So Many Tears I Needed My Rain Poncho

September 26th, 2013 by Jane Heller


I’ve dried the tears for now, but tonight was one hell of a sobfest. It was bad enough that Mo took the Stadium mound for the last time, but when he broke down on Andy’s shoulder I thought I’d die. It was such an emotional moment. I can only imagine that for Mo himself it was a giant release after the long farewell tour. It must have finally hit him that this was it. The End. I loved that Andy and Derek came to take him out – nicely staged – but wow. What a night. Who cared about the game. I certainly didn’t. It was the Mo Show and what a show it was.

I keep wondering how it’ll feel when spring training comes around and he’s not there and won’t be. No arriving late “on Mo time.” No appearances. No special smiles. Ugh.

I’m glad Andy got his curtain call and his post-game press conference. He deserved the love too. But Mo’s been my favorite Yankee for a very long time, and I’m beyond sad to see him go.

As my mother always says, “Nothing lasts forever.” We were very lucky to have Mo for all those years, so I’ll try to focus on that.



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15 Responses to “So Many Tears I Needed My Rain Poncho”

  1. Paul says:

    Yes Jane, what an unforgettable night. Maybe next spring straining Mo will be there afterall, as special instructor or just to say hi :)
    Just seeing him would make me very happy. THANK YOU MO

  2. Leo says:

    I was also on the verge of tears when Mo left the mound for the last time. What a beautiful moment. I’ve been bracing for the moment but the finality of it all still has me queasy. I had moments of selfishly wishing for him to just “unretire” and hold it off for only one more year. Then the better senses returned and told myself that he had already given us so many memories over the years and is in no way obligated to return just for my selfish desire. Mo played for a major portion of my life and so now his retirement symbolically brings an end a chapter of my life from ages 9-27. A lot had happened through those years good and bad and while I did not accomplish many of the life goals I had set for myself, I take solace in the fact that I had such a great role model in Mo. Mo thank you for being the escape over the years when I had tough times. Thank you for always being a class act and setting an example of how a professional athlete should be on or off the field. Thank you for the memories. We will miss you!

    Oh and I mustn’t forget as well how much I loved the moment of Andy’s last curtain call as well. And as I type this, thoughts keep swirling in my head with my selfish desires of not wanting them to retire or if time could just possibly be reversed so we can have more time with them. *sigh*

  3. Freya says:

    It was an amazing experience being at the game. The chants started for Mo in the eighth inning when we saw him warming up in the bullpen. Poor Betances, all he heard was “We want Mo.” Then the crowd went wild when he came in. It’s hard to describe the emotions in the ninth when Andy and Jeter came to take him out. I was at Sunday’s game too, but tonight was unbelievable. Saying goodbye to Mo and Andy was also very sad. I can’t even imagine what it will be like when Jeter retires.

  4. YankeeCase says:

    I was at the game too, Freya. What an atmosphere. It felt like the last home game in 2008.

    There are no words really. Mariano’s been my favorite for a long time. It’s sad, but it’s good too. My voice is gone and I don’t know what to say. I probably have to digest it all for some time.

    But the Rays and Joe Maddon were classy in letting the Yankees, Mariano, Jeter, and Andy have their moments. I think that should be pointed out as well.

    Unbelievable. The love from the fans, and even more the respect from the opponents, only serves to prove the man is one of a kind, and of the utmost character. I’ll be naming one of my sons Mariano one day, that’s for sure!

  5. Diane Anziano says:

    Okay…I’m going to need to change the lyrics to the old song…”I can’t fight this feeling AndyMo. I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for.” That must have been a very emotional night. The broadcast said that when Andy and Derek came out to pull Mariano, the fans cheered for 4 full minutes. Wow! That was incredible. My boss was there too, Jane. I haven’t seen him yet but I’m sure he was as amazed as you were. The only thing that was positive about getting to see this on the tv instead of being there was the close up on Mariano when he cried on Andy’s shoulder. So moving. Well…at least we’ll get to see him on “Old Timers Day”. I can’t end with my usual 2 words because there’s “no place to go”.

  6. SBlue says:

    I cried a bit when Mo cried in Andy’s bear hug. Literally I was just waiting til the end of the game for the waterworks to happen. The game didn’t matter, it was all about Mo. Gonna miss him coming out of the bullpen and save games. Which reminds me…that random guy ruined Mo’s last entrance. He was just walking casual as if nothing is happening. Anyway, thanks to Mo and Andy for everything.

  7. barbara says:

    nice to hear others cry because i think people around me haven’t been understanding my tears around this. the future looks bleak. these past few weeks have been difficult.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    I see I wasn’t alone in my tears last night. I’m still processing it all! It must have been wonderful to be at the game, YankeeCase and Freya, but I have to say, as Diane did, that YES (aside from too much Michael Kay blabbing) captured the final moments beautifully with closeups of Mo’s face in the bullpen before he came out to the mound (he looked like he might cry even then) to his crying on Andy’s shoulder, to his taking it all in on the lonely seat in the dugout after the game. Yes, YankeeCase, the Rays were classy to let it all go on during the game, but I can’t remember a single team that hasn’t been cheering and accommodating during this farewell tour. Which goes to show the level of respect Mo brings out in everybody everywhere.

  9. Peggy says:

    Dear Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    What can I say about last night …so emotional…so full of love for this man who gave his all to the Yankees and the fans. Such great respect shown by the Rays too. Mo never showed up another player with wild antics at the end of a game after a win….just walked to his catcher to shake his hand and the hands of the rest of the team. You would never know if he won or lost the game. The most emotion I ever saw him display was in 2003 after Boone hit the homer and Mo collapsed to the mound with teammates trying to pick him up. He pitched three scoreless innings in that game. Seeing Andy & DJ coming to take him out of the game and Mo collapsing in their arms with tears in his eyes was just so touching. I, as most, had tears streaming down along with him. I am so happy I was able to pay homage to this amazing man and was able to witness it in person …a memory I will never forget and right up there with my top Yankee memories. When you look up the word class in the dictionary it reads…Mariano Rivera. Goodbye my sweet Mo …you will always and forever be in my heart…

    Also loved the tribute the fans showed Andy …WE ARE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD !!!

    Go Yankees 2014 !!!

  10. Peggy says:

    I posted something but still don’t see it …it always seems to take so long for my posts to go through..

    BTW …I love that pic of you in the poncho …you look great wearing Yankee Pinstripes.. :)

    Go Yankees 2014!!

  11. Saphire916 says:

    Seeing the fans support Andy and Mo last night made so proud to be a Yankees fan. I’m not really a crier, but when I saw Mo was crying, I just couldn’t help it.

    It’s such a tumultuous season and I’m happy to see it end and hope the organization rewards it’s amazing fans with smart decisions. Stop getting broken guys who can’t last more than a handful of games! Let’s get our pitching sorted out! Take a few cues from the Rays, Orioles and A’s and try getting younger guys with potential but not a high price tag. Flashy names don’t necessarily win games as we all know. On that note, give Robby what he wants…he might require a higher price tag, but he has been a rock through the last several seasons. Losing him should not be an option.

  12. Bob Cerv says:

    Difficult to find the words, esp. when so many great comments have preceded mine.

    Like Diane, my thoughts drift to music. There was once a great, great singer who had a few parallels to Mo. He was every bit as humble and gracious, despite his extraordinary gift (like Mo’s cutter, no other voice can touch this). Other superstars came from everywhere to be with him, play with him, offer ultimate respect. He’s been gone for 25 years. This song has repeated endlessly in my mind lately. This version, which he played not long before he passed, still gives you the thrill and the majesty, just as Mo always did for us.

    I hope that you enjoy it, and find it appropriate.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    So many fans with so many memories today. One of the three NY papers – can’t remember which now (Times? Post? News?) – had a memory book of anecdotes from 42 fans. Mo inspires that in everyone. I tear up just thinking about him.

  14. Jane Heller says:

    Yes! Of course it was on LoHud where I saw it. Thanks, Peggy.