Poetry in Motion

April 13th, 2014 by Jane Heller

Ichiro's catch red sox

There were a lot of heroes in tonight’s ESPN Yankees-Red Sox contest; Nova and Beltran come immediately to mind, with Shawn Kelley right up there. But for me, Ichiro’s spectacular catch was a game saver. Plus it was beautiful to watch, so I present it for repeat viewing. Bravo.

Very sweet to take three of four from the Sox, especially since it’s usually the reverse at this time of year. But not as sweet was the latest parade of injured players. I mean it’s just sick how they’re all going down as if they’ve never run the bases before. I get Jeter and his quad. He’s almost 40. And Roberts’s sore back doesn’t surprise me, given his history of being Nick Johnson in disguise. But Cervelli? Seriously? And then Solarte? And then McCann? Luckily, the latter two stayed in the game, but we can’t keep putting Beltran at first. And who’s our backup catcher now? CC? Crazy.

Oh well. I’ll savor the victory and worry about the injuries tomorrow. It’s an off day. I hope none of the players trips over their Starbucks.




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4 Responses to “Poetry in Motion”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    It was great to take 3 out of 4 in the first series against Boston, and I was happy to see that they finally opened “the home run doors”. But I’m scared about the injuries…Girardi had so much to deal with last year, but now with a much bigger bull pen, he is going to have fewer fielders to handle the defensive side of the game. Beltran at first? Obviously it didn’t have a bad affect last night but hopefully he won’t have to do that again. And I’m truly hopeful that Solarte didn’t get injured. I got kind of scared when Ichiro hit the wall and the ground and also when Gardner hit the ground, but they seemed to be okay for now. This team is made up of nothing but guys who are willing to do anything to help the team. Amazing. Let’s hope all is well. GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Bob Cerv says:

    Bombers taking 3 of 4 from THEM was a welcome salve on many sports sores of late (Super Bowl, Final 4, etc.). It’s ridiculously early, but it still feels good. Hope the price wasn’t way too high. Most of the pitching is encouraging, too.

  3. YankeeCase says:

    All these injuries so early in the season are a little worrisome. Am I allowed to be a worry-wort yet? Yeesh! (Nick Johnson in disguise, lol…) Bad enough we don’t have a true back up first baseman, now we’re running out of infielders!

    But, so far so good…

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Ha ha. Glad you liked the Nick Johnson reference.;)