Close But No Cigar

August 24th, 2013 by Jane Heller
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

(I love that pic. Just saying.)

I missed the last couple of innings of tonight’s game, but it didn’t matter. The damage was done when the Rays broke the 2-2 tied and the Yankees never answered back. CC was good except for one bad patch, but the offense had nothing much. David Price is an ace for sure, but they always looked on the verge of scoring more runs – and didn’t. Opportunities lost. Series lost. Mostly likely season lost.

I went out for a great dinner with friends and life went on, but this one hurt because so much was riding on it.



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2 Responses to “Close But No Cigar”

  1. barbara says:

    i feel so sad. i feel like the season is over. it probably was over a while ago but this last little winning streak had my hopes up and now i think we’re done. i suppose i should be glad that we’ve been so lucky to be so good for so long. i know it’s only baseball. but it was fun when we were winning. i thought sori had a homerun earlier in the game and cc was so good until he wasn’t. ouch

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I thought Soriano had a home run too, Barbara. Even he thought so judging by the home run trot. I was amazed when the outfielder caught the ball. I feel the same way you do now. When they were on the winning streak, it seemed as if they really had an outside chance, but not now. Ouch indeed.