A Scary, Scary Halloween

October 31st, 2013 by Jane Heller


Now that the Red Sox have spanked the Cardinals, won the World Series and demonstrated that the right mix of superstars, pickups and farm system kids can bring home a championship after a dismal season, it’s time to look at the Yankees and wonder how our team will turn things around.

Was anyone else surprised that no one in charge of scouting or the farm system was canned during the organizational meetings? Only the strength and conditioning coach? Like he was responsible for Jeter’s ankles and Teixeira’s wrist and Youkilis’ back and Granderson getting hit by a pitch? Seriously? Can you spell scapegoat?

If the Red Sox proved anything, it’s that it doesn’t have to take forever to “rebuild” around a nucleus of solid players. Do the Yankees have that nucleus? Does Cashman have the latitude from the Steinbrenners to go after free agents that make sense (i.e. aren’t old)? As the Cardinals showed us, a young pitching staff is a beautiful thing. If only Hughes/Kennedy/Chamberlain had been our Wacha. As the Red Sox showed us, a clutch power hitter like Ortiz does damage. If only we had a DH who put fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers (i.e. as opposed to A-Rod, who’s made a mockery of the sport and will continue to do so as we head deeper into all these trials and hearings).

The Yankees did pretty well this year under the circumstances, but realistically they didn’t have a chance. Not when CC wasn’t having a CC type of year and Kuroda petered out at the end, and our best hitters were Cano and…..Nunez?

Maybe we’ll go after the Japanese pitcher everybody’s talking about and maybe we’ll resign Cano and maybe we’ll get a catcher that can hit. But there are so many question marks heading into 2014. The one thing that isn’t unclear is that I miss baseball already. How long until spring training?????????





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7 Responses to “A Scary, Scary Halloween”

  1. john says:


    Yankee spring schedule has been posted. Earliest ever posting. Even they can’t wait.

    I think I should go to the Emergency Room. I’ve been beat up badly today.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I bet you have, John!

  3. barbara says:

    I am trying to the avoid tv, parts of the newspaper, talking to people at the gym, talking to people in general. i am working a lot and avoiding various things because otherwise it’s too much for me here in boston. the only good thing is that i am not sleep deprived like all of those around me. i don’t even feel like i have hope for next year so i’m just avoiding baseball for a while.
    i did get my dad the cutest yankee toothbrush, that looks like a bat, a yankee shopping bag and a yankee umbrella as part of his 85th birthday presents so that was fun.

  4. Diane Anziano says:

    I still can’t believe that Boston has three W.S. titles in the last ten years. What happened? Obviously I didn’t watch a second of the post season but the news provides all the info. Anyway, Let’s hope our team beefs up this off season, and that the good players we already have come back healthy and have good seasons. I truly hope that we’re able to get rid of Hughes and Chamberlain, that we get some good stuff in the trade, and that they don’t come back to haunt us. GO YANKEES!!!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    There’s a Yankee toothbrush? Love it, Barbara. And happy 85th birthday, Harold!!!!!!!

    How did it happen, Diane? They have a better pitching staff and a better farm system, to name two things. And they got rid of their dead wood in that big trade, freeing up $$$. I ended up watching just about all of the postseason. The World Series games, especially, were entertaining.

  6. Harold says:

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your birthday wishes! My significant other and I spent 3 days on the Florida west coast in Naples – one of our favorite spots. Down here I think 85 is considered “middle aged”!
    As I have said in previous posts, I have been a Yankee fan since 1936 and hope to be rooting for many more years, but the next few are going to be difficult, and we will find out who the real fans are, as we go through a long rebuilding period. There isn’t a lot to build on and the owners are going to have to open their pockets to try and get some talent.
    Do you think it would help if the Steinbrenners changed their policy and had all the Yankees grow beards? It seems to have helped the Red Sox.
    Here’s to a happy, healthy and winning 2014.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    How nice that you celebrated your birthday in Naples, Harold. It’s beautiful there. Yes, these may be difficult years for the Yanks. As for the beards, I’ve never been more glad that the Steinbrenners have their facial hair rule, although I thought the Cardinals’ trimmed beards/mustaches looked nice and tidy!