The Grandy Man Can – And Did!

September 11th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Grandy Man

I’ve been thinking lately that Granderson hasn’t been the same since his last stint on the DL. He hasn’t hit for power with the consistency he used to – until tonight. He wasn’t the only one who homered, obviously (thank you, Cano, for that clutch bomb), but it was great to see him knock one out plus hit that triple in the Yankees’ latest comeback win over the Orioles.

These games have been intense! They’re on during dinner here in CA, and the food isn’t going down so easily when the score is tied and I’m in stress mode. I was so happy when we scored a few insurance runs, but I was a wreck when Mo came in. I hope the poor man’s arm doesn’t fall off from the recent workload.

So we move another notch closer to the elusive second Wild Card spot. Can the Yanks keep this up and win another one tomorrow night? Hughes is pitching. Not sure how I feel about that, but maybe he’ll use the opportunity to show me and others he can be trusted. I hope so.

Unless I missed something, we haven’t picked up a catcher and we need one – like right away. Romine’s not going to be able to play – a concussion is a concussion after all, “slight” or not – and Chris Stewart is already doing the heavy lifting. Why not pick up another waivers guy with major league experience?

I do feel sorry for and about Jeter. It must kill him not to be able to play, but I guess he just has to write off the season and get back out there next year. I don’t buy that he’s finished, too old, too injury-ridden. I think we’ll see him in February and he’ll give us more great memories.


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6 Responses to “The Grandy Man Can – And Did!”

  1. barbara says:

    is this just teasing us when we really have no chance? the al central teams have so much of a better schedule. we have such hard games left and we’re still banged up. at least we’ve had a few nights of fun.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    Another come from behind win. I really think this team is now in the mental state of believing they can win…something that didn’t happen earlier in the season. Mariano scared me a little but he got the job done. It was so cute to hear the Yankees fans chanting “Let’s Go Mo” when the rest of the stadium was chanting “Let’s Go O’s”. Though he doesn’t seem to be much of a hitter, the new shortstop seems to be pretty good defensively. We do have to get another catcher, Jane. That is much to important a position to play around with. Should be interesting. Anyway, with Girardi at the helm and with the mental picture pretty much all of the players are seeing, I think we have a good shot. Its just weird to be rooting for Boston – even though it makes sense to want The Rays to lose. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    It’s true, Barbara. It’s been a lot of fun watching these last few games and hoping they mean something. I hope we won’t be disappointed in the end, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

    Mo hasn’t been his usual lights out self, Diane, so Robertson really needs to step up. If only Joba hadn’t been such a disappointment. What an asset a great seventh inning guy would be right now.

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    I hope, when looking back on all the teams and years, that I keep the fond memories with me that I have of This Year’s Team. Too often, we ignore or forget the journey…

    In some ways, it feels like 1964 all over again. Or 1981. Or 2001, even. You know — those seasons when you knew (or would soon learn) that the Yanks were at the end of a long, glorious run. Those seasons were still marked by a pennant-winner, however. This year, who can really know?

    All I do know is that IT MEANS SOMETHING TO PUT ON THOSE PINSTRIPES. It meant something to George McQuinn in 1947, as I’ve said, and to so many many others. I still recall the story of Bob Watson, a fine player with the Astros for many years who came to the Yanks very late in his career. The FIRST THING he did when he got to old Yankee Stadium and put on his pinstripes was to go out to the monuments, and drink them all in…

    So many will not be here next year. In a funny way, it’s like those Hollywood Indians in “Major League.” Well, skip — there’s only one thing to do — and you know what, they are busting their butts to try and do it.

    This ain’t no Hollywood. Probably there’s no way. Probably they’ll finish well off the mark. But I still believe in All Those Overbays, and the McQuinn Effect…

  5. Lourdes T says:

    Jeter is not done, but I guess his injuries are the result of pushing himself too much. He’ll be back next year and will be hotter than ever.

  6. Audrey says:

    I love that picture of Granderson. He is just adorable!