Spring Training Pic Courtesy of Our Friend Diane

March 3rd, 2014 by Jane Heller


She’s a big Jets fan as well as a Yankees fan, so I can only imagine her delight at seeing these two together….


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3 Responses to “Spring Training Pic Courtesy of Our Friend Diane”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    Okay…so I guess not a lot of Yankees fans are Jets fans as well. Its just because I grew up right near Hofstra University so I used to spend all of my summers at The Jets Training Camp. I got to know Joe Willie who was one of the nicest famous people I have EVER met and all my memories of those times were exceptional. It was right after they won SuperBowl III, the first “AFL” team to do so, and they were all such approachable “stars” – mostly because they weren’t millionaires back then. Anyway, its almost baseball season and let’s hope for one more ring for The Captain!!! GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Bob Cerv says:

    Hi, Diane —
    Felt bad that NOBODY had commented. Back in the day, I was just like you — Yanks and Jets — got tired of the Giants, and the Jets were exciting. Now that I’m ensconced in D.C. and a Skins convert, I see that the Old-Time Elite Fans of NY (with money) are typified as Yankees and Giants fans, while the New-School Fans (without money) are Mets and Jets. Seldom if ever the twain shall meet, evidently.
    That is a GREAT picture, and what a thrill for you! How cool to see Joe wearing pinstripes!! Thanks for posting this. Some of us do care to remember.

  3. Peggy says:

    Sad news today …Carmen Berra has passed away. It’s going to be so tough on Yogi. I don’t usually read Loopy but this is a lovely article. Prayers for Yogi and RIP Carmen.


    Go Yankees 2014!!