Yanks Win, But Three More Men Down

September 10th, 2013 by Jane Heller

upside down

It was a stirring come-from-behind win in Game 2 of this crucial series against the Orioles, and I wish I could write about that instead of the fact that:

  • Austin Romine got hit in the helmet, looked dazed and confused and was said by Girardi to “probably have a concussion.”
  • Ivan Nova, arguably our best pitcher, was pulled early after complaining of tightening triceps, something that’s bothered him for awhile.
  • A-Rod, the game’s hitting star, left the game with tightening in his left hamstring.

Great, right? Such a shame because we actually crept closer to the Rays for the second Wild Card spot tonight.

Mo was brilliant getting the save after pitching in both the eighth and ninth – again. With so many other relievers hurt or unavailable or ineffective, it’s ironic that he’s the last one standing. Sounds like we’ll have Robertson back tomorrow though.

Still, thanks to clutch hitting and good (except for one inning) starting pitching in this one, the fat lady hasn’t sung and it isn’t quite over for the boys. If only they were all healthy. Sigh.




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6 Responses to “Yanks Win, But Three More Men Down”

  1. SBlue says:

    We survived! In a big way but still behind. I still believe in catching up to the W.C. I know that with all the injuries and stuff is a bit tough but its still possible. That plus teams losing above us would be nice…

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Yup, SBlue, we live another day.

  3. Diane Anziano says:

    We got a new shortstop – forgot his name already. Perhaps The Yankees are going to have to start putting the players names on the backs of their jerseys. LOL. Anyway, although it was a nail biter, I’m happy for the win – we moved up in the ranks a full game – still a long way to go and the local sports reporters are saying that The Yankees can’t expect to make it to the post season if they lose more than 4 games the rest of the regular season. That’s going to be tough – but they are The Yankees. GO YANKEES!!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, Brendan Ryan, whoever he is. LOL. I’m sure he’ll be a decent defensive replacement at shortstop, but I’m not wild about Nunez playing third. Most concerning is Romine’s concussion and who’ll catch, since Stewart is limping around.

  5. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans …

    Sorry I haven’t been posting for quite awhile but the summer flew by with me constantly on the go. I did go to Cali to see the Yankees play the Dodgers (1-1) & Padres (0-1) and then to Florida to see them play the Rays (1-1). I was able to be at a few of Mo’s goodbye tributes which was really nice. I missed the one in Tampa as I attended the 2nd & 3rd games of the series with the 3rd game being my favorite as the Yankees won. I was at the game on Sunday against Boston with the Ichy walkoff which was exciting and I was so happy they won because it was my son-in-law’s bday. The past 3 home games that we attended on my son-in-law’s bday were walkoffs …Swisher twice and now Ichy. Maybe I better send him to away games that land on his bday too. We went to dinner afterwards to celebrate his bday with big smiles on our faces after that game. I keep hoping the Yankees could put together a nice 5-6 game win streak and overtake that WC position. As Yogi said …”it ain’t over till it’s over” so I’ll be cheering the boys in pinstripes right to the very end…hopefully, in my wildest dreams, the end of the World Series with a 28th Championship.

    Pleasant surprise in how well Alex is playing…much better than I expected. Sori has been off the charts except for his mini dry spells here and there. Robbie has been playing like a leader. Gardy has had some terrific hits too. Reynolds looks to be a very good late pickup. Lyle has really done a great job considering it was way more than expected of him. He has had some very big hits for the team. I miss DJ …I hope he is able to come back next year after having a long rest in the off-season. Mo ..well ..what’s to say about Mo. I don’t even want to think about never hearing “Enter Sandman” being played in Yankee Stadium. Too bad the pitching decided to take a holiday when the offense finally is in the house. Ichy, Grandy, Wells have all been trying to contribute at different times. If you consider how this team started off basically as a “B” team for most of the season I say give Joe G. the manager of the year award. He has kept a cool head and has this team believing in themselves right from the beginning. Now we have the “A” team and it may be a difficult road but not impossible to achieve a playoff berth. I’m hoping Andy can get a win tonight. He’s looked pretty good his last few times out …too bad the bp blew it for him. I think it’s 18 games to go so I say never give up … GOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!

    Go Yankees 2013 !!!

    P.S. I’ll be at Mo’s special day on 9/22. I have the Sunday plan so I lucked out. It will be a celebration of joy and sadness combined. I feel quite confident in saying that I don’t think there will ever be anyone like Mo or anyone that will ever achieve what he has achieved which will keep him as the greatest closer to ever play the game of baseball. Mo …great pitcher …greater person. Gotta love our Mo !!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I heartily agree about Joe being the Manager of the Year, Peggy. I really hope he gets it because he’s earned every gray hair. I’m sure the 22nd will be an emotional day. Give us a report!