go with the “Volare” for Solarte’s home run call but the “McCann Can” one really cracked me up. One thing about your checking the blog each morning: as I said during spring training, I won’t be updating it as regularly as in the past. Just no time. So the postings will be more sporadic.

    Yes, Solarte was adorable after that triple play, Diane. The home run too. He’s having a magical experience he’ll never forget and I hope it extends into a magical season.

  4. Terry says:

    It felt so good to win at Tropicana with CC pitching and against David Price. I will savor this one for awhile.

  5. Audrey says:

    My husband get annoyed when I spend too much time on baseball, Jane, so I’m content to listen to the games and watch highlights. When the Yankees are doing well and during the summer I get about half the games on various television stations so it works for us.

    As for Solarte – I hope it extends into a magical post-season!

  6. barbara says:

    triple fun–back to back triples, triple play and a non stressful janer.
    audrey, my red sox husband feels the same way but yes network is just better for me than the radio announcers so when i watch, i find it more fun. the way i explained it is that i used to plan my life around nationally broadcast games and now i can watch them all so i’m more flexible about when i watch. not sure it’s true but i try. i keep offering to get it for my dad who is still with radio.
    i hope the magic of yangervis and the great pitching continues.
    i can’t believe we could beat price!

  7. SBlue says:

    This game was full of moments to watch over and over again. I’m happy that the team are playing really well than I expected them to be. Hope that this trend keeps going.

    To start of the season here are the first two pages of the Captain’s Diary: